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A riveting tale never before told featuring powerhouse performances by all involved, The Woman King brings the action, drama, and emotion in an ambitious epic that delivers on all fronts.

Based on true events, The Woman King tells the tale of the Agoje, an all-female warrior unit protecting the African Kingdom of Dahomey as they train to prepare for dangerous threat that could destroy their way of life. Viola Davis stars as the strong, determined General Nanisca and brings a strong fierceness that sets the tone early, though her performance is also balanced by an emotional sincerity. Davis continues to show versatility in every role she takes. Newcomer Thuso Mbedu, John Boyega, and Lashana Lynch are incredible in their supporting roles, especially the latter who truly shines in her best outing yet with a presence that is motherly, humorous, and stern. Through their performances, The Woman King explores unexpected emotional depths that drive the audiences investment in the films events.

Writer/Director Gina Prince-Blythewood has crafted a satisfying crowd pleaser that will have you gasping at times and clapping at others. The action is well-choreographed and brutal, the teamwork between the Agoje women showcasing their unparalleled sisterhood. The Woman King is also a technically flawless with the cinematography and sound design remarkably efficient in setting and maintaining the tone. It simply is all executed in a way that creates an enthralling and extravagant retelling of a history not before delved into. Into the Oscars conversation it goes.

The Woman King hits theaters this Friday.

Rating: 5/5

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