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Each week, Liz from pop.goesthemovie is be recapping the latest happenings in the Big Brother house!


Previously on Biiiiig Brotherrrrrrr…. After Turner was crowned the new HOH, his main mission was to figure out who was responsible for Pooch’s demise (his BFF in the house). Because Turner did not want his true target to figure out that they were the target, instead, Turner nominated Brittany and Michael as his ‘pawns’. But would his plan work, and what happened before the veto ceremony that shook up the house?

COMPLETE CHAOS. Now that Turner put up Festie Besties Brittany and Michael as pawns, the plan was to win Power of Veto (PoV/Veto) and remove them from the block.  #ButFirst… since Nicole thought Taylor was Turner’s true target, she was willing to go on the block as a ‘pawn’. However, this caused her to spiral out of control, as she did not want to throw a comp. She manically cried in her room as Daniel consoled her. Meanwhile the entire house thought something had happened to her mom (Nicole’s mom is currently battling cancer). As Daniel comforted Nicole, both agreed that Taylor was “not a good person” … meanwhile Taylor asked Monte to pray for Nicole. As soon as she had the opportunity, Taylor went to Nicole to offer her well wishes and she also told DR that she really cared for Nicole and didn’t want to see her hurt. She later told Nicole that if there came a point when Nicole needed to bow out, she’d be okay with that, seeing that she was Nicole’s Festie Bestie. But Nicole didn’t seem to understand what Taylor was trying to say and thought that she was being passive aggressive and telling Nicole that she should quit the game.

Afterward, Nicole told Daniel what Taylor had said, or more what she thought Taylor had said and Daniel got upset, because he thought Taylor was trying to manipulate Nicole into quitting the game. Daniel told Taylor not to speak to him for the rest of the game. Taylor at first thought Daniel was joking, but when she realized he wasn’t, she asked the other houseguests (HGs) present why Daniel was so upset…and they all looked the other way. Daniel went on to say that Paloma “spiraled” because of Taylor and that she was now trying to do the same thing to Nicole. Taylor was shocked. And no one else in the house jumped in to defend her. After Daniel stormed out, Ameerah walked over to where Jasmine and Daniel were, and she said she was present for the original conversation and did not think there was ill-intent from Taylor (even though Ameerah pretty much participated in the initial conversation with Nicole).  Joseph felt bad for Taylor but didn’t speak up when Nicole continued to scold Taylor. Instead of reacting, Taylor quietly apologized and removed herself from the conversation. She still wasn’t sure why things had blown up the way they did. (It was sad having to see this. And word on the street is, the fight was a lot worse than what was shown! But the head-honcho didn’t want Nicole to seem so bad. Hmph!)

TIME FOR THE VETO COMPETITION. In the “Woodstack” Veto competition, the three pairs of players, Turner and Jasmine, Brittany and Michael and Nicole and Taylor, worked as a team to build a puzzle high up on top of a ‘tree’. Both players were attached to one another with a harness/pulley, where one player was responsible for pulling the second player as they suspended them in the air to solve the puzzle. But before the comp even began, Jasmine said she felt sick and suddenly fainted. Although cleared by the medics, she chose not to compete in the competition, which meant Jasmine and Turner were out. (My two cents…I think she faked the whole thing. She just didn’t want Turner to have to pull her up in the air). Nicole was prepared to throw the comp, however she and Taylor were so bad at it, she didn’t have to throw it. In the end, Brittany and Michael killed the comp and won PoV! (basically, that whole drama that Nicole and Daniel had, was for nothing!).

THE REPLACEMENT NOM BLINDSIDE. Prior to the big blindside… after realizing that Taylor was being ostracized by most of the girls, Joseph decided it was time to take a stand. So, he and Kyle formed a new alliance named THE LEFTOVERS. The alliance consisted of Michael, Brittany, Taylor, Monte, Turner (the current Head of Household), Kyle and Joseph. With the latter four guys creating a smaller alliance within their alliance known as THE POUND. After recognizing that Ameerah was the strongest woman in the house and probably the head of the GIRLS GIRLS alliance, the guys discussed the possibility of backdooring Ameerah and Terrance in the event of the veto being used. THE LEFTOVERS wanted to blindside not only the target, but also half the house. So, Turner let the house think that his true target was Taylor. And the plan was set in motion.

At the veto ceremony, since Brittany and Michael won the Power of Veto, they took themselves off the block and Turner blindsided half the house by nominating the Festie Besties Terrance and Ameerah. Turner apologized to them, and told them they don’t talk game, so they were easy targets for him. He also let everyone in the house know that there were a lot of people being mean to one individual and that he didn’t think it was okay. Taylor cried because she knew Turner was talking about her, and that finally someone spoke up in her defense. After the veto ceremony, Turner led Ameerah to believe that Terrance was the target, but in fact, she was. As the GIRLS GIRLS and Terrance tried to figure out what was going on, and who was in an alliance, none of them suspected, THE LEFTOVERS. At one-point Ameerah went to the backyard to ‘spy’… and while most of THE LEFTOVERS (and Terrance) were chatting she went back into the bedroom and mentioned to Daniel and Nicole that it was a weird group outside, basically “the leftovers”. If only she knew how right she was.

EVICTION DAY. For the days leading up to the eviction, THE LEFTOVERS kept Ameerah in the dark. They pretended that Taylor was their target, and everyone wanted her out. Since Nicole was voting to keep Ameerah, she took it upon herself to tell Terrance that because he was going home (like she was 100% sure he was leaving the house), she would let him in on a secret, and told him about being a cop… while they were in the HOH room together (Turner was in the room as well). As soon as she left the HOH room, Turner let Terrance know that he had the votes to stay and Ameerah was headed home.

With a vote of 7-4, Ameerah was evicted from the BB Motel. Julie told the HGs about the results, and Ameerah said “you guys got me,”. She looked a bit shocked, but not as shocked as Nicole and Alyssa were. The funny thing is, Daniel gave Terrance a sympathy vote…not realizing it was just one more vote for Ameerah to walk out the door. (Would’ve been even sweeter if it was 6-5!). During her eviction chat with Julie Chen, Ameerah told Julie that she thought Daniel, Nicole and Michael led the HGs to get her out. Julie then informed her it was THE LEFTOVERS and she let her know everyone who was a part of the alliance. Ameerah was shocked that Brittany, Joseph, Monte, and Kyle were a part of it. Especially Monte and Kyle since they were supposedly in the PO’s PACK alliance with Ameerah. So much for that alliance!

TIME FOR A THE HOH COMP. Now that Terrance’s Festie Bestie was gone, Julie revealed the second part of the Festie Bestie twist, and asked Terrance to choose a Festie Bestie team to join. He chose Joseph and Monte. This meant that if either of them would get HOH, they would all be safe. But it also meant all of them could be put on the block and one would be sent home. Prior to the eviction, Joseph and Kyle told Terrance that if he stays in the house, he might be asked to join another Festie Bestie team and to join theirs. Terrance believed this was a good idea, not realizing that they only wanted him on their team, in case they both got put on the block, and one of them would have to go home. Now, it’d be easy to get rid of Terrance. (Kind of fishy how they knew this part of the twist. I smell production!)

For the next HOH comp, Turner was not eligible to compete. In “The Invitation” HOH Competition (sponsored by the new vampire film of the same name), the eligible players had to open envelopes falling on them from the sky to find a red invitation. The first eight to find the red invitations would move on to the second round.  In the first round of the competition, Jasmine was first to find a red invitation (rather fishy if you ask me). The live-eviction episode ended with Terrance and Brittany also finding a red invitation. So who won HOH? Keep reading to find out!

THE NEW HOH. Alyssa, Indy, Jasmine and Nicole knew they were on the outs, since they voted for Ameerah to stay. So, they desperately needed to win the HOH. Jasmine already found a red invitation, so it was up to Alyssa, Indy and Nicole to fill the five spots remaining. Monte, Daniel and Joseph were the next three to collect a red invitation, leaving two open spots. Nicole was next, leaving one spot open. Alyssa and Indy both found a red invitation, however, Alyssa beat Indy to the spot.  With the HGs split in half, in the next round of the comp the odds were against THE LEFTOVERS, as it was three members vs. five of the players that were just blindsided. In the second round of “The Invitation” HOH comp, the players had to play a game of shuffleboard. The person who could slide their ‘blood-filled’ goblets down the table, and score the most points based on the distance, won. Alyssa went first and got a score of 4. Nicole passed her score with 9. Next, Joseph and Daniel came up short with scores of 5 and 4, respectively. Monte beat Nicole’s score with 11. Brittany went next and scored a pathetic 3. Terrance scored a 4 (beating Brittany even though he scratched on two!), and Jasmine scored a five. With his score of 11, Monte was the new HOH!

THE PLAN. After Monte’s big win, THE LEFTOVERS finally got a chance to discuss their plan for the week in the HOH room. Kyle called Alyssa a great social player and a threat and hinted he wouldn’t mind seeing her go (he threw her name in because he knows she doesn’t trust him anymore…plus this whole fakemance could ruin his chances of winning the game). But they all agreed that no one wants Daniel or Nicole in the BB Motel anymore. However, that would mean either Kyle or Taylor would have to go up as pawns along with their Festie Besties. Taylor asked not to go on the block for the week before others got a taste of what it felt like.

At the veto ceremony, after several one-on-ones with each of the players, Monte nominated Indy and Alyssa on the block. However, his true targets were Daniel or Nicole. It was determined that if Daniel won veto and Taylor did not want to go on the block as a pawn to get rid of Nicole, Monte and THE LEFTOVERS (especially Kyle) would be fine with sending Alyssa home.

Will Indy or Alyssa be the next evicted HGs from the BB Motel? Or will the veto save them off the block? And will the true targets, Daniel or Nicole be evicted? Find out on Saturday as I recap Thursday’s LIVE EVICTION ceremony.

A TIDBIT TO CONSIDER. In the beginning, Nicole was fine with Taylor. She never said anything bad about her and they even hung out. But once Paloma got in Daniel’s ear about Taylor and then he got in Nicole’s ear about Taylor, Nicole’s demeanor changed. But it wasn’t until Nicole thought she would get some sort of special power if Taylor was evicted for being her Festie Bestie, that she started to turn against Taylor. Suddenly Nicole was hellbent on getting Taylor out of the house, and her hatred for Taylor grew. Almost like when Gollum got a hold of that Precious ring. And all for nothing since Nicole pretty much made up that ‘special power’ in her head! I had high hopes for Nicole…but then her true colors shined through. Now I can’t wait until she’s evicted from the BB Motel! 

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