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Each week, Tarek @tarek_wm will be recapping the most recent episode(s) of Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon.

Episode 4 of House of the Dragon doesn’t boast the same action as its predecessor, but there is action nonetheless. For what it lacks in the gore department, it makes up for in character development. We see Kings Landing in a new and interesting way visually. Director Claire Kilner and writer Ira Parker did a fantastic job keeping us on our toes and entrenched in a steamy, dialogue-driven entry. 

“King Of The Narrow Sea” opens with Rhanerya playing another round of The Bachelorette. Men old enough to be her grandfather and young enough to give you chills practically beg for her hand in marriage. Rhanerya can’t shake the feeling of impending imprisonment that comes with that. Viserys set up a tour of the realm to find Rhanerya a potential suitor, it went so well that she ended the hottest tour of the summer two months early. 

Upon her return to Kings Landing, a dragon flies overhead and Rhanerya cracks a small smirk signaling it must be her good ole Uncle Daemon. He’s returned with a new title “King of the Narrow Sea”. He confronts his brother, drops the axe used to conquer the Crabfeeder at his feet, proclaims dramatically “add it to the throne” and shockingly bends the knee to his king eliciting thunderous applause, Rhanerya included. 

Later, Rhanerya and Daemon share a moment over wine as he councils her on her inevitable engagement. According to Daemon, it doesn’t matter if you’re in love with your potential husband, marriage is a political arrangement. Rhanerya reflects on the reason for her mother’s untimely death and replies “for women, it’s a death sentence.”

That evening, Rhanerya finds boy clothes and a map that leads her to a secret passage of the Red Keep where she meets Daemon. Disguised as “common folk” they have a night on the town together. It’s a night of drinking and laughing, they even see a show. A show centered around the silliness of their own lives. She can’t escape the heaviness of her life even for a moment as the actors portray her struggle as heir as a complete joke. Rhanerya dismisses their opinions but Daemon reminds her that she must consider their thoughts if she hopes to rule them one day, perception is reality. A theme that will come back into play later. 

Soon after, Prince Daemon leads his niece to a brothel and removes her disguise as she looks around completely overwhelmed. Tensions are rising as Daemon can’t take his eyes off Rhanerya. He says “Fucking is a pleasure, you see, for the woman, as it is the man.” They eventually shock every GoT fan as passionate incest is all over the screen. Rhanerya is enjoying herself, so much so that later that night she seduces Ser Criston Cole back in her quarters. 

What happens in the dark comes to light as their night of pleasure makes its way back to Viserys. A boy saw Rhanerya and Daemon in the brothel and runs to tell Otto. Alicent, who had a less than pleasurable experience with the king that evening overhears. Alicent confronts Rhanerya about it and she swears on her dead mother that all they did was drink. Alicent bless her heart buys it wholeheartedly. 

A hungover Daemon is brought to Viserys who is incensed. He angrily rants about how he’s defiled his daughter and that no one will want to marry her now that she’s tainted. Daemon proclaims that he’ll take her as his second wife and even Viserys isn’t letting that slide. Daemon’s calculated plan has failed and Viserys banishes him back to his wife in the Vale. He never wants to see him on his doorstep again. 

Onto Rhanerya, she denies the allegations once more and Viserys tells her perception is reality. It doesn’t matter if you did it or not, people already have their minds made up. Rhanerya says if she were a man she’d be able to bed whoever she wants and have dozens of bastard babies, Viserys exclaims that she isn’t a man. She fears she’ll lose her heirship again but instead Viserys says she’ll wed Corlys’ son Laenor so that “the crown can rebuild their alliance with House Velaryon.” Rhanerya agrees on the condition that he relives Otto as the hand of the king for throwing her under the bus and undermining him as king. She suspects what we as the audience have from the start, that Otto is playing his own Game of Thrones. Viserys doesn’t hesitate in stripping him of his hand badge. Our episode ends with Grand Maester Mellos visiting Rhanerya and giving her tea sent by her father. The tea is to “rid her of any unwanted consequences” from her night with Daemon. 

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