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Review: ‘Missing’ Is An Edge-Of-Your-Seat, Must-See Thriller

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MISSING (2023)

If you like pulse-pounding suspense and nonstop intrigue elevated by superb acting and crisp direction, then the edge-of-your-seat thriller Missing is the film for you.

Presented in the same vein as 2018’s Searching, Missing follows a young teen (Storm Reid) as she searches for missing mother (Nia Long), unearthing family secrets along the way that challenge her understanding of who her mother really is. Missing is the best film of the year so far, a masterclass in delivering a suspenseful drama filled with unexpected twists and turns that will elevate your heart rate and utterly engross you into the characters Reid is a powerhouse, largely carrying the film in a role that calls on her to traverse an emotional landscape of various emotions, often nonverbally. There is no doubt in my mind that she has a long career ahead of her and will be a common household name. Long is also solid alongside Kevin Leung and Amy Landecker, the overall cast strong throughout. 

What is most impressive about Missing is the meticulous plotting of each and every step, not only in terms of the story, but also in how it unfolds with the technology utilized by Reid’s character. Writers Nicholas D. Johnson and Will Merrick have put together something incredibly intelligent and accessible to audiences; those in attendance at my screening were incredibly vocal as reveals took place. Missing may be one of the most smartly constructed films since Searching, an incredible accomplishment that builds off of the previous film (set in the same universe… Searchingverse?) and takes every aspect to a new level. This is what the theatrical experience was made for. Quite frankly, I was enthralled from start to finish, sweating by the end, and already planning my next viewing as I walked out. I love this film.

Missing hits theaters Friday.

Rating: 5/5

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