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Andor Episodes 4 Recap: Oh Hey, Mon Mothma!

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Each week, Dom from @movienerdreviews will be recapping the latest Star Wars series, Andor, now streaming on Disney+.

Last week, Andor was introduced to Lathen Rael (Stellan Skarsgard) who wanted to recruit him to pull off a job related to the Empire. His appeal to Andor was that unlike the penny & dime scores he had been pulling before just for survival, now he would be able to make a real difference against the Empire. So what does he do? He whisks Andor away from the security detail that was pursuing them before, and drops him off on some random grass planet to interact with an even smaller, even more rag tag group of rebels who haven’t been informed about his arrival, and who (rightfully) don’t trust him. All of this is to say that while there may not be a massive progression storywise, the show is sticking true to its guns by continuing to present the Star Wars universe as being raw, gritty and on the ground.

No one really knows what’s going on, no one really knows if what they’re doing is going to work, no one really knows or trusts one another. It’s all just backroom dealings and people trying to survive. What makes the show even more engaging is its attention to both sides, something that has been very antithetical to Star Wars of the past. The mistake that the most recent movies made was attempting to introduce a more morally grey area of characters, only to then backtrack to the point where it ended up breaking its own story and characters. Here, we have a bunch of characters who are all miserable, deceptive, untrusting and above all else, human. We see the fallout from the failed apprehension of Andor by the security team on the Empire’s side as well, with us being introduced to the Imperial Security Bureau, led by another Game of Thrones alumni in the form of Major Partagaz (Anton Lesser) who is quick to extinguish any talk of rebellion or the Empire extending its reach in any way other than standard oversight and security. The independent security force are stripped of titles and sent home, with the security officer who attempted to lead the failed mission accepting defeat in the worst way possible by returning to his mother.

We’re also introduced to another Star Wars legacy figure in Mon Mothma(Genevieve O’Reilly), one of the senators who began the rebellion effort after the fall of the Republic alongside Bail Organa. Here, we see her coming down and “rolling around in the dirt” as Jimmy McGill would say, with our rebels, as she approaches Rael in his antiques shop on Coruscant, revealed to be his cover for their illegal activities, to inform him that she’s being watched and that they have to keep their efforts more closely concealed. So while the episode itself may be more world building, character introduction and setting up the stakes for the show going forward, it continues to be a welcome relief to what has come before.

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