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She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Episode 8 Recap: Daredevil Returns!

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Each week, Darren from @darrenmoviereviews will be recapping the most recent episode(s) of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and the show’s overall connection to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Turns out Jen isn’t the only superhero lawyer as Daredevil makes a quick trip to California on this week’s episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

Ever since the Comic Con trailer back in July, fans have been awaiting Daredevil’s appearance. We got a brief tease in the fifth episode, but Matt Murdock finally arrived in this week’s episode. And unlike the blink or you’ll miss appearance he made in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Matt is front and centre in this episode. Charlie Cox is once again excellent in the role, portraying a more energetic and fun version of the character he spent three seasons crafting which perfectly matches the tone of this series. His on screen chemistry with Tatiana Maslany is absolutely sensational, with the two of them within seconds becoming one of the most dynamic duos in the MCU to date. So point me in the direction of the online petition to have these two team up again. It is because of them that this is easily the best episode to date of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Not because it had Daredevil, but because Maslany finally had the co-star in Cox that could match her energy while capturing the legal comedy vibe of the series that has been rather hit or miss over the previous seven episodes. 

And into spoiler territory we go. If you have not seen this week’s episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, stop reading now. If you have, keep on reading to find out what we learnt on this week’s episode…

The episode begins with Jen interviewing her newest client: Leap Frog. While attempting to stop robbers breaking into an electronics store to steal a television, Leap Frog is turned into the victim as the robbers attack. Using the jet boosters in his supersuit, he attempts to fly away but the jets malfunction and he catches on fire. Jen tells him that this sounds like a personal injury claim and that he is owed compensatory damages from the designer of the supersuit. The only issue is that the designer of the suit is Jen’s designer Luke. Jen raises this issue with her managing partner, but like when she raised the same issue with Abomination, he tells Jen that this is an important client and she will just have to figure it out.

Jen goes to talk to Luke about the case, hoping to find a settlement. But Luke is offended that Jen would take the case, rips her dress in front of her, fires her as a client, and tells her that he will see her in court.

Flashforward to court, it appears that Luke is self-represented, but it turns out his lawyer is just late. And he does not have any old lawyer…no. He has hired Matt Murdock! Or as Marvel fans know him, Daredevil. Jen continues with her motion to compel discovery, to see if any of Luke’s other clients have had suit malfunctions, but Matt vigorously opposes the motion. He says that while Jen may have gone public with her secret identity as She-Hulk, Luke’s other clients have not and they should not be forced to for the purposes of this lawsuit (with one of those clients being himself). While Jen tries to argue that such discovery is commonplace in personal injury claims, the judge sides with Matt and denies Jen’s motion. Then, using his heightened senses, Matt smells jet fuel on Leap Frog and asks him if he used jet fuel in the boosters. Unknowingly sinking his own legal case, Leap Frog says he did use jet fuel. However, this was against Luke’s instructions, allowing the judge to absolve Luke of all liability. As Luke is walking out of the courtroom, Jen asks him to take her back as a client, but Luke declines as he now hates Jen.

That night at her favourite bar, Matt shows up and buys Jen a drink. They begin discussing Matt’s legal practice, working in Hell’s Kitchen and how most of his cases are pro bono to give back to the neighbourhood, with the odd high profile case like Luke to pay the bills. Matt then tells Jen that she has a unique position where she can help people as Jen when society fails them, and then again as She-Hulk when the law fails them. Or as he says, the best of both worlds. Jen is clearly crushing on Matt, but before their conversation can continue, Matt is called away on another case, allowing Jen to go see one of her clients, and gross dates, Todd who has a new legal matter for her to attend to. 

Over dinner, Todd discloses his legal troubles to Jen. He is the proud new owner of an authentic Wakandan spear he had the winning bid on at an auction he recently attended. The problem: turns out it was stolen by colonizers and the Wakadans want it back. While explaining his troubles, Todd makes a pass at Jen and tries to give her a drink. However, Jen refuses, spills a glass of wine on him and leaves the restaurant, informing Todd that he will be billed for a full hour of her time. Jen then heads home, where she receives a panicked call Leap Frog, claiming that he is being attacked while driving to his “secret lair”, even though he tells Jen it’s name and location. He shares his location with Jen, and Jen agreed to help him and puts on the suit Luke made for her to do so. 

We then cut to a rooftop where Leap Frog is being chased by an unseen individual, who is on the roof of his car. Jen arrives as She-Hulk, stands in front of the car, causing its bumper to crumple and sends the assailant flying off the roof of the car. Which reveals their identity: Daredevil. Daredevil tells Jen to stay out of this, but Jen declines and they begin fighting. While fighting, Leap Frog manages to drive away. Once Jen and Daredevil realize this, Daredevil removes his mask, revealing his identity to Jen. Seeing then, Jen turns back into her human form and instantly has questions about Matt: is he really blind, and how does he “see” considering he’s blind? Matt answers these questions and also reveals the truth as to why he was chasing Leap Frog. Turns out Leap Frog kidnapped Luke after losing the court case, and Matt was merely trying to rescue his client. While Jen makes a snide remark about the ketchup and mustard colouring of Matt’s suit, she agrees to help Matt rescue Luke from Leap Frog. 

Knowing that Leap Frog was heading to his “secret lair”, that’s where Jen and Matt go looking for Luke. And they find him there, along with Leap Frog and a handful of goons that they will have to get through to rescue Luke. Matt uses his heightened senses to map out where the goons are in the building, and while he and Jen disagree about how to enter the building and take out the guards, Jen eventually agrees to follow Matt’s lead. 

Now inside the “secret lair”, we meet a bunch of the goons in a dark hallway. And we all know what’s coming. Daredevil appears and one by one takes them all, throwing back to that epic hallway fight in the first season of his Netflix series. After knocking them out, another group of goons appear. But before Daredevil can fight them, She-Hulk crashes through the ceiling and lands on them and knocks them out. Or as Jen calls it, a She-Hulk Smash. 

She-Hulk and Daredevil enter the main room of the “secret lair” where Leap Frog and the rest of his goons are holding Luke captive. There’s a quick squirmish, which ends with Jen freeing Luke. When questioned by Leap Frog why she’s doing this as she is his lawyer, Jen tells him she’s doing this to keep him out of even more legal trouble. Daredevil pipes in that a defence of temporary mental insanity could work as Jen suggested, but Leap Frog knows he lost at this point. The police quickly arrive on the scene, arresting the goons and Leap Frog. Outside the building, Luke forgives Jen for representing Leap Frog and thanks her for saving him. He informs Jen that he will make her dress for the gala, but not to get too bloated by then. 

Away from the police, Jen thanks Matt for his help, and he thanks her. Trying to see if there is anything between their initial sparks at the bar earlier that night, Jen asks Matt when he’s heading back to New York. Matt says tomorrow, but adds that maybe next time he’s in town he can take Jen out for dinner. Picking up on what Matt was truly saying, Jen says let’s skip dinner and takes him back to her place for the night. 

It’s now the morning, and Matt is doing the walk of shame out of Jen’s apartment in his Daredevil suit. Jen is in high spirits, clearly infatuated by Matt, and begins addressing the viewer proclaiming that this feels like the end of the episode… but it’s not. Nikki walks into her apartment, going on about the man in the devil suit doing the walk of shame, then realizing he was leaving Jen’s place and begins congratulating her. But Nikki is here to prepare Jen for the gala, which is that night! 

We then cut to Jen making her glamorous debut at the gala as She-Hulk, wearing her custom designed dress by Luke.  During the ceremony when her name is announced, Jen is shocked to hear multiple other female lawyers announced as lawyer of the year in addition to her. They are all then invited onto the stage and asked “what is it like to be a female lawyer”. But during Jen’s response, the audio and video feed of the event is hacked by Intelligencia. They release a video of Jen and Josh being intimate, which makes Jen angry. Mallory, who is on stage with Jen, urges her to calm down, but Jen cannot control her anger and smashes the screen. This sets off the alarms within the building, causing an evacuation to occur. While people are exiting, it reveals some Intelligencia members at the back of the room, led by Jen’s client Todd. Seeing Todd, Jen chases him out of the building but is surrounded by armed officers, which is the cliffhanger the episode ends on to set up next week’s finale. 

The Todd reveal on this week’s episode was definitely a surprise. We knew that Intelligencia had been watching Jen for a few episodes now, but he was right under our noses. And now what we all assumed were creepy and sleazy comments from Todd were actually foreshadowing this villainous reveal for him, like when he called Jen a perfect specimen. We all assumed it was because he was a creep, not a member of Intelligencia trying to get She-Hulk’s blood. Though, the question remains is Todd the mastermind behind Intelligencia, or is there a more sinister leader soon to be revealed? I still think it is the latter, but all will presumably be revealed in next week’s finale.

Aside from the appearance of Daredevil and Leap Frog, two characters from the comics, there is one easter egg in the episode. As Jen is getting ready for the gala, she mentions a “red Hulk.” This is most likely a reference to Thunderbolt Ross, who in the comics turns himself into a variation of a Hulk to fight Bruce Banner. While Ross’s future in the MCU is currently up in the air after the passing of William Hurt, with rumours circling about his replacement given his role in the upcoming Thunderbolts, this could be a hint of where the character could be going.

Is Todd the mastermind behind Intelligencia? What are their plans for Jen’s blood? And will Matt return to help Jen out in her moment of need? Check back next week for the final She-Hulk: Attorney at Law recap to find out if we learn any of these answers as the next adventure in the MCU concludes!

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