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PREY (2022)

In Dan Trachtenberg we trust! Delivering the best Predator sequel to date and, in my opinion, the best Predator movie period, Prey is an adrenaline-filled, intense film carried by the incredible performance from Amber Midthudner.

When Naru (Midthunder) tracks a threat to her camp, she encounters an advanced alien predator that will put her to the test. Patrick Aison’s script is an example of balancing multiple facets of a story, showcasing the characters driving the plot while never skimping on the main event: The Predator. The fierce action and beautiful cinematography transports the audience back 300 years to the Comanche Nation where the sights and sounds take you along for every step of the film’s developments. Midthunder brings a fully-realized spirit to her character, both in terms of her devotion to her people and her ability to throw down. Why this movie isn’t on the big screen is beyond me.

There is a simplicity to this story that harkens back to the original film, something that has been lacking in previous installments. We focus solely on Midthunder’s Naru and the elusive Predator, the stakes rising in every other scene before paying off in a big way with a stunning final battle worthy of the franchise’s name. This is how you do a sequel. The graphics, the sound… it all contributes to an exhilarating atmosphere that results in one of the best movies of the year.

Prey will be streaming on Hulu this Friday.

Rating: 5/5

Photo from The Walt Disney Studios

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