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She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Episodes 4 & 5 Recap: We Stan Madisynn

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Each week, Darren from @darrenmoviereviews will be recapping the most recent episode(s) of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and the show’s overall connection to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After settling into her new job, Jennifer Walters is back doing what she does best: duking it out in the courtroom with opposing counsel on the two most recent episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

The latest Marvel Disney+ series is finding its rhythm, opting for a case of the week style while sprinkling in small setups for future events in the MCU. Writing wise, the show is getting more consistent with the humour and it creates an enjoyable sitcom with a taste of a legal drama. While it may not be the show-stopping and spectacle of the previous Disney+ series, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is a truly fun watch, largely thanks to the sensational Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer in the lead role.

And into spoiler territory we go. If you have not seen the past two episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, stop reading now. If you have, keep on reading to find out what we learnt in the last two episodes…

Episode 4 – Is This Not Real Magic?

This episode introduces us to amateur magician Donny Blaze, but there is something special about Donny. He is an ex-student of the Mystic Arts and still has his sling ring. During his magic show, and while performing a magic trick on Madisynn (that’s Madisynn with two “N’s” and a “Y”, but not where you think), he accidentally sends Madisynn to another dimension. To escape that dimension, Madisynn must make a deal with a demon to escape, which she can’t disclose the details of. The demon opens a portal to Kamar-Taj, where she drops in on Wong who is watching The Sopranos, where she recounts the adventures of that night to Wong.

Wong visits Jen at her office, and hires her to sue Donny Blaze for improper use of the Mystic Arts, but much to Jen’s dismay there is no signed contract, NDA, or any legal document that says that Donny can’t use the Mystic Arts anymore. Nevertheless, Jen serves Donny and his lawyer with a cease and desist, but they end up in court to argue the matter. 

Jen argues that Donny’s use of the Mystic Arts is grossly negligent, and she calls her first witness to the stand: Madisynn, straight out of the night club with a drink in hand. While Madisynn recounts her “spooky, but fun, but spooky fun” adventures in the fire realm and her encounter with the fire demon, she is not a convincing witness. Wong directly addresses the judge, saying that Donny’s misuse of the Mystical Arts could lead to universe ending ramifications, but the judge does not believe there is enough evidence to rule in Wong’s favour for a temporary restriction on Donny using the Mystic Arts. The judge adjourns the matter awaiting her final decision, with Donny still being allowed to practice the Mystic Arts in the mean time.

In her personal time, Jen has set up a new online dating profile for herself, but she is not getting any matches apart from one terrible date where the guy leaves her with the bill. So, she creates one as She-Hulk and swipes right on every guy, garnering her multiple matches instantly. This leads to a series of dates as She-Hulk, ranging from cringy to terrible, as she has attracted the worst men in the internet dating pool. But her last date with a dreamy doctor goes incredibly well, and Jen brings him back to her place. After she accidentally spills wine on her date, forcing him to remove his shirt, Jen is interrupted by Wong opening up a portal into her living room. While on her date, Donny used the Mystic Arts again and opened up a portal he could not close, unleashing multiple demons into their world. Wong needs She-Hulk’s help to fight off the demons while he attempts to close the portal, dragging Jen away from her date.

Jen fights off the demons while Wong successfully closes the portal, but as billable time. As protecting Donny and his lawyer from the demons, Jen gets them to agree to the terms of the proposed cease and desist. Wong then opens up a portal back to Jen’s apartment, dropping Jen onto her date, which leads to a romantic night for the two of them.

The next morning, Jen is back in her human form, and her date sees her as Jen. He immediately leaves, not being attracted to Jen in her human form, which you can see hurts Jen. But there is a news report which distracts her: Titania has been cleared of all charges from her attack on the courtroom that Jen had to stop back in the premiere episode. There is then a knock at Jen’s door. It’s a process server, serving her with court documents as Titania is suing Jen for using the name “She-Hulk” as Titania has trademarked the name.

During this episode post credit scene, we see Wong and Madisynn back at Kamar-Taj, watching an episode of This Is Us. Not only have we learnt this episode that Wong has excellent taste in television, Madisynn begins questioning Wong, who she calls “Wongers” about what his favourite drink is. Wong reveals it is a gin and tonic, and Madisynn vows to find them a place that serves bottomless gin and tonics for Wong, after she tries yak milk that Wong has.

Episode 5 Mean, Green, and Straight Poured into These Jeans

After being sued by Titania, Jen has now discovered what Titania is using the “She-Hulk” trademark for through television commercials: an exclusive line of beauty and skin care products. Jen and Nikki go to a promotional event for the products, hoping to talk to Titania about dropping the case, but they get nowhere with Titania.

Back at the office, Pug seeks out Nikki for a favour. He needs her to stand in line with him at an exclusive shoe release so he can buy two pairs of limited edition Iron Man sneakers, as the limit is one per customer. Nikki agrees to in exchange for a favour, which she wants to call in right away. She wants Pug to help her get in contact with a designer who can revamp Jen’s wardrobe. This leads Pug and Nikki to a Cafe Beau-Ba, which is a front for an elusive fashion designer. To gain access to the designer, they are forced to buy unbranded and bootleg Avengers merchandise. However, they are successful and get a fifteen minute consultation booked with the designer for Jen after claiming that Jen is an Avenger.

Jen is called into her boss’s office for a meeting about the lawsuit against her. Her boss wants it gone as it is creating bad press for their firm, and assigns Mallory as Jen’s lawyer. Mallory asks Jen why she never trademarked her superhero name, and Jen asks if Thor or Doctor Strange ever did that, trying to point out a double standard for women. However, Mallory dismisses Jen’s argument as both Thor and Doctor Strange use their real names as their superhero names. Mallory tells Jen they are going to counter sue Titania, and argue that Jen was already using the name professionally and that Titania is profiting off the recognized goodwill of the “She-Hulk” name. Then, Mallory calls Nikki into the office and tells her that they need to fix Jen’s fashion choices, and Nikki assures Mallory that she is already on this.

We are back in the courtroom, for the hearing of Titania’s lawsuit against Jen. Titania’s lawyer argues that Jen never trademarked the name “She-Hulk” and that therefore she is violating his client’s trademark. However, Mallory responds by arguing that Jen brought the name “She-Hulk” into existence and popularity when she became a superhero, and that Titania is only using the name to sell non-FDA approved, scam beauty products. Expecting this argument, Titania’s lawyer pulls up a news clip of Jen talking to the media stating that she refuses to respond to the name “She-Hulk”, and that she in fact hates the name. Mallory then pulls up the interview Jen gave during the third episode, where she refers to herself as She-Hulk. While the judge does find the interview helpful in establishing Jen’s claim, she says she needs more evidence to help establish a pattern of Jen referring to herself as “She-Hulk” before she can rule in her favour.

Jen and Nikki go to the fashion designer consultation after court adjourns, where they meet the incredibly stylish Luke, a very Edna Mode-esque designer. While he is offended that Jen only wants regular business suits from him and attempts to throw Jen and Nikki out, Nikki offers him a challenge of designing a suit that will change in size as Jen changes between her human form and She-Hulk. Luke accepts the challenge and tells them he will get to work on the suits.

Back at the office, Jen runs into one of her terrible dates from the previous episode, who happens to be a client of the firm. However, this gives Jen an idea for her legal case: using her dating profile as She-Hulk as evidence of her using the name of “She-Hulk”. This leads Mallory to call all of her awkward dates to the stand to testify that they matched with “She-Hulk” online and went on a date with her. While it’s incredibly embarrassing for Jen and the one good date admits on the stand he would not go on a date with Jen in her human form, the judge is convinced that Jen used the name “She-Hulk” before Titania filed her trademark and rules in Jen’s favour. Titania is ordered to cease use of the name “She-Hulk” immediately and to recall any products on the market using that name. As she leaves the courtroom, Titania swears to Jen that she has not heard the last of this, before one of Jen’s sleazy dates attempts to pick Titania up.

On the steps of the courthouse, Mallory tells Jen that she deserves and can do better than all those terrible men that She-Hulk went on dates with. It’s a sweet moment between the two colleagues, which leads Jen to invite Mallory out for a drink where she prematurely calls Mallory a friend. Mallory thanks Jen for the drink, but leaves without calling Jen a friend too.

Jen returns to Luke’s to try on her new suits, and a special something that Luke whipped up for her. But as Jen is in the changing booth, Luke picks up a package that has no lid on it and calls out his assistants, asking them if client confidentiality means nothing to them. The camera then reveals what’s in the package before Luke puts the lid on it: Daredevil’s yellow helmet!

While the fifth episode features no post credit scene, that Daredevil tease is more than enough to get fans excited for Matt Murdock’s impending appearance on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. In terms of easter eggs, the biggest one is in the credits of the fourth episode where we see an illustration of Pug’s superhero shoe collection. It features shoes designed to resemble superheroes that we have seen before in the MCU such as Captain America and Iron Man, but also superheroes such as Deadpool, Cyclops and The Thing who we have not seen yet, indicating their existence in the MCU. It’s a small nod, but it opens up the possibilities that any of these characters and many more could be showing up at any time in the MCU.

In terms of story development, we have not seen the end of Titania who is out for revenge after losing her court case. And we finally got a larger part for Mallory, beginning a friendship between her and Jen. Though, it is clear it is not a strong friendship, most likely setting up Mallory’s future role as a villain from the comic books. However, the larger story of why Bruce was attacked in the premiere episode, and why those men tried to get Jen’s blood in the alley during the third episode still remain unclear, promising lots of more big reveals to come over the remaining episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

What special piece of clothing did Luke whip up for Jen? When will Titania get her revenge on Jen? And what show will Madisynn and Wong watch next? Check back next week for the next She-Hulk: Attorney at Law recap to find out if we learn any of these answers as the next adventure in the MCU continues!

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