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An all-star cast can do little to elevate a film with a concept so devoid of emotion and intrigue, resulting in a poorly executed, weak outing that disappoints at every turn.

Armageddon Time tells the tale of a young boy experiencing the trials and tribulations of life with thematic backdrops that force conversation about generational differences, race, and more. Quite simply, the film doesn’t hit. There are moments early in Armageddon Time that excite you about what is to come, the performance from Banks Repeta particularly interesting, yet the script leads to a weak delivery that never finds its way. I’m not sure if James Gray intended this to be a cathartic expense, but he fails to put forth anything of interest for people outside of his circle.

Anne Hathaway is the standout here, though her performance is neutered by uninteresting lines and a miscast ensemble. At no paint does Gray present anything of interest, nor give his talented cast anything to work with. Add in Anthony Hopkins and you have a momentary excitement that soon melts away into a film that misses all of its beats. Discussions of Judaism, race, and more are delivered with minimal impact and weak writing, leading to performances that are as good as they can be. Unfortunately is all ends up in a bore and one of the worst films of the year.

Rating: 1/5

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