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Each week, Liz from pop.goesthemovie is be recapping the latest happenings in the Big Brother house! Missed the last recap? Catch up here!


Previously on Biiiiig Brotherrrrrrr….. Turner, Monte and Michael created an all-guys alliance which didn’t last long. Terrance was evicted from the house and Julie Chen let the Houseguets (HGs) know that it was a double eviction. Turner won Head of Household (HOH) and nominated Alyssa and Brittany on the block. Monte won the Power of Veto (PoV/Veto) and removed Alyssa from the block and told Turner it was time to make their move against Michael. And since Michael was such a huge target, no one seemed to want to keep him around. After throwing Brittany, his biggest ally, under the bus, Michael was evicted from the BB Motel…and he stormed out the house without saying goodbye. So who won HOH and who did they put up on the block? Keep reading to find out.

BUT FIRST. An HOH competition had to take place! However, the HGs were still in shock that Michael was gone and how he left! Brittany felt so betrayed by Michael’s pitch. Turner and Monte said they needed to do what they had to do in order for all of them to have a chance of winning, instead of coming in second place to Michael. In a flashback, it was shown that Turner’s actual plan was to get Brittany evicted for being a messy player. He put Brittany up against Alyssa and gave Michael a hug telling him that Brittany was his target. Monte seemed to be on board, but once he won the Power of Veto things changed as he saw his opportunity to get rid of their biggest threat. Monte didn’t want Michael to be blindsided so he warned Michael in advance. Michael pleaded with Monte not to do it, but it wasn’t working. So he went to Alyssa and Taylor instead. Asking them to take Monte’s ‘Big Move’ away from him! (Michael wasn’t wrong). In the end, Michael was sent packing. And the guys then tried to make nice with Alyssa, Taylor and Brittany in case either of them won the upcoming HOH.

AN HOH SPOOKFEST. As the outgoing HOH, Turner was not eligible to compete in the “Horror Fest Lockdown” HOH comp.Each player entered a ‘house of horror’, where they had to block six doors in complete darkness, going through slime no less, in the fastest time. Taylor came in last after timing out. She was freaked out and decided not to even attempt it. Alyssa was doing well; except she couldn’t find the last door to get out. So it was really between Brittany and Monte. Brittany did surprisingly well. But with a time of 15:24 compared to Monte’s time of 15:15, Brittany lost one of the most crucial HOH’s of the summer. By only 9 seconds!!

AND THE NOMINEES ARE. Monte assured Taylor and Turner they would not be seeing the block. Which meant that Brittany and Alyssa would be nominated. Monte assured Alyssa that Brittany was the target. And during the nomination ceremony, Monte kept his word and nominated Alyssa and Brittany on the block. Either of them needed to win the Veto to not get sent packing.

BRITTANY GETS MESSY AGAIN. Now that Brittany was on the block, Monte let her know that Turner told him about the all-girls alliance. Brittany denied that the all-girls alliance was real and in the Diary Room (DR) she said that Turner couldn’t keep a secret. And that now she’d have to do damage control with Monte. She also realized that she was probably Monte’s target and not Alyssa. So winning the veto was really important.

THE VETO COMP. The HGs are woken up in the middle of the night and told they had two minutes to go outside for the veto comp. Everyone rushed to the backyard, except for Monte. He explained that he has a routine he has to go through, which includes brushing his teeth and going to the bathroom. So Monte didn’t make it outside in the two-minute time span, and he was disqualified. In the “Snooze Fest” veto comp, the HGs had to get a broken cuckoo clock to work by assembling 27 gears onto their puzzle board, so that all of the gears turned at the same time when the clock was cranked. Taylor wanted to win the comp so that she could remove Brittany from the block and Monte would be forced to put up Turner since he was the only option left. And from there, Brittany and Taylor would vote to evict Turner. Alyssa had no clue what she was doing as her gears weren’t even touching! Monte said his worst case scenario was if Brittany were to win..because she’s his target. Unfortunately for Monte his worst case scenario happened because Brittany wonthe power of veto, making it her fourth this season. Brittany screamed out “That’s for you, Michael ”, and realized she made it to the Final Four!

A NEW PLAN IS HATCHED. In DR Brittany proclaimed that perhaps Michael’s veto luck rubbed off on her. Meanwhile, Turner and Alyssa wondered who was going on the block now that Brittany was removing herself. Turner felt like it would be Taylor, but he wanted to ensure she goes up. So much so that he rushed to the HOH room to talk to Monte. Too bad for Turner that Monte went back to sleep after the comp! At the same time, Brittany and Taylor were talking in the bedroom and Taylor told Brittany that she felt she was going up. Because she’d be the easier person to put on the block. Both wanted to force Monte to put up Turner, but they were not sure they could make him do so. And since Brittany likes to be messy, later on she went up to Monte’s HOH room and basically threatened him, telling him that if he didn’t put Turner on the block that would tell her that he wasn’t with Taylor and her going forward. In DR Monte mentioned how Brittany  threatened him and he made one of his bad Godfather impressions.

REPLACEMENT NOMINEE. Turner was concerned that perhaps he’d be the renom. But, Monte reassured Turner that he was safe and he would not be seeing the block. However, Monte needed to warn Taylor that SHE would be seeing the block as a replacement nom. Taylor tried to change his mind, but he wasn’t having it. At the veto ceremony, Brittany removed herself from the block and Monte named Taylor as the replacement nominee. Which meant that Turner, Monte and Brittany were part of the Final Four. But who would be the Fourth HG in the Final Four? Stay tuned next week to find out.

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