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“As far back as I can remember, I have always loved movies. I watched classics on the small screen and the newest of films on the big screen. In 1997, I was mesmerized by a big ship and when it won 11 Oscars a few months later, I became fascinated by the glamour and politics of the Academy Awards. It launched a passion to predict each year’s awards and be curious about winners from the past. While I love all types of movies, my interest lies with the Oscar winners, nominees, and infamous snubs. Today, I review films, tv shows, and podcasts on @MathTeacherMovies and you can read the latest Oscar buzz on “Awards Watch” at”

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“Since a young age, I have always loved watching films. As I grew up my taste in films developed, evolving beyond my love for superhero blockbusters to appreciate small independent films and artistic horrors movies (though I still love superhero films). After working on some major television productions I changed career paths, but film will always be my passion and I will never tire in discussing them and sharing my honest, detailed opinions about the films I’ve watched. No matter how controversial my opinions may be!”

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“My passion in life is to talk about movies! I love to shine a light on all films, whether blockbusters or independent, with in-depth analysis. You’ll know of me by my hat, my love for Alfred Hitchcock and James Bond, and my never-ending fight for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 supremacy!”

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