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Review: ‘Black Adam’ Sets DC Off On A New, Exciting Path

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Dwayne Johnson is electric in Black Adam, an absolute shot of adrenaline for the DC Extended Universe that brings pulse-pounding action and breakneck storytelling to the big screen for the bet superhero movie of the year.

After 5000 years, Teth-Adam (Johnson) awakens and is thrust into conflict that leads to the question of whether he is hero, villain, or something else entirely. Jaume Collet-Serra ushers in a new era of DC with a leading man as exciting as his character is powerful. Black Adam is a comic book film rich in spectacular visuals and gruesome, often brutal fighting that is amplified by a rockin’ soundtrack. The story is simple, yet rich with pleasing plot developments that cover events akin to the Arab Spring and an emotionality that makes you root for all involved. There’s also a surprising amount of humor that had me laughing out loud more than once. 

Johnson’s performance is an achievement after years of touting the film; he delivers the conflicted confusion of the character with ease and impact. He is joined by another team of superheroes, the Justice Society, and the standout supporting performances from Aldis Hodge and Pierce Brosnan as Hackman and Doctor Fate respectfully. The film handles these new characters well, introducing characters by throwing them into the mix instead of devoting an unnecessary solo outing for them. Quintessa Swindell and Noah Centineo are also steady and fun, Sarah Shahi and Mohammed Amer a strong foundation for the central plot along with the young Bodhi Songui.

This is a film that will please the comic book crowd with an intense pacing to the entire film that also features sensational, non-stop action. It felt like Aquaman-level excitement, a focused, back-to-basics moment for DC, a solid new foundation to build upon. I honestly did not stop smiling from beginning to end, enthralled by everything being presented on screen and thrilled with where this all could take us in the future. Black Adam does exactly what it needs to do.

Black Adam hits theaters Friday.

Rating: 5/5

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