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Each week, Liz from pop.goesthemovie is be recapping the latest happenings in the Big Brother house! Missed the last recap? Catch up here!


Previously on Biiiiig Brotherrrrrrr….. Brittany won Power of Veto (PoV/Veto) saving herself from being evicted. Monte replaced her with Taylor, for no other reason than she’s Taylor. So, it would be Alyssa or Taylor leaving the BB Motel. Who became the four Houseguests (HGs) to make it to Final Four? And which HG made it all the way to the end, as the newly crowned winner of Big Brother? Strap in for a long read and find out!

THE ROAD TO THE END. After being safe, Brittany felt like Taylor was shutting her out, since she was always in the Head of Household (HOH) room with Monte, making out and stuff (which she wasn’t sure what was happening). And since everyone was leaving Brittany out of all the fun, she decided she’d prefer it if Alyssa stayed over Taylor. (Makes no sense, but Brittany tends to bug out like this). Especially now that Alyssa was being extra nice to Brittany. So, Brittany and Alyssa constructed a plan to get Turner to vote out Taylor and keep Alyssa. (He had already planned on voting out his best friend in the house Alyssa, because that’s what Monte wanted). Alyssa threatened Turner that if he didn’t vote to keep her, she wouldn’t be his friend anymore and also not vote for him to win, if he made it to F2. This annoyed Turner, but would he risk a jury vote?

AND THE FIFTH JURY MEMBER IS. Time for the live vote and eviction. Taylor gave a generic speech about wanting to stay. Alyssa gave an even weaker speech. Something about their decisions being worth $750K. Brittany voted for Alyssa to stay, and Turner voted for Taylor to stay. Since it was a tie, Monte broke the tie… and evicted Alyssa. That whole plan backfired on Brittany big time! How was she going to explain her vote to keep Alyssa to Taylor? Especially if Taylor won HOH?

HOH COMPETITION. As the outgoing HOH, Monte was not eligible to compete. In the “Fashion Fest” HOH competition, the players watched a video montage of outfits Julie wore over the summer season. Julie then asked them questions about the video they just watched. The player with the most points after seven rounds would become the HOH and guarantee themselves a spot in the Final Three. After the seven questions, Turner was eliminated, and Taylor and Brittany were tied with six points. Julie asked a tie-breaker question and because Taylor was the closest without going over, she won!

WHO VOTED TAYLOR OUT? Now that Taylor was HOH, she went on a hunting expedition to find out who voted to evict her over Alyssa. Turner knew Brittany would try to pin it on him. He thought that’s why she voted Taylor out, to pin the whole thing on him. But in all actuality, Brittany wanted Taylor out! Turner went around the house to make sure that Monte and Taylor knew it was Brittany who voted to evict her. But despite his campaigning… Brittany lied to Taylor and told her she voted to evict Alyssa. In Diary Room (DR), Taylor said she wasn’t sure who was lying. But it ultimately didn’t matter to her because she was in the finale. Brittany stuck to her story, and Turner got really upset and called her move slimy! Later that night, Turner tried to have a conversation with Brittany, but she ignored him as she washed her hands like a surgeon! (Those babies were super clean!!) Turner continued to tell Brittany that it was ‘slimy’ for her to use his and Alyssa’s friendship (UMM.. Turner, you did the same thing.). Brittany continuing to wash her hands told Turner “Thank you for your comment”. (It was the funniest thing!). In DR Brittany said she didn’t say anything to Turner because he’d take it back to the others. Meanwhile, Turner ran up to the HOH room and started to cry. Which Taylor wasn’t sure if it was an act or not. Ha

NOMINATION CEREMONY. Taylor nominated Brittany and Turner on the block. She said that one of them was lying to her about their eviction vote. And that this was the only way to figure it out. She also reminded them that it all came down to the veto anyway. So, if they wanted to stay, to win veto, because their fate was in their own hands. With the noms set, Brittany continued to stick with her story that she didn’t vote to evict Taylor. But again, Taylor didn’t care. Taylor didn’t want to see Turner win. He was her actual target. So her plan was to get him out and take Brittany F2, because she knew 100% she could win against her.

THE VETO COMPETITION. It was time to compete for the most powerful Veto of the summer.  In the veto comp “Math Fest“, the players had to determine the day that various events occurred from photos and then add up all their days, to get the correct total number. The players seemed to always get their dates off by a number or two. After several attempts (I mean SEVERAL), Monte finally figured out that he was off by exactly one day and correctly added it up and won the final Veto of the season! And once again, Brittany barely lost a comp which had a huge impact on her game. Brittany knew she was toast, since most likely Monte would be taking Turner to Final Three. But she decided to give it a last ditch effort and pitch to Monte that taking Turner would not benefit his game and that she would be easiest to win against (She wasn’t wrong).

IS THE HONEYMOON OVER? Meanwhile back in the HOH room, Monte and Taylor grew closer. Their make out sessions turned into a little more. But it wasn’t always obvious if they were playing each other, or were their feelings real? However, after a week, it seemed like they were both irritating each other and making nasty comments towards each other. After a little spat in the HOH room, in front of Brittany and Turner, Monte left the room, upset with Taylor. He then returned as Taylor was taking a bath and told her he has low tolerance for people who disrespect him. And that he feels he should not be spending the night with her anymore. He also ‘reminded’ Taylor that in the beginning everyone called her cold and it’s hard for him not to think of that when she acts like this. She apologized (which she had no reason to) as he continued to gaslight her. Yet, he offered no apology for his part in this nonsense. Not good, Monte. Not good.

JURY HOUSE CHECK-IN. Indy, Jasmine, Joseph, and Kyle were the previous HGs shown in the jury house. But who would be joining them? They weren’t surprised to see Terrance walk in. But they were surprised when Michael joined in after, due to the double eviction. The jury said it was a big move on Turner’s part to take out Michael, but Terrance credited that to Monte and Michael agreed, because Turner didn’t own up to evicting him. The following week, Alyssa joined the jury house. No one seemed too surprised to see her. They all felt that Turner had bad jury management and that Monte was in a good position.

LIVE VETO AND EVICTION. After receiving emotional messages from home, it was time for a final veto meeting…during the live eviction. As the winner of the Power of Veto, Monte was safe from eviction and since there are no replacement noms, he could not use the veto to save anyone, so instead he’d be nominating who would get evicted. Brittany and Turner gave their final plea speeches. Brittany made good points, but Monte already had his mind made up… and with that Monte voted to evict Brittany from the BB Motel. Turner, Monte and Taylor were now the Final Three.

(THE COOKOUT, the alliance from last season, were reunited during the live eviction episode, to give their opinions of the show so far. Neither seemed impressed with Monte and everyone was rooting for Taylor)

HOH – PART ONE. Taylor, Monte and Turner were in Final Three and competed in the first round of three for HOH. Turner was feeling confident that Monte would take him to the Final Two, however he wanted to earn his way there, to not leave anything up to chance. Both Monte and Taylor thought the same thing. During the first part of the HOH, “Wienerpalooza”, the players had to hold on tight with their arms and legs wrapped around these giant hotdog weenies, as they spun them around and also rocked them back and forth. It looked uncomfortable and painful. Everyone was determined to hang on to their spinning wieners. However, Taylor fell off first as the weenie flung her like a ragdoll. Next, because the hotdog weenie was jerking so much, Monte fell, making Turner (who gets motion sickness and could barely take it) the winner of Part One HOH.

HOH – PART TWO. In the second part of the HOH competition, “Festival Lineup”, it was Monte vs. Taylor. Both players had to zipline and transfer two BB FEST competition tiles from one end to the other, and place those tiles in either the HOH or Veto billboard, depending on what type the competition was. The tiles had to be placed in the order that the competitions were played. Big Brother also included wrong names for some of the competition tiles. So the players had to make sure to include the correct comp name. The player who could correctly place all the tiles in the correct order on the correct billboard, in the fastest time, would win Part Two of the HOH comp. Taylor had been studying the comp names, so she filled out her Veto board first and then the HOH board. She was correct on her first try. Monte took a different approach but was able to correctly place the tiles on his first try. With Monte’s time of 6:41 to Taylor’s time of 7:04, Monte was crowned the winner of the second part of the HOH. Which meant he would be facing off against Turner in Part Three. Taylor felt at such a loss. But she felt hopeful that if Monte won the third part of the HOH, he’d take her to Final Two. Turner felt the same way. Ha… One of them was in for a rude awakening.

JURY TIME AGAIN. Dr. Will Kirby met up with the jurors to discuss the Final Three and who was playing the best game. #ButFirst… they all welcomed the last juror to the group… Brittany. No one was surprised. Ha. Everyone agreed that Turner didn’t have a chance to win against Monte. Michael said that Turner manipulated the players, but never owned up to it. And he preferred Monte’s moves. Everyone thought that Turner was able to sit back and “chill” the whole time because he was locked in with everyone… which was a good strategy. Joseph advocated for Taylor and said she had strategy, while Turner just hid behind the shadows. Brittany thought Taylor wasn’t making moves for the right reasons, instead of what was flashy! Michael and Indy mentioned that it was great how Taylor managed to do all this with love, despite all the negative she faced. Michael felt that Monte had positioned himself the best in the game. But Joseph didn’t see that as strength, or the fact that Monte never saw the block. He felt like he was protected by the alliance the whole time.

HOH – PART THREE. The last part of the HOH competition was played live during the finale. Monte and Turner battled it out in the “Jury Fest” competition to see who knew their fellow HGs the best by determining which of the three statements they said were false. After all the questions were asked, Monte won the final HOH comp with a two-point lead. He would be deciding who would sit next to him during the Final Two. Taylor looked thrilled because Monte told her he’d be taking her to F2, and she believed him, even though he told Turner the same thing.

THE LAST EVICTED HOUSEGUEST. Thinking he had this in the bag, Turner’s final plea speech to Monte wasn’t very convincing. He called out their Final Two and Final Four deals and how he remained loyal to Monte. Turner also talked about how bad his jury management was. Taylor on the other hand killed it with her plea speech. She talked about the importance of her and Monte being the Final Two. And the conversations they had. After they were done with their speeches, Monte made his final decision… TURNER, YOU ARE EVICTED FROM THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE. Whaaat? He evicted Turner! Wow. Bad move on Monte’s part….but great news for Taylor! In Monte’s mind, evicting Turner was his last chance to make a ‘big move’ on his own. And he believed the jury would see this as his biggest move yet. ( Turner was not a threat to them). When talking to Julie, Turner believed that Monte made the right decision in getting rid of him, even though Turner said he had bad jury management. (which makes no sense, if you have bad jury management that means no one will vote for you…hence you take them to the end!). Monte might’ve made a $750K mistake. (which is good for Taylor. Yay)

THE FINAL TWO… Q&A’S. The jurors were brought onto the stage, and it was revealed that Turner was evicted by Monte. Which Terrance and Michael correctly predicted. Before they cast their votes, the jurors each got to ask the finalist a question.

Kyle asked Monte what his pivotal move was, in which Monte responded that it was evicting Turner and that he was the second-best competitor in the game (lame answer).

Michael asked Taylor how she adapted her game. Taylor mentioned how she had to grow personal connections with everyone to overcome the perception that she was the villain of the house. (her answers were on point!).

Joseph asked Monte what his biggest mistake in the game was. Monte said he didn’t stay true to himself when he didn’t protect Michael and Brittany, which put him in the line of fire. (his answer was so jumbled it didn’t make sense).

Jasmine asked Taylor if there were big moves she orchestrated that no one saw. Taylor told her that she didn’t want to look like she was making big moves, and instead focused on rebuilding a relationship with Indy and Alyssa in order to protect the women and that her blunder was not able to get them to the end (Smart that she included her women empowerment theme! The gals were eating it up!!)

Brittany asked Monte when he took a risk in the game. He repeated his previous answer, the week that he assumed risk and became a target when Michael and Brittany became Festie Besties (I was actually lost at this point of his response).

Indy asked Taylor about being on the block so many times. Taylor responded that making relationships with people in the house helped keep her, because the HGs thought she was useful enough to their game that they’d want to keep her around.

Turner asked Monte why he deserved his vote. Monte said that their F2 was formed AFTER Turner and Kyle made a F2 and until that time, he wasn’t aware of how little priority he was in THE LEFTOVERS.

It was clear that Taylor won that round of Q&A’s. Her answers were precise and well thought out. She was on point and pretty much killed the round of questions.

THE FINAL PLEA SPEECH FOR $750K. Each finalist got their last chance to explain to the jury why they deserved to win the money. Monte talked about playing a competitive game and he listed all his comp wins. He said he had a strong social game and that he avoided making too many false promises and he made big moves. Monte stumbled a bit. And while his speech was okay, it wasn’t anything to remember. Certainly nothing that should win a person $750K. But I think Monte thought he had Taylor beat. And didn’t give her enough credit.

And then it was Taylor’s turn. Taylor mentioned her three comp wins. And her willpower and how she managed to bandage her game after being on the block six times. She appealed to the women on the jury and mentioned how she had to sit next to Kyle after he tried to create an all-white alliance. She mentioned how she was the sword and not the shield (Something that Joseph had told her previously). She said if she won, it would be because of resilience and persistence, and challenged the jurors to make their decision on that!

(I was in actual tears after Taylor’s speech! It was EPIC!! And when the camera panned down on Monte, you could tell in his eyes that he was nervous. And that at that moment he realized taking Taylor might’ve not been such a great idea after all).

THE VOTES. It was time for the jury to cast their votes and give their final message to the finalists. Indy cast her vote and said it was for one of her favorite people in the game (really?). Jasmine cast her vote and said that it was for someone who carried on something she wishes she could have. (whatever, butterbeans!). Joseph said his vote was for the face of the story of the season. (Awe). Kyle said his vote was for the person who represented the season. Terrance made a dumb joke that they finally got Monte on the block. Michael and Brittany both gave their own little jokes. And Alyssa said it was time to take our power back. Turner said he only made his decision seconds before. And with that, the votes were in.

THE PAST HGS REUNITE. The four past HGs that didn’t make it to jury.. Pooch, Ameerah, Nicole and Daniel… joined the rest of the HGs. Julie asked Joseph to clear the air about what happened in Dyre Fest. And how he was being blamed for everything. It seemed to be for Taylor’s sake, but she said she’d have to think about it and that they could talk later. (She didn’t seem to get the fact that they all literally said Joseph NEVER did what Terrance and Kyle accused him of… but it went over her head). Even Terrance agreed, but Taylor made a stupid face. Whatever. Michael and Joseph also revealed that they were attorneys. Julie asked Ameerah what the most surprising things was she saw while watching the game from home and she answered Monte and Taylor showmance. (Really? Hmm.. that was a bit shady on her part). Alyssa said she was hopeful that her and Kyle could work out their relationship. Pooch regretted allowing himself to be the ‘pawn’. And finally, Turner admitted to eating Jasmine’s dumb muffin during #MuffinGate. And when Julie asked Daniel if the game got boring after he left, he said yes (Oh brother), but then it got good. Especially during the double eviction. (Nicole didn’t get asked anything. Haha)

AND THE WINNER IS… With that, it was time to crown the winner. With a vote of 8-1… TAYLOR WAS THE WINNER OF BB24! The votes were as follows: Turner was the sole vote for Monte. And it was Brittany, Alyssa, Michael, Terrance, Kyle, Joseph, Jasmine and Indy who voted for Taylor, making her the winner.  Julie then revealed that three HGs with the most votes for America’s Favorite Housegues were Michael, Taylor and Kyle (huh?). The winner for AFH was… also Taylor! Becoming the first winner to win favorite player and be crowned the winner of Big Brother. Taylor also made history by becoming the first Black woman to win the US, non-celebrity Big Brother. Woohoo Taylor. Congratulations!

FINAL THOUGHTS. This was a tough season to watch at times. Beginning with the harsh treatment toward Taylor and everything she had to overcome. But in the end, she was resilient and won the game. It’s interesting to note how once again Taylor was dismissed and discredited when Monte took her to F2. He actually believed that he had it in the bag by taking Taylor to the end. Shoot, most of the audience believed this! But what Monte didn’t consider was how good Taylor’s final speech would be. And it was epic. If the jurors didn’t have their minds made up prior to the final speeches… they sure did afterward. Because Taylor’s speech was precise, to the point and made the most sense as to why she should win the $750,000. Moving forward, I hope that more future contestants will note how important a final speech could be. It could mean a $675K difference to be exact!  I’m happy Taylor won. But I’m still sad that Michael didn’t make it further than he did. Maybe he’ll come back as an All-Star.

Until next year for Season 25. Thanks for reading!

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