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Each week, Tarek @tarek_wm will be recapping the most recent episode(s) of Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon.

Viserys’ death has set the Game of Thrones into action. The moment we’ve been waiting for since the first episode is finally here. True succession is set in motion. Alicent is telling people that Viserys wants Aegon to succeed him and not Rhanerya. Everyone with a pair of eyes knows he mistook Alicent for Rhanerya but that means nothing to Viserys’ widow. Otto gathers the small council including Alicent, The Master of Ships Tyland Lannister, Master of Laws Jasper Wylde, and Grand Maester Orwyle. They’ve been getting together to discuss how to overtake Rhanerya’s rightful claim as heir. 

The plan the small council lays out isn’t to just kill Rhanerya. In classic GoT fashion, it’s to kill her entire bloodline. Rhanerya, Daemon, and the kids. Lord Beesbury calls BS on this plan and Criston Cole says ok cool and kills him swiftly. It’s a foreshadowing of the war to come. Otto orders Ser Harold Westerling to execute the hit and he resigns. See Harold and Lord Beesbury were the only men left in the Red Keep that were truly good. Watching it all unfold terrifies Alicent. She isn’t for this genocidal plan her father is so steadfast in moving forward with. Alicent tells her father that he’s been using her as a pawn since he sent her to comfort Viserys in episode one. When Alicent goes to find Aegon he’s nowhere to be found. 

Alicent sends Ser Criston and Aemond to find Aegon while Otto sends two knights named the Cargyll brothers. We first see Aegon at a fight club where ten-year-olds fight to the death. The twins find out where Aegon is from Mysaria who helps them, for a price. The twins find Aegon in a drunken stupor. He has no desire to be king and he knows deep down he can’t handle the responsibility that comes with it. Alicent’s crew makes their way there and wants to take Aegon for themselves and they do. Now that Alicent has the upper hand she lays down the law to her father. Aegon will be crowned king the next day, Criston will become Lord Commander and terms will be sent to Rhanerya. Otto tries to sweeten her up by telling her she looks like her mother and Alicent walks right by him without a word of response. 

Princess Rhaenys is still at Kings Landing following the events of last week’s episode. Alicent comes to her quarters (which were locked up), to try and win her over to her side. Alicent tells her that supporting Rhanerya’s claim has gotten two of her kids killed, bastard grandsons, and a husband who could die any minute.  Rhaenys replies by saying if the Hightowers coveted my opinion so much why are my dragon and I locked up? Rhaenys leaves her with this quote “You desire not to be free,” “but to make a window in the wall of your prison.” If Alicent hasn’t been through enough this episode, dealing with Larys Strong takes the cake. He offers to kill Mysaria for a price. The price is his … foot fetish. He masturbates in front of Alicent as she looks on in disgust. 

Rhaenys is set free by one of the twins and is escorted through Kings Landing but while her escape is happening the Gold Cloaks are rounding up civilians for Aegon’s coronation. Aegon is in his feelings and doesn’t want any part of it. Aegon tells Alicent that his father didn’t want this. It all happens without incident. The Septon anoints him and Criston crowns him as Aegon cracks a small smile.  A smile that doesn’t last long at all as the ground beneath them shakes and Rhaenys emerges atop her dragon ready to engulf the entire ceremony and its participants in flames. She stares down Alicent, If looks could kill, and takes off on her dragon.

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