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Review: ‘Squeal’ Will Have You Doing Anything But

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SQUEAL (2022)

I usually pride myself on giving films a long leash to play with, but Squeal is the rare watch that has left me completely confused as to what the point was intended to be. Though the acting is solid, the rest of the film feels directionless and too odd for its own good.

In Squeal, a man (Kevin Janssens) is in Latvia looking for his father, when he ends up chained up in the barn and forced to do labor around the pigs, one of which begins communicating with him. Aik Karapetian has crafted a film that looks competent, but ultimately falters under a script that raising more questions than it provides answers. There os a strange love angle involving Laura Silina’s Kirk, daughter of the farm’s owner, that never quite takes off because of the Stockholm Syndrome of it all. More than that, she nor Janssens’ Samuel ever develop into compelling characters, so any developments are met more with intrigue regarding where the story is going rather than care for the journeys each is on.

I am all for outlandish fairy tale films that have a point, but too much of Squeal never comes together. A magical pig, competing farms, a boy forced to act like a dog… there is no thread binding it all together. What Karapetian intended is lost on me. Squeal ends up being a waste of time, unfortunately.

Squeal is now available on digital and video on demand.

Rating: 1/5

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