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Awards analysis is provided by Sean from @MathTeacherMovies.

While the nominees for Best Actor seem like they are pretty likely wrapped up, Best Actress is a bit more wide open. However, there are some fairly definite prospects with what should promise to be a bloody battle to the finish. 

At this point, the most confident lead at this time is Cate Blanchett for Tar delivering a performance that was loved by those at the film festivals, especially critics. Blanchett is a legend of Hollywood and the Oscars and if she wins this would be her third Oscar and while that is a difficult accomplishment it is very likely someone like Blanchett can reach this accomplishment. 

Michelle Williams was pretty much considered a lock for Best Supporting Actress in The Fabelmans and then shook up the race by choosing to campaign in Best Actress. It should be noted that according to the rules, voters are free to vote for her in either category, but normally when running in a certain category that is the one of which members tend to vote. While she was a definite lock in the supporting category, she is also a solid threat for the lead category. Unlike Blanchett, Williams has yet to win an Academy Award and that could increase her chances instead of someone winning their third. 

One of the most unlikely but very pleasant potential nominees is Michelle Yeoh from Everything, Everywhere, All at Once who has already been doing a lot of campaigning for herself and the film and therefore both will likely be achieving great success come nomination time. Yeoh is due for a nomination and with a celebrated career and her great performance this year she will no doubt be in the top five, the one thing working against her is how unconventional the film is but that does not seem to be holding the film back in buzz lately.   

Without anyone having seen Babylon, Margot Robbie is already garnering quite a bit of buzz for her performance and she is someone that is no stranger to Oscar nominations and this would not be too much of a stretch. However, Robbie’s role has not been officially decided as Lead or Supporting and with it being on the line and Supporting being wide open, that might be the place for her.  

It’s another Oscar race with another Olivia Colman film and so therefore you can almost count on her nomination. Not that they are not deserved but its almost automatics at this point. Her newest film, Empire of Light, is getting somewhat divisive reception but everyone can agree that her performance is another great one from the master. 

The name that is the least known on this list is Danielle Deadwyler and that might be the only thing that works against her getting a nomination for Till. However, everyone who has seen her in this film says she is worthy of not only a nomination but a win and while her name may not be known, this is a category that frequently discovers new actresses and launches them to stardom. 

The Woman King deserves to get recognition on several different levels come Oscar time and one of the ways that seems the most likely is through a nomination for Viola Davis even though her performance is not the standout, she is still another Oscar veteran who can get her nomination based on past success.   

Ana de Armas is a rising star in Hollywood and is responsible for several great performances of recent films. While her new movie Blonde has been universally reviled, this does not necessarily stop a film from being nominated for the Best Actress award but it doesn’t help and while Ana de Armas does a notably tremendous job portraying Marilyn Monroe, it will be an uphill climb to that nomination.  

Another performance that has yet to be seen is Naomi Ackie’s Whitney Houston portrayal in I Wanna Dance with Somebody. This could go either way but the Academy definitely loves biopics, and specifically musical biopics, so this should definitely be considered as a dark horse nominee. 

While Best Actress is a bit more wide open than Best Actor there are still a few key players that are forming and it seems to be pretty certain at this point even if there are definitely the occasional performances that can come out of the woodwork and claim a win or at least a nomination.

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