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Andor Episode 11 Recap: An Underwhelming Penultimate Experience

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After an exciting stretch of episodes that saw Andor being recaptured, placed in prison and escaping all while the Empire was looking for him, we find ourselves…right back where we started? Sort of? This episode, entitled “Daughter of Ferrix” feels a little bit like it’s trying to play catch up with the rest of the plotlines after a mostly centralized last episode, while also attempting to have some sort of thematic closer to the season before next week’s finale. I’ve talked in the past about how the invention of prestige TV brought on the idea of the gangbusters penultimate episode, in which a major event would happen that would allow the finale to have a bit more breathing room to set up for the next season. In the streaming age, shows seem to have backed away from that, preferring to have their penultimate be set ups for a gangbusters finale. Andor & Melshi have escaped from the prison and are now attempting to find their way off the planet, Mon Mothma informs Vel of how bad her financial situation truly is after attempting to get in touch with Luthen, who is almost caught by the Empire after delivering information to Saw before making a tricky escape. All of this is centered around the event that is setting us up for next week’s finale, and it’s bringing us back to Ferrix: Cassian’s adoptive mother, Fiona Shaw’s Maarva, dies, finally giving Meero the ammunition she needs to bring Cassian into her trap. The news also reaches Luthen, who advises caution, and Karn, who is rejuvenated to attempt to bring in Cassian. Cassian himself, meanwhile, finds himself back in the beach resort where he originally was arrested where he parts ways with Melshi, before learning from Brasso about Maarva’s death. We’re also showed the aftermath of Bix’s torture and it is not pretty. All of this seems to be setting up for what will more than likely be another action packed, daring escape of a finale, but it just left this episode feeling a little more underwhelming than I would have liked.

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