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“As far back as I can remember, I have always loved movies. I watched classics on the small screen and the newest of films on the big screen. In 1997, I was mesmerized by a big ship and when it won 11 Oscars a few months later, I became fascinated by the glamour and politics of the Academy Awards. It launched a passion to predict each year’s awards and be curious about winners from the past. While I love all types of movies, my interest lies with the Oscar winners, nominees, and infamous snubs. Today, I review films, tv shows, and podcasts on @MathTeacherMovies and you can read the latest Oscar buzz on “Awards Watch” at”

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“Since a young age, I have always loved watching films. As I grew up my taste in films developed, evolving beyond my love for superhero blockbusters to appreciate small independent films and artistic horrors movies (though I still love superhero films). After working on some major television productions I changed career paths, but film will always be my passion and I will never tire in discussing them and sharing my honest, detailed opinions about the films I’ve watched. No matter how controversial my opinions may be!”

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“I don’t think I can remember my first theater experience or the first VHS I ruined through repeated viewings, but I DO know that watching film/cinema/movies/flicks has meant something important and different to me at every stage of my life. Movies have informed my worldview, my empathy, my sense of self, and so much more. I grew up on your standard fare with a deep love for comedies and action flicks. As I got older I fell in love with the superhero and B-horror genres. And now I am obsessed with filling in “blind spots” from the early days of Hollywood. This year specifically I decided to spend each month with a different decade of film. I started with the 1920s in January, moved to the ‘30s in February, and so on. It has all culminated in a film-lover that adores the MCU and agrees with Marty Scorcese’s theme-park-ride-take at the same time! I contain multitudes.


“Loving movies came very early for me. The first movie I ever saw in the theater was The Empire Strikes Back, in 1980. I was 5. But it was a couple years later, when I first saw E.T., that really made me fall in love with the movie going experience. Fast forward a few decades, and now you have a man in his mid 40’s. But I still get excited to go into the movie theater, grab some popcorn and a soda, and escape to galaxies far, far away, have a swashbuckling adventure with pirates or go mach 2 in an F-14. Many people who love movies grow up wanting to make movies. That bug never bit me. I went the music route. But I do love talking about movies, so it’s podcasting that scratches that itch. I am one half of The Reel Gay Movie Show and each week we talk about the latest movies hitting theaters, or streaming.”


“The name’s Dom, but the title is Movie Nerd. From the minute I remember seeing things as a kid, I remember moving images and fell instantly in love. What started with Disney & Pixar movies if the late 90’s/early 2000’s turned into a rapidly growing obsession that soon encompassed pretty much every aspect of my life in every way possible. Now I review movies for my podcast, Talkin’ TV, for which I also edit and produce content for. I also write reviews for my letterboxd page, as well as dabbling in writing a few scripts. Today, I’m just as into TV and the expansion of media across multiple mediums and how that’s effected storytelling.”


“Star Wars was the first movie I saw in the theater that made me fall in love with film. I was 4 years old, and to this day, I can still remember that feeling I felt inside the first moment I saw Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers walk onto the big screen. The music, the sounds, everything was amazing. I was in love. Not only with Star Wars but with movies. I was lucky enough to have a mom who’d take me to the cinema all the time. And I’ve been going ever since. My love for movies, and my obsession for Funko Pops is the reason why I created my @pop.goesthemovie account on Instagram. It gave me an outlet to not only review movies and TV shows, but also recreate them using my Funkos. And although I do love all sorts of movies (well except for 2001: A Space Odyssey), Star Wars will always have my heart.”

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