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Werewolf by Night is a brand new Marvel Disney+ special, helmed by Michael Giachinno. Giacchino is known for his work as a composer for such projects as The Batman, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Up. This is the first time he’s been put behind the camera.

I think he knocked it out of the park because ‘Werewolf by Night’ is the freshest, most intriguing MCU Disney+ project we’ve ever seen. There’s no cameos. No nostalgia. None of that. By bringing in a new comic book character, we get a sense of a fresh start—which is really what I felt we needed.

Zoë White should be equally praised for her brilliant work as the cinematographer. The transformation sequence was done so perfectly that it blew my mind. The disguise of the shadows is so well portrayed here. Gael García Bernal leads with such charm, but also loads of vulnerability. He’s a split character and even with the basic knowledge that he is a werewolf, there is still a sense of mystery throughout.

The gorgeous black and white allows for the action to have more grit. The blood spread across the camera is a nice touch, but the way that certain monsters tear up people feels perfectly presented here.

My only real issue with this special is the length. I wanted more. That’s something I expected going in with a runtime of only fifty-five minutes, but sometimes it’s hard to connect to the characters, since they aren’t on screen for that long. I’m not saying I disliked any of them, but a few of them were here just to be killed and that was obvious. 

Werewolf by Night is a brilliant original project from Michael Giachinno. Gael García Bernal kills it as our lead here and showcases the ancy nature of this character with ease. The black and white cinematography is stunning and brought me back to the classic Monster films of the 30s which I love. Do not miss this one this October!

Werewolf by Night is now streaming on Disney+

Rating: 4.5/5

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