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Each week, Liz from pop.goesthemovie is be recapping the latest happenings in the Big Brother house! Missed the last recap? Catch up here!


Previously on Biiiiig Brotherrrrrrr….. Indy was evicted 7-1 from the BB Motel and was the first Houseguest (HG) sent to jury.  Michael was the sole vote to keep Indy. But he was just securing a jury vote. Julie informed the remaining HGs of a new twist. The house would be split in half with the winner and their group living inside the BB Motel (Big Brochella) and the runner-up and their group living outside (Dyre Fest). The Head of Household (HOH) competition took place, which Michael won, and Terrance was the runner-up. Michael became HOH of the Big Brochella indoor group and Terrance became HOH of the Dyre Fest outdoor group. After the comp, Julie revealed that a schoolyard pick would determine which player goes to which team. So, who ended up in each team? And who was nominated on the block? And did the veto save them? Keep reading to find out.

THE INDOOR/OUTDOOR GROUPS. As winner of the HOH, Michael chose (in order) Jasmine, Brittany, Taylor, and Monte to be part of the Big Brochella indoor group. As the runner-up, Terrance chose (in order) Turner, Alyssa, Joseph, and Kyle to be a part of the Dyre Fest outdoor group. Michael chose not to take Kyle, in hopes that he would go after one of the members of THE LEFTOVERS, so Michael wouldn’t have to.

THE BETRAYAL. Over at Dyre Fest, Terrance planned on making Turner his main advisor of what to do with the votes. However, things quickly changed when Kyle felt his showmance with Alyssa was threatened, as he didn’t want to be split up from her (priorities, apparently). SO, Kyle spilled the beans to Terrance and told him about THE LEFTOVERS alliance and literally everything they had planned and done the last few weeks. Prior to this, Kyle also revealed everything to Alyssa, who was mad for a hot second, but then went back to her little love fest with Kyle (it’s sick to watch these two!). With all the information download, Terrance kept Kyle and Alyssa safe and nominated Turner and Joseph on the block, with Joseph being his main target. Turner was a bit blindsided, especially since he had no idea that Kyle spilled the beans.

THE BIG BROCHELLA. Meanwhile back in the Big Brochella camp, the group was enjoying the luxury of being in the winning group. Pizza, beer, and good times were had. Except for Jasmine, as she was Michael’s target for the week, although everyone was telling her Monte was the target. And since he volunteered to go up as a pawn, it made Michael’s decision of who to put up even easier. In the end, Michael nominated Monte and Jasmine on the block. Which also gave him and Brittany a lightbulb moment of perhaps it’d be better to get rid of Monte before Jasmine.

THE REVEAL. Joseph refused to go against Kyle or Turner. And he reminded them of this constantly. He even decided that it would be best if Kyle won Power of Veto (Pov/Veto), use the veto on him or Turner and Terrance would be forced to put up Alyssa. This way all THE LEFTOVERS would be safe. Oh, poor Joseph. If only he knew that Kyle’s allegiance was only to Alyssa and not THE LEFTOVERS. And that Turner would be riding Kyle and Alyssa’s coattails, and pretty much give up on THE LEFTOVERS. (if Kyle didn’t use the veto last week, to save Alyssa from going on the block, what makes Joseph think he’ll use it this week?  OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE… KYLE AND ALYSSA ARE IN A SHOWMANCE!! Put them on the block!).

THE VETO COMPETITION. It was time to play the Power of Veto competition on both sides of the house. In Big Brochella, the HGs played the “One, Two, Three… VIP” competition hosted by last year’s BB COOKOUT member, Tiffany! In this competition, the players needed to earn letters to spell VIP. To earn a letter, they guessed how many items were presented in the larger number of items, from the smaller number of items shown. Once the players guessed an amount, they heard each other’s answers. From there, they had to decide whether to ‘stay’ or ‘fold’. The person closest to the correct amount, who stayed, won the letter. If a player stayed, and lost the round, they were eliminated. The first person to spell VIP or the last person eliminated won the veto. After several rounds of guessing… Brittany won the Golden Power of Veto.

Over at Dyre Fest, the competition was such a dud! They had no guest hosts or anything fancy. In the “Lunch is Served” competition, the players had to move stacks of empty Styrofoam takeout containers from their starting spots across the yard to some columns where they had to stack 50 containers without toppling over. Again, Joseph hoped Kyle would win, to keep THE LEFTOVERS safe. But neither of them had much luck. Proving to be more difficult than imagined, as the containers kept flying away, Terrance won the Golden Power of Veto. Which gave him full power for the week.

YE SPILLED YER BEANS. Determined to stay true to THE LEFTOVERS, Joseph did his best to get Terrance to trust him and perhaps put Alyssa on the block as a replacement nominee. Unfortunately, Kyle had continued talking to Terrance about THE LEFTOVERS, and hoped that when they joined the inside group, that he and Terrance, along with Turner and Alyssa could join forces and overtake THE LEFTOVERS alliance. So as Joseph was trying to get Terrance to nominate Alyssa, Terrance asked why he was so keen on saving Kyle? Terrance saw this as his opportunity to continue to stir the pot and he dropped the bomb that Kyle had spilled the beans on about THE LEFTOVERS.  Joseph was completely shocked and let down that his ally quickly turned on him. In the Diary Room (DR), Kyle said that Joseph would’ve done the same thing to him, so he just struck first. (No, Kyle, Joseph did his best to stay true to the alliance. He was excited about having another big alliance in BB History. YOU ruined it… for a dumb showmance!).

THE VETO CEREMONY. Inside the Big Brochella, Brittany chose not to use the veto, leaving Monte and Jasmine on the block.  Meanwhile outside at Dyre Fest, Terrance used the veto on Turner and replaced him with Kyle. Leaving Turner and Alyssa the vote to evict. Which was looking good for Joseph, except this was just a ruse to make Joseph believe he had a chance of staying in the BB Motel.

So, which two Houseguests will get evicted on Thursday night’s show? And most importantly, what will the fallout be, after a member of THE LEFTOVERS leaves the BB MOTEL? And who will be crowned the next Head of Household? Stay tuned next week to find out!

LIVE-FEEDS. Live feeds were off a lot this week. There were rumors of a wall yeller spilling the beans about Kyle and not to trust him. But even if there were a wall yeller, it didn’t seem to do much harm. Big Brother tarped the roof of the backyard and played loud music to fend off any drones or more wall yellers. Any hope of Joseph surviving eviction is pretty much gone. Looks like Turner will be voting out Joseph, since Kyle and Alyssa are his best friends in the house (I mean, Alyssa went to Turner first to tell him that she and Kyle had sex in the have-not room…but didn’t mention it lasted ten seconds. Ha!). And their plan when they go back inside the house is to blame everything on Joseph and say he spilled the beans about THE LEFTOVERS to Terrance, so they had no choice but to vote him out. BOOOO! Terrance is planning on sticking with Alyssa and Kyle because he’s dumb. Yes… stick with the guy in the showmance who has shown loyalty only to his girlfriend in the house. Idiot! Since Turner pretty much turned on THE LEFTOVERS, I’m glad that he doesn’t get to evict Jasmine, which was his biggest desire in the house! 

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