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Each week, Liz from pop.goesthemovie is be recapping the latest happenings in the Big Brother house! Missed the last recap? Catch up here!


Previously on Previously on Biiiiig Brotherrrrrrr….. The BB Motel was split into two separate groups… The Big Brochella and The Dyre Fest. Michael was the Head of Household (HOH) at The Big Brochella, and chose Brittany, Taylor, Monte and Jasmine to join him inside the house. Meanwhile, Terrance was the HOH of The Dyre Fest, and chose Turner, Alyssa, Joseph, and Kyle to join him outside as they lived in the backyard for the week. Michael set his target on Jasmine, while Terrance’s target was Joseph. Everything seemed to be working out for THE LEFTOVERS inside the house as Michael nominated Jasmine, and Monte as the pawn. Brittany won the Power of Veto (PoV/Veto) and kept the noms the same. But things weren’t going so well outside the house for THE LEFTOVERS over at The Dyre Fest.  Kyle turned on THE LEFTOVERS and told Terrance everything about the alliance! So, Terrance nominated Turner and Joseph (who were original members of THE LEFTOVERS alliance). Terrance won the veto and removed Turner from the block and placed Kyle as the replacement nominee, to pit him and Joseph against each other. Which of the nominated HGs survived the block? And what does this mean for THE LEFTOVERS? Keep reading to find out!

JASMINE, THE FAKE. Inside The Big Brochella, the HGs were living it up in luxury as things were going smoothly with the plan to evict Jasmine. Except they had no clue what was going on outside the house. Jasmine did a lot of talking to the camera and told ‘America’ that she had a fighting chance since Monte was on the block. She also admitted in the Diary Room (DR), that yes, she had hurt her ankle, but that it wasn’t really hurting anymore and that she had been faking the limp and playing up the pain for sympathy (No, really Jasmine? We had no clue. Said no one ever!). Meanwhile, Michael, Brittany, and Taylor talked about what could be happening in the backyard at Dyre Fest.

THE LIVE EVICTION. It was time for The Big Brochella to evict one of their fellow HGs. Brittany and Taylor were the only ones voting as Monte and Jasmine were on the block. And although for a hot second, Michael and Brittany contemplated getting rid of a big target (mostly for the suspense of the show), there was never a doubt that Jasmine would be walking out the door. And with a vote of 2-0, Jasmine was evicted from the BB Motel/ Big Brochella. But not before Jasmine told Julie that she looked prettier than a fresh pan of cornbread. (Good riddance Jasmine! Thank goodness you and your fake country bumpkin accent are outta there!). As Jasmine headed out to greet Julie, SHE WASN’T LIMPING! (huge eye roll). She told Julie that she clearly liked Michael the best (ha. Michael has such good jury management) and that she blamed Alyssa for her eviction. Which was hilarious since Alyssa wasn’t even in the house with her at the time.

THE DYRE FEST. Meanwhile, chaos ensued outside the BB Motel at The Dyre Fest, as the HGs were eating only canned food, sleeping on the ground, and having to use outdoor toilets and a shower (except for Turner who pretty much never showers). According to Turner they were all ‘Lord of the Flies’ up in that camp. (definitely not ‘fire’ as Turner would say). Terrance was thrilled that he was getting so much information from Kyle and Joseph, but he wanted more (hence, putting Kyle on the block with Joseph). And Joseph was happy it was Kyle up on the block against him, as he would’ve rather stayed loyal and campaigned against dirty Kyle than stinky Turner.

BROMANCE OVER SHOWMANCE. Terrance told Kyle that the only reason he put him up on the block was because Kyle was in a showmance, and Joseph was in a bromance (with Monte). Terrance told DR that even though Kyle was in a showmance, he saw that the bromance between Joseph and Monte was stronger than Kyle and Alyssa (which he isn’t wrong). And since Alyssa was also left out of THE LEFTOVERS, but Joseph and Monte were part of the big alliance, Terrance felt more threatened by that. (Again, he isn’t wrong. Alyssa pretty much is there to be on TV, as she was literally a “Love Island” reject!). Joseph told Terrance that Kyle wasn’t just part of THE LEFTOVERS, he started the alliance. He warned Terrance that Kyle was a snake (which he is), and that if he turned on their alliance, that he’d turn on Terrance. Unfortunately for Joseph, whether Terrance admitted it or not, he did not like that he wasn’t picked to be part of a bigger alliance!  So there was no way Terrance was buying anything Joseph was selling him.

THE AFTERPARTY. As Joseph was talking to Terrance, Turner went over to join his BFFs Alyssa and Kyle, where they all proceeded to bad-mouth Joseph. Joseph was called to the DR, and while he was in there, Terrance wanted confirmation that the alliance between Kyle, Turner and Alyssa was real. Turner and Kyle seemed to be super stoked and all in. And the three agreed they would be Final Four with Terrance (sure, I’ll believe that when I see it). The four HGs decided on the alliance name THE AFTERPARTY. And later in DR Turner declared his allegiance to THE AFTERPARTY was legit, and that he was ready to send Joseph to the jury house.

JOSEPH’S LAST-DITCH EFFORT. Joseph didn’t want to go down without a fight, so he pulled everyone aside and tried to tell them all the shady stuff that Kyle had done. Starting with how Kyle wanted to leave Alyssa on the block with Indy. Joseph came clean about being a double agent and how he’d tell THE FIVE SWATTERS information to THE LEFTOVERS, but that Kyle continued to lie to Alyssa. Which was all true, except Alyssa felt that Joseph was a backstabber. And she took her anger out on him. (here’s the thing… you could tell Alyssa was mad at Kyle. And IS mad at Kyle. But for some reason, perhaps the 10 seconds of sexual pleasure?… she projected her anger toward Joseph instead of Kyle. She’s SO ridiculous!). It hurt to watch Alyssa yell at Joseph, but what was worse was Turner! He called out Joseph and pretty much dumped him, to his face, for Kyle. Meanwhile, in DR Kyle was loving every minute of it. (He’s a sick demon!) Honestly, this was not good jury management on Turner’s part. Although, I’m not sure Joseph will remember since he was SO upset with Kyle. Terrance told Joseph, in front of the others, that he thought Joseph and Monte as a duo were more dangerous than Kyle and Alyssa.

THE SECOND LIVE-EVICTION. It was time for The Dyre Fest live vote and eviction. Joseph looked defeated and he knew he was headed to the jury house (it was so hard to watch him be so sad). Joseph gave a forgettable speech. Kyle’s was also forgettable (plus I didn’t even listen!). With only Alyssa and stinky Turner voting, Joseph was evicted from BB Motel/ The Dyre Fest, 2-0. During his eviction interview with Julie, Joseph told her he didn’t want to play the game Kyle was playing (you mean a dirty one?). He wanted to play a loyal game and he wasn’t going to change that no matter what.

Before the live show ended, the two groups were finally reunited inside the house. You could see the look of disappointment in Taylor and Monte’s face as they realized Joseph would not be walking back into the house and nobody seemed to care about Jasmine. Ha. SO, who won the next HOH? And what happened to THE LEFTOVERS now that Kyle spilled the beans? Keep reading to find out!

A HOUSE DIVIDED. Splitting the house proved to be one of the biggest game-changers this season. Which resulted in THE LEFTOVERS alliance being outed to Terrance and Alyssa and the beginning of some dirty game play. After Taylor realized that Joseph would not be coming back into the house, she was emotionally impacted and had to excuse herself. Michael consoled her and told Taylor to win HOH for Joseph (which of course would keep Michael safe! I see you, Michael!!). THE AFTERPARTY went through with their plan of blaming Joseph for everything that happened. Alyssa was the first to talk to Michael, but she didn’t do very well at lying. Her story was full of holes. Turner was next to follow through with the ‘blame Joseph for everything’ plan, and Monte seemed to be eating it up. But Taylor didn’t seem to buy anything Terrance was trying to sell her. And Michael smartly did not believe Kyle’s story about Joseph and figured Kyle was changing it to fit his own narrative.  

THE NEW HOH. It was time for the HOH competition. As the outgoing HOH’s, Michael and Terrance were ineligible to compete. In the infamous miniature’s competition, “Carna Small”, the players had to assemble twenty-one micro energy cans into a teeny-tiny pyramid with gigantic tweezers. The fastest player to assemble their tower, without toppling any of the cans over, was the winner. After several tries and lots of topples, Turner was crowned the new HOH. (Booooo!!) And although being HOH was a good thing, it meant that Turner had to draw a line in the sand. Was he fully with THE AFTERPARTY as he claimed to be, or would his allegiance go back to THE LEFTOVERS? Both sides of the house seemed to think they were safe. While Turner had second thoughts about sticking with Terrance and Alyssa, because he wondered if he should put his game into their hands…could they seriously win any HOH’s?  Kyle insisted they stick to THE AFTERPARTY alliance and that backdooring Michael would be the best option (of course he did).

ANOTHER TURNCOAT. Prior to the nomination ceremony, The Big Brochella members started to question what had happened at Dyre Fest because their stories were TOO similar to one another. Monte, Michael, and Taylor figured that the four banded outside and formed a new alliance. Monte decided to get THE POUND alliance members (Turner and Kyle) to try and get the truth out of them. Turner once again threw Joseph under the bus and told Monte that Michael, Brittany and Taylor formed a mini alliance within THE LEFTOVERS, which made Monte feel he was at best in fifth place if he stuck to THE LEFTOVERS. In DR he couldn’t believe that they started a small alliance within THE LEFTOVERS. He felt betrayed (Ummm… hello pot! Monte had so many side alliances, he literally went to ‘THE POUND‘ to see if they were still working together! Total Pot meet Kettle moment here)!  So, Monte quickly turned against his alliance and told Turner that Brittany suggested they go after Turner and Kyle first and Alyssa and Terrance could go later. Turner and Kyle then fully turned Monte against THE LEFTOVERS, and all three committed to THE POUND (like I believe Kyle is faithful to any of these alliances except the alliance he has with Alyssa), where he fully committed to voting Michael out this week. Since this was possibly the last week where they weren’t all playing in veto, they hoped Michael wouldn’t be picked to play, so they could easily backdoor him. 

THE NOMINATION CEREMONY. It was time for the nomination ceremony. As HOH, Turner had to nominate two people on the block. Following through with Monte’s suggestions… Turner nominated Brittany and Taylor on the block and explained that at Dyre Fest, Joseph revealed that Brittany, Taylor, and Michael had a Final Three, which didn’t include Turner and that’s why he had to nominate them on the block. Again, using the ‘blame it all on Joseph’ plan. Brittany and Taylor looked defeated! But hearing Turner’s speech, hit Taylor the hardest. In DR she was bawling because she believed what Turner said about Joseph turning on her. Even though it didn’t sound like the Joseph she knew. Sigh. If they only knew. (I think Michael knows the truth). 

So, who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save Taylor or Brittany from the block? Find out before Thursday’s live eviction episode.

IN HINDSIGHT: Had Michael chosen to bring Alyssa inside the house and split her from Kyle, and left Jasmine outside with Turner, Joseph and Kyle… Jasmine would’ve been the target and evicted (gladly by Turner). And then inside the house, Alyssa would’ve been the target… and Brittany, Monte and Taylor could’ve voted her out. Making it two members outside the alliance who were sent home. And THE LEFTOVERS would’ve still been strong as an alliance and Brittany and Taylor would not be on the block right now. However, I think Michael was hoping that Joseph or Kyle would be targeted. And he wouldn’t have had to spill any LEFTOVER’S blood on his hands. But I don’t think he realized how quickly Kyle could flip the script and he’d be on the wrong side of the house.  I’m just hoping Michael can keep his winning streak going. Because otherwise, he’s in trouble. Gooooo… Michael (or Taylor)!

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