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Review: Allison Janney’s Talent Is Wasted In ‘Lou’

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LOU (2022)

I’m all for anything starring Allison Janney, but her role as a former CIA agent and a convoluted story that thinks it is more intelligent than it really is result in a messy, forgettable Lou.

When a young child goes missing, a mother (Jurnee Smollett) teams with Lou (Janney) to track her down in a powerful storm. Again, Janney is amazing; I’ll watch The West Wing all day. Here, however, she’s a fish out of water, delivering her lines with a monotone disinterest likely stemming from the basic dialogue the script has handcuffed her with. Each line is predictable, many of them heard in similar films before. The only surprises come in the puzzlingly strange plot twists that are fed to the audience with out-of-the-blue lines and head-scratching, unnecessary developments.

Lou isn’t the worst movie; there is some solid action that holds your attention for the most part, but the intended emotional connection never quite forms. Director Anna Foerster delivers the film in a tight runtime that is visually intriguing, but has little more going for it. Smollett is strong in her role, even the cringiest dialogue palatable thanks to her acting. Logan Marshall-Green also gives a serviceable performance with not much to work with.

I’m all for Lou’s premise and the promise this film had, but sometimes a script gets away from the writer, the ideas in the head failing to translate to the page. That certainly is the case here as Lou folds in on itself multiple times and leaves Oscar winner Janney with a certified dud.

Lou hits Netflix tomorrow.

Rating: 2/5

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