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Each week, Liz from pop.goesthemovie is be recapping the latest happenings in the Big Brother house! Missed the last recap? Catch up here!


(WARNING: Events occurred in the past week that brought up racism and racial bias. This recap includes  the discussions, and sensitive content on racism. Reader discretion is advised).

Previously on Previously on Biiiiig Brotherrrrrrr….. Since Kyle outed THE LEFTOVERS to Terrance and Alyssa during his week at Dyre Fest…  Kyle and Turner (who were part of THE LEFTOVERS) along with Alyssa and Terrance created a new alliance called THE AFTERPARTY. Which basically was another “fake” alliance created by Kyle to save Alyssa. (Let’s be honest, as much as Kyle and Turner said they wanted to roll with this new alliance, their past actions proved otherwise). Before returning inside the BB Motel to reunite with the Big Brochella group, THE AFTERPARTY made a pact to blame everything that happened in Dyre Fest on Joseph. Which didn’t seem to work as their stories were too similar. Turner won Head of Household (HOH) and targeted Michael. Drawing a line in the sand, Turner nominated Brittany and Taylor on the block, with a potential backdoor option for Michael (if he wasn’t chosen to play Power of Veto). He decided his best option would be to roll with THE POUND alliance. Which consisted of Turner, Monte, and Kyle. So, who won Power of Veto (PoV/Veto), and was it used to save Brittany or Taylor off the block? Keep reading to find out!

VETO AFTERPARTY. Taylor and Brittany were in shock when Turner nominated them to go on the block. During his nomination speech, Turner once again ‘blamed everything on Joseph’ and told the two women that Joseph said he was in an alliance with Brittany and Taylor and so he could no longer trust them anymore (leaving Michael out of the equation to feel safe). Taylor started to cry and felt betrayed by Joseph. And Brittany made a beeline to the HOH room to plead her case. She swore on her life that she never made a Final Three (F3) deal with Joseph. And he promised her that she wasn’t the target. Later, Taylor assured Turner that she never made an F3 deal with Joseph. When he was alone in the HOH room, Turner told the camera that his target was Michael.

FIGURING OUT THE TRUTH. Turner wanted Michael to feel safe, so he apologized to him for putting up Brittany and Taylor. Michael thanked Turner for not putting him on the block. But later in the Diary Room (DR), Michael said that he felt that Turner would backdoor him. And that he had a feeling this was going to be a bad week (he wasn’t wrong!). Later, THE POUND plus Alyssa met in the HOH room where Kyle told Monte the truth that Alyssa and Terrance knew everything about THE LEFTOVERS because he was the one who spilled the beans and not Joseph. Monte was shocked. And his face said it all. In the DR, Monte was upset at Kyle. He fell for Kyle’s lies and believed that Joseph spilled the beans. And said he could no longer trust Kyle moving forward. Monte talked to Taylor about the lies told by Turner and Kyle. And how easy it was to pin everything on Joseph since he wasn’t in the house to defend himself. Taylor then asked Monte if she pulled Houseguest’s Choice and picked him, would he use the veto to save her? He confirmed 100% that he would. Michael had been feeling suspicious of Kyle by how he had been acting ever since his return from Dyre Fest. So, Michael tried to suss out the truth from Kyle. His face and his half truths pretty much confirmed Michael’s suspicions that Kyle was up to no good.

PLAYERS ARE CHOSEN FOR VETO. Prior to the players being chosen for veto, Brittany and Michael were trying to figure out different scenarios and how they could save each other this week. They also discussed how Kyle tried to form an all-white alliance (without saying ‘All-White’), after Kyle worried that an alliance made up of only the minorities in the house had formed…like THE COOKOUT alliance from the year before. Michael hoped he would get selected to play veto to not get backdoored. The veto players were chosen.  Turner drew Alyssa’s name. Taylor drew Monte’s name. And Brittany drew Michael’s name! (Yay!). In DR, Turner said that Michael getting selected was the worst-case scenario. The HGs were then showed a video with Luke Macfarlane and Billy Eichner promoting their new film “Bros”. Not only would the winner get the Power of Veto, but they also got to watch an advanced screening of the film and take three people to join them.

A SLIPPERY VETO COMP. It’s time to play the veto competition! In the “Pride Slide” veto comp, the six players had to transport ‘Rosé using a small plastic wine glass from one side of the backyard to the other side and fill up a container to retrieve the small ball inside. All while sliding down a very soapy Slip ’N Slide.  Whoever could do this the fastest would win. There was also a second much smaller container. If the player filled that one and retrieved the ball first, they would win the larger wine tumbler to use to fill the bigger container. Michael figured that filling the smaller container would be a waste of time and instead only filled the larger one. Turner took a different approach and filled the smaller container first earning him the bigger wine tumbler. As Turner began to fill his larger container at a much faster rate, Michael’s lead seemed to diminish. Meanwhile Brittany, Alyssa, and Taylor seemed to have trouble sliding down the slippery slide. But Michael zoomed through the competition and filled his larger ‘Rosé container the fastest, winning the Power of Veto! (Yay!). Turner was bummed that he’d have to choose another player to go on the block and was leaning toward Monte (with the hopes of voting out Taylor).

A MOVIE AND SOME POPCORN. Michael chose Turner, Alyssa, and Taylor to join him in the “Bros” film screening. His picks were strictly strategic (and a bit personal). In DR he said Taylor was having a rough week, so he chose her…and he wanted to get to know Alyssa more, since they hardly talk in the house. Plus, he wanted to earn some good graces with Turner. And hoped that in the future he’d remember this gesture. After the film was over, Brittany and Michael wondered who would be the replacement nominee? They tried to figure out more scenarios to keep the Big Brochella crew safe. They thought that perhaps sharing Kyle’s THE COOKOUT alliance theories were in order? Michael decided to tell Monte and Taylor about Kyle’s theory of THE COOKOUT alliance 2.0. Clips of Kyle asking Brittany about his theory were shown as Michael informed Monte and Taylor. Brittany and Michael told Taylor and Monte that they wanted to share this with Turner, so he’d have all the information prior to nominating a replacement on the block. But they wanted to come to them first. Monte and Taylor agreed that this was something that Brittany and Michael needed to act on.

KYLE IS IN TROUBLE. Michael and Brittany had the same conversation with Alyssa about Kyle. She told Brittany and Michael that she appreciated them coming to her, and that she would never be part of an alliance based on race. In DR Alyssa said that she was confused and extremely overwhelmed by the news she heard about Kyle. In the HOH room, Michael told Turner everything he’d been sharing about Kyle. Turner thanked Michael for sharing this but wasn’t sure what to do about it. Brittany joined in on the convo. Turner also mentioned not wanting to be lumped in with Kyle and his racial bias. Meanwhile Monte was updating Terrance about the news. Terrance jokingly mentioned how could all the Black people be working together when he was getting nominated every week? Kyle felt something was going on, so he asked Alyssa about it. And she let him know everything Michael told her. Kyle was shook. He said that this could ruin his life. And that it wasn’t true. He asked her what to do and she said to go to the HOH room because Turner was having the conversation with Michael and Brittany. As Kyle tried to enter the HOH room, Turner asked Kyle to come back as he was finishing up his conversation with Brittany and Michael. Turner told them that he would consider putting Kyle on the block. And the episode ended with Kyle in the DR saying that the “hint of race” never crossed his mind, as he broke down in tears. (At this point, it doesn’t seem like Kyle is upset at the stuff he said, he’s more upset about how he’ll be perceived on the outside. Because his livelihood depends on his social media followers and sponsors. News flash Kyle… you’ll be fine. Big Brother production has had your back and you’ll be WRONGLY painted as a victim.)

RACIAL BIAS REARS ITS UGLY HEAD.  Racial bias made an unexpected appearance as Kyle got outed by Michael and Brittany. After they told everyone in the house about Kyle’s racial bias and how he thought an all-minority alliance like THE COOKOUT might’ve been created (with no proof at all), Kyle confronted everyone in the house, separately. (What wasn’t shown was that Kyle disappeared into the DR for hours! HGs speculated that he might self-evict. But upon his return, he went through an apology tour, that was clearly led by production). Kyle talked to Brittany first. He felt what her and Michael were saying was not true. Then he went to talk to Monte and Terrance. They were both upset and hurt by Kyle’s assumption that Taylor, Joseph, and Monte had an F3 based on race. Terrance realized that he had Joseph evicted based on lies and that it should’ve been Kyle who was evicted. (Terrance is full of crap. He wanted Joseph out. He was targeting Joseph even before Kyle spilled the beans. This just gave him more fuel.)

Turner, Monte, and Terrance were talking in the Kitchen when Turner asked if they could have a house meeting so the game of telephone wouldn’t happen again. The HGs came together in the living room to confront Kyle and find out exactly what happened. Kyle asked Michael to speak first, so Michael began to describe exactly what Kyle had told him. But Kyle interrupted and said he and Turner had a Final Two (F2) and that his next closes allies were Alyssa and Brittany. Kyle then flipped the script and told Michael and Brittany that they should’ve said something right away instead of waiting at an opportune time (like when their backs were against the wall). Michael told Kyle it wasn’t fair to blame them, for something Kyle said. BUT, Terrance and Monte took note. Terrance then told Michael and Brittany that he felt that they used this as a game move and why didn’t they say anything two weeks ago? (Sure Terrance, like you would’ve believed them. Same goes for Monte. Remember when Taylor tried to warn him about Paloma and the entire house turned against Taylor because of Monte?? Michael never forgets and I’m sure he didn’t want the same thing to happen to him) Terrance said that if he knew then what he knows now, Joseph would’ve never been sent home (more lies). Taylor then flipped it back to Kyle (who’s the REAL culprit here and NOT Brittany and Michael) and said she wouldn’t hate him as a person, but as a Black woman, she doesn’t get the privilege that Kyle seemed to get. Kyle then told everyone that he knew his game was over and he would be getting evicted this week… and that he had a lot of growth and work as a person. (I smell production in these words! Seriously, the conspiracy theorist in me feels like BB Production got a PR person to help Kyle spin this so that he wouldn’t lose his TikTok followers or sponsors. And sadly…it’s working).

THE VETO CEREMONY. It was finally time for the veto ceremony! Having won the veto, Michael removed Brittany from the block, so Turner had to replace her with another HGs. No surprise, Turner named Kyle as the replacement nominee. Kyle asked if it would be okay to continue to be social and not hide in his room (which he had been previously)?  He then talked to Alyssa who told him she wasn’t interested in fixing broken men. She told him that they shouldn’t be together in the house anymore. And in DR said she couldn’t imagine being with someone who continuously lied to her and manipulated her for their own game (what wasn’t shown was that later that day, Kyle and Alyssa got together and had sex once again. And again. Albeit for only seconds at a time. So yeah, all this was just for the cameras, because Alyssa literally could care less that Kyle was racially biased and tried to create an ‘all-white’ alliance.)

THE ’LET’S PAINT KYLE AS A VICTIM’ SYMPATHY TOUR. Kyle talked to Monte and started bawling. Which made Monte start crying. Kyle mentioned something about how Monte and Terrance looked at him in disgust and he would never forget that. Monte then told Kyle how this hit a nerve with him because he went to a very predominately white, high school and it brought up bad memories for him. Monte told Kyle that as a human he still loved him. They hugged it out. Later Monte talked to Taylor and questioned why Brittany and Michael waited so long to share this information. He said they did it to help their own game (NO Monte! They actually did it to help Taylor. Because had they not said anything, Monte would be up on the block as the replacement nominee and Taylor would’ve been evicted.) Monte told Taylor that if they had a shot to take out Michael, they had to take it, or he’d be winning the game. It was time for the live vote and eviction. Kyle once again spewed out words that sounded like a PR fixer wrote for him. He thanked the HGs for the summer and he was unanimously voted out, 5-0.

Julie talked to Kyle, but her quick interview didn’t seem to give much heat to Kyle. It was strange. After his interview, Julie announced Zingbot would return on Sunday. And double-eviction next Thursday. #ButFirst… a new Head of Household competition was about to begin. As outgoing HOH, Turner was not eligible to compete. In the “Burning Bot” competition, the players had to transfer puzzle pieces, one at a time across the yard, and build a Zingbot puzzle. The first player to finish their puzzle would be crowned HOH. Who won HOH? And who would be put on the block? And would Monte and Terrance succeed in changing the narrative to blame everything that transpired this past week on Brittany and Michael? Stay tuned next week to find out.

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