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CATCHING UP: Big Brother 24 Recap – DOUBLE EVICTION! (Eps 27 & 28)

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Each week, Liz from pop.goesthemovie is be recapping the latest happenings in the Big Brother house! Missed the last recap? Catch up here!


Previously on Biiiiig Brotherrrrrrr…..Michael won the Head of Household (HOH) competition and nominated Alyssa and Terrance on the block, with Terrance being Michael’s target. Knowing that he needed to win Power of Veto (PoV/Veto), Terrance went into the veto competition thinking he had a shot to win. Until he realized it was “BB Comics”. Which of course, Michael won (breaking the record of most vetoes won, previously held by Janelle in S7). Michael chose NOT to use the PoV on Alyssa or Terrance, keeping his noms the same. Brittany was bummed that Michael did not nominate Turner as the replacement nom (which he really should’ve!), because she felt that Turner would perhaps target Michael the following week. And in the Diary Room (DR), Turner made it clear that although grateful that Michael did not name him as a replacement nominee (renom), that did not mean he wouldn’t nominate Michael the following week. (Brittany was right that Turner was the bigger threat). In the end, Michael concluded that he’d have to literally win every competition to keep himself safe!

So, who was evicted from the BB Motel, and were the HGs shocked when they realized it was a double eviction? Keep reading to find out.

ALYSSA VS. TERRANCE.  Alyssa was freaking out about being on the block. But Michael reassured her that she wasn’t the target. However, several HGs started thinking that perhaps Alyssa was the bigger threat, seeing that she had several friends in jury. Turner tried to calm Alyssa down, and so did Taylor. Because Taylor has been trying to get Terrance out of the house for weeks! Terrance realized that he didn’t have a very good relationship with Taylor (you’re just realizing this now, Terrance?) and told Taylor that he wants a person of color to win. Even though he’s been wanting Taylor out of the house since day one! (and yes… Terrance tried to keep Kyle over Taylor, even after finding out about Kyle’s racial bias). Unfortunately for Terrance, Taylor wanted nothing to do with him.

JURY HOUSE CHECK-IN. Time to check in on the jury house! Indy was enjoying her time out of the BB Motel, but couldn’t wait for someone to join her. And she didn’t seem surprised when Jasmine walked in the house. Next Joseph came through the door, surprising both ladies. He apologized for his betrayal, and they all seemed cool about it. (Jury house has a way of making evicted HGs feel better). Joseph showed Indy and Jasmine the tape on how the house was split and everything that went down a few weeks prior.  They talked about Michael and how he was dominating the game, and Jasmine mentioned how there was no way Michael managed an escape room (Michael is a lawyer but told everyone he managed an Escape Room and also created the games). The jurors have one thing in common… they all hate Brittany. Joseph also let Indy and Jasmine know how Kyle betrayed him and he was the reason Joseph was evicted.

A week went by in the jury house, and Indy, Jasmine and Joseph were surprised to see Kyle walk through the door. Kyle explained everything that happened. They all got upset with him for a hot second… Indy even got up and walked away. But then Joseph asked why Brittany and Michael held the information for so long, and somehow it turned to them being at fault and everyone forgave Kyle. (whatever!).

GUYS VS. GIRLS. Brittany let Monte know that the girls were starting their own alliance (Alyssa, Taylor and Brittany). So this made Turner and Monte wonder if instead of targeting Michael, that perhaps they should create an all-guys alliance with him. Monte and Turner pitched the all-male alliance to Michael and since Michael cannot play in the HOH competition the following week (they aren’t aware of the double eviction) he agreed to take out a female  (which I believe Michael was lying. But they didn’t need to know that).  Later, Michael, Monte, and Turner met to discuss who they should take out next. They decided that they would take out each other’s closest female ally. Meaning if Turner won, he would take out Brittany so Michael wouldn’t have to and Taylor so Monte wouldn’t have to. If Monte won, he would take out Alyssa so Turner wouldn’t have to and Brittany.

THE FIRST EVICTION. Before the live vote, each of the nominees gave their final plea speeches. Terrance threatened everyone (especially Michael) that if he was evicted, then his game would start in Jury and he’d taint the jury. Alyssa’s speech was forgettable (literally don’t remember it). With a unanimous vote of 4-0, Terrance was evicted from the BB Motel. Goodbye DJ SHOWTIME! Terrance was not a happy camper and stormed out, without giving anyone a hug. He mentioned something about leaving like Daniel did.

DOUBLE EVICTION BLINDSIDE. Julie gathered the remaining HGs in the living room and dropped the bombshell that it was a double eviction. Poor Michael, his face dropped! He knew he was in trouble, especially because he was not eligible to play HOH to save himself. The rest of the HGs headed to the backyard for the “Laser Focus” HOH competition. There were several rounds, and in each round, the HGs were shown a video of multi-colored laser light sequences. After each video played, Julie asked them a question about the sequence they just watched. Each correct answer equaled one point. The player with the most points at the end of seven rounds would become the new HOH. And with a score of 6 points, Turner was crowned HOH. Before the break, Turner whispered to Alyssa that he was putting her on the block with Brittany, but that he needed her to trust him. It seemed like Brittany might’ve been his target! When the show returned, Turner nominated Brittany and Alyssa on the block.

THE MOST IMPORTANT VETO COMP. The nominees had one last chance to save themselves with the veto competition. Since there were only six players left, everyone would be playing in the veto. In the “Amp It Up” veto comp, each player was attached and tangled with several yards of cable to a ‘turntable stand’. The players had to untangle enough of their cable by climbing through their turntable stand and make it across the yard and  ‘plug’ their cable into the amp. Monte was the first to reach his amp, winning his first PoV of the summer. (The conspiracy theorist in me feels like this comp was rigged for Monte to win. His cable seemed to be the least tangled, while Michael’s was ridiculously tangled. Also, Michael’s cable broke! And for a few seconds he kept asking what do I do? There was no way his cable would be reaching the amp!).

THE BIG BLINDSIDE. Monte had full power. Would he use the veto on Alyssa or Brittany, forcing Turner to replace his nominees, or would Monte keep the noms the same? Despite making the all-guys alliance with Michael promising to not nominate him, Monte realized this might be his only chance to get rid of Michael. Monte went to Turner and told him he was pulling down Alyssa and that it was time to make the move. Turner wasn’t sure this was such a good idea. In DR he said he was down with the all-guys alliance. But if Monte felt sure that he had the votes, he would back him up and put Michael on the block. It was time for the Veto ceremony.  Monte used the veto on Alyssa, and Michael knew what was coming. He begged Turner not to do it. But, Turner nominated Michael as the replacement nominee. He was now on the block with his Brittany, his BFF in the house. Brittany was a mess. But she managed to ask her fellow HGs to allow her to stay. Michael, on the other hand, pleaded with Taylor and Alyssa to save him, promising to take out Turner and Monte. He told them that taking him out now would only go on Monte and Turner’s resume and not theirs.  He then warned them that Monte and Taylor would target them next (he’s not wrong). Michael made a last-ditch effort to stay by throwing Brittany under the bus…his closest ally in the house. However, nothing worked, and Michael was evicted by a vote of 3-0. He told everyone to stay seated because he had something to say… and then made a beeline to the door and stormed out! It was epic!!

With that, the double eviction episode ended without crowning an HOH. So who won HOH? And who did they nominate on the block? And would the power of veto save them. Also… what happened to Brittany after Michael threw her under the bus and stormed out of the house without even saying goodbye to her? Stay tuned next week to find out!

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