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Each week, Liz from pop.goesthemovie is be recapping the latest happenings in the Big Brother house! Missed the last recap? Catch up here!


Previously on Previously on Biiiiig Brotherrrrrrr….. After an emotional week where racial bias from Kyle, reared its ugly head in the BB Motel, he was evicted 5-0 over Taylor. THE LEFTOVERS alliance was no more… and Michael, Brittany and Taylor formed a Final Three (F3). Meanwhile Turner and Monte kept to their THE POUND alliance. And Terrance and Alyssa, who thought they were in THE AFTERPARTY alliance, were kicked to the curb. So, who would win the Head of Household (HOH) competition and who did they nominate on the block? And did the Power of Veto save either of the nominees? Also, who made a guest appearance this week?  Keep reading to find out.

THE NEW HOH. Sunday’s show picked up where Thursday’s live eviction show ended, with a new HOH about to be crowned. As the outgoing Head of Household, Turner was not eligible to compete. In the “Burning Bot” competition, the players had to build a Zingbot puzzle by transferring puzzle pieces, one at a time across the yard. The first player to finish their puzzle would be crowned HOH. In a matter of minutes, Michael obliterated the competition and won the Head of Household. No one was happy… except for Brittany since Michael has been carrying her this whole game!

THAT DARN ZINGBOT.  Ziiiiing! The HGs heard Zingbot’s voice from the speakers in the house and knew it was time for their roasting. (Zingbot is a Big Brother favorite and staple of the show. He’s the mean robot who comes into the Big Brother house and roasts the Houseguests). Per usual, Zingbot roasted the HGs, but this time… some of the ‘Zings’ went too far. His Zings were as follows (some of these were hard to understand as Zingbot’s voice is really altered):

Turner: “ You used to be a band (something??) lifer, it seems you’ve been everywhere except the shower!… ZIIING”

Michael: “With all that’s going on in the world, there’s some new zinging guidelines. Masks are now optional, unless your face looks like Michael! Cover that up… ZIIING!” (This one was below the belt, pretty much saying Michael was ugly!)

Monte: “I hear you’re good at impressions. In fact, I’ve been working on my Monte impression. Are you ready? I’m Monte and I’m sooo boring…ZIIING”

Taylor: “I heard the Big Brother backyard was hot, but this is brutal. I really could use something icy and cold. Could I borrow your Taylor? Ice queen…ZIIING” (this was kind of dumb)

Terrance: “Oh my God, it’s DJ Showtime. You are so popular in the underground, because that’s where they find fossils. ZIIING!

Alyssa: “When I see you I can’t help but think of a heavy winter’s coat in the desert. Dead weight and completely useless. ZIIING!”

Brittany“I have a song for you. Jeepers, creepers, where did you get those peepers. No, seriously, where did you get those crazy *beep* eyes?…ZIIING”

After Zingbot left, the HGs went about their game, trying to figure out how to outsmart Michael. Everyone (except Brittany) seemed to want Michael out. But since he was HOH, there wasn’t anything anyone could do but hope they weren’t nominated on the block.

BEFORE THE NOMS.  Because Michael promised Turner safety, he decided to keep his promise and not nominate him on the block. Much to Brittany’s chagrin! Monte and Turner discussed how no one would win against Michael if they were in F2 with him at the end. Meanwhile, Taylor and Brittany were chatting in the kitchen. Taylor told Brittany that she and Brittany could be Final Two. And Brittany seemed to agree with her. But, Brittany twisted it back to how they needed Michael in order to get Monte and Turner out. But Brittany agreed with Taylor that they would definitely be a F2 and take out Michael at some point. However, in the Diary Room (DR) Brittany assured the audience that everything she was telling Taylor was lies and she had no intention of taking out Michael. While everyone was trying to figure out who Michael was going to nominate… Alyssa’s back was hurting. So, Brittany (with her laser eyes) hypnotized Alyssa and made her feel better.

THE NOMINATION CEREMONY. Turner was paranoid that Michael would go back on his word (Because Turner sure would!). But Michael reassured him that Terrance and Alyssa would go on the block, with Terrance being Michael’s target. Turner then told Michael that he would keep him safe the following week, however in DR, Michael confirmed that he didn’t believe or trust Turner, but he didn’t want to go back on his word. Brittany, however, was trying to convince Michael that Turner was the bigger threat in their game. But to Brittany’s dismay, Michael nominated Terrance and Alyssa, as expected, for eviction. Terrance laughed out loud and interrupted Michael’s speech.  And Alyssa looked aloof as always.

TURNER AND TERRANCE. Terrance was upset that he was sitting on the block and NOT Turner, who was HOH last week and orchestrated a plan to backdoor Michael (which didn’t work since he won Veto). And Brittany was thinking the same thing. So, first Brittany attempted to pitch her backdoor Turner plan to Michael. Especially if Turner had to sit veto out. Meanwhile, Turner tried to get ahead of Terrance spilling the beans. However, he was too late… Terrance went up to Michael and let him know that it was Turner who wanted to backdoor Michael during Turner’s HOH. He also threatened Michael that if he’s evicted, his game won’t start until Jury because he’ll be sure to taint Michael’s name. (Yeah, that’s what you do to get on his good side, Terrance.. threaten the HOH. This man is an idiot!). But Terrance’s tirades didn’t matter to Michael because Terrance was still his target. Turner did finally get some one-on-one time with Michael and threw Terrance under the bus… in peace and love. BUT Michael didn’t really believe Turner. He knew it was Turner who was lying. However, it didn’t matter because Terrance was still Michael’s target.

THE VETO COMPETITION. It was time for the Veto competition. Turner was the only player not chosen to compete. (So, the backdoor Turner plan would’ve actually been the perfect time to do so). In the “BB Comics” Veto competition, the players had to fly by a window via a zipline, and quickly study the placement and differences between each of the ‘comics’ in the window. To win, the players had to place the correct comic for each houseguest in the order that they appeared.  No surprise.. Michael won the power of veto!

MESSY BRITTANY. Although Brittany was hoping Terrance or Alyssa would win… she still held up hope that she’d be able to persuade Michael to replace one of his current nominees with Turner. So, her plan was to go to Turner and pretty much throw Michael under the bus. Turner saw this as an opportunity to earn favor with Michael and threw Brittany under the bus, by revealing Brittany’s ‘plans’.  The only thing that worried Michael about this… was the fact that Brittany was going around the house ‘talking’ and spilling their plans. (This is something that Brittany tends to do when she spirals out of control. Michael has usually been able to control her. But perhaps not this time).

THE VETO CEREMONY. At the Veto meeting, although Michael had several options to choose from, he decided NOT to use the power of veto.. keeping both Alyssa and Terrance on the block. (It’s the end of the game for DJ Showtime!) Michael hoped that keeping his promise to Turner would perhaps come back to help him the following week. However, in DR, although grateful that Michael did not name him as a replacement nominee, Turner said that did not mean he wouldn’t nominate Michael the following week. So perhaps Brittany was right that Turner was the bigger threat? But in the end, Michael knew that no matter what, he was considered the biggest threat in the game and in order to win Big Brother… he’d have to literally win every competition to keep himself safe! 

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