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Review: ‘Bros’ Is An Uproariously Funny Warm Hug Of A Film

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BROS (2022)

Brilliant in the way it infuses a storied film genre with a fresh story never before told in this way, Bros is both an uproariously funny comedy and a warm hug to viewers, especially those within the LGBTQ+ community.

The first gay romantic comedy from a major film studio (and featuring a predominantly LGBTQ+ cast), Bros follows the cynical Bobby (Billy Eichner) as he navigates the dating world of apps, bars, and non-commitment before he meets Aaron (Luke Macfarlane) who may just throw his preconceived ideas of love to the wind. Eichner co-wrote and stars in the film, his brash humor taking center stage, yet superbly focused on telling an authentic story for the community. Once the film begins, the laughs never stop, a mixture of on-the-nose jokes and stinging dialogue that will likely be thought provoking for most, but identifiable to those dating within the LGBTQ+ community. Bros evokes the familiar with nods to rom-coms of the past while bringing in a fresh, modern, even sexy perspective that takes the film to a new, universal level. 

As a gay man myself, Bros is a comfort piece that features countless references to the horrors, frustrations, and unbelievable stories of dating within the community in way that says “yup, I’ve been there, too… it sucks, but keep powering through.” Eichner and co-writer Nicholas Stoller have crafted a comedy that fires on all cylinders, sometimes with ridiculous exaggerations that are common in rom-coms, but more often with poignant commentary that is sincerely explored through two characters that you will be rooting for. It doesn’t totally rewrite the rom-com genre, but it most certainly updates it by taking it in a new direction with honesty and openness. What results is not only one of the best rom-coms in recent memory, but one of the best films of the year. It’s a quintessential feel-good movie made, for once, with representation in mind. Eichner delivers on his promise tenfold. 

Bros hits theaters this Friday.

Rating: 5/5

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