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Each week, Tarek @tarek_wm will be recapping the most recent episode(s) of Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon.

House of the Dragon is peak television because even when there isn’t a second of action, the show is exciting throughout. Episodes five doesn’t boast a single sword fight or dragon battle, but I was on the edge of my seat. 

“We Light The Way” is centered around the wedding of Rhanerya and Laenor Valeryon. Viserys, his daughter, and his new hand Lyonel Strong are on their way to Driftmark for the event. The king is deathly ill with non-stop coughing and on the verge of vomiting a few times. We have no idea if he’s just seasick or if this is the beginning of the end for Viserys. 

Upon arrival, Viserys meets with Lord Corlys to talk about the marriage and the politics that come with it. The marriage comes at a perfect time as Rhanerya’s scandal with Daemon is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Also, Corlys can finally cement his family name back to prestige. Some negotiating takes place over Laenor and Rhanerya’s heir; they will bear their family’s name until he or she ascends the Iron Throne and will then be Targaryen. 

Later on, Princess Rhaenys becomes skeptical about the wedding and the safety of her son marrying the first Queen of Westeros. She believes her son will be in constant danger. Rhaenys knows her son won’t be happy either because he’s gay, but Corlys refuses to give any weight to that point. Rhanerya has a feeling Laenor is just as thrilled about their engagement as she is and proposes an open relationship. They’ll “do their duty” and pop out a few heirs while they’re married, but will bed whoever they want. 

Earlier on in the episode, we meet Ser Joffrey Lonmouth (Solly McLeod). He’s the lover of Rhanerya’s husband-to-be. They shared a quiet moment and a kiss. Joffrey doesn’t like the “pact” between Laenor and Rhanerya but softens on it after he learns that Rhanerya has a side piece of her own in Criston Cole.

Speaking of Criston, he comes in at the 11th hour with a proposal to Rhanerya. One of them leaving all their responsibilities behind and running away to Essos. Rhanerya laughs this off and lets him down easily but not before she tells him about her little arrangement with Laenor. Criston is a little insulted by being treated like a second option by Rhanerya and he storms off. He’s broken his vow of celibacy and the Kingsguard takes that very seriously. 

In the Red Keep, Alicent is seeing her father off after being ousted by Viserys. Otto tells Alicent that she needs to be careful who she backs to be the heir. Otto fears that the only way Rhanerya will truly be queen is if she kills Alicent and Viserys’ children. Alicent then runs into Larys Strong, son of the new Hand. After some banter, he drops a bomb: he heard that Rhanerya took the Plan B tea after her night out with Daemon. This is news to Alicent because last week Rhanerya swore up and down they didn’t do anything together. 

Once Criston arrives from the Stepstones and Alicent wants THE TEA on Daemon and Rhanerya. She knows how close he is to her and wants to get it out of him. After some prying, Criston instead incriminates himself and admits to sleeping with Rhanerya. He begs for the queen to show mercy and give him a quick death but Alicent sends him on his way. 

Viserys is trying to recover from his illness which was more than being seasick. He’s suffering from a bad fever and is sweating bullets. While on death’s door, he becomes nostalgic. He asks questions about his legacy: was he a good king? Viserys oversaw such peaceful times in the realm he fears he won’t be remembered. 

We finally make it to the proceedings as The Targaryens and Velaryons gather around a gigantic dinner table. Speaking of Targaryen Daemon saunters in after killing his wife, Rhae Royce who he loved dearly (not) at the start of the episode. He manages to frame it as a hunting accident which of course everyone will believe and we’ll never hear of this “accident” again. Oh, and Daemon is giving Rhanerya the eyes .2 seconds after sitting down. 

The evening has everything a party in Westeros has to offer. People are drinking, dancing and there’s gossip spreading like wildfire. Daemon is accused by Rhae Royce’s cousin of murder. Daemon dismisses him and goes onto the dance floor to flirt with someone close to his age. KIDDING, he’s with Laena Valeryon the now adult daughter of Corlys, Laena doesn’t hesitate to flirt back a little bit. Nothing comes of it as Daemon sees Rhanerya and they get STEAMY with each other. Rhanerya tells him if he wants her so bad let’s run away to Drangstone. Daemon then grabs her face aggressively like he’s going to kiss her in front of everyone when a huge fight erupts and distracts everyone from them. 

Joffrey had approached Criston during the party to tell him they’re both deeply invested in Rhanerya and Laenor’s marriage. Joffery proposes a pact with Criston to protect their lovers at all costs. He easily identified Criston as Rhanerya’s sidepiece because he was giving her a death stare while she danced with Daemon. 

At that point, something breaks within Criston. He tackles Joffrey to the ground and beats him to death… literally. He punched him over and over until his face caved in and was unrecognizable. Everyone was shocked as Criston walked away and Laenor sobbed over his lover’s corpse and in a puddle of his blood. We fast forward to the wedding itself with Rhanerya and Laenor crying, but fighting through their vows. Once they say their “I Do’s” Viserys collapses and we cut to black. 

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