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Each week, Liz from pop.goesthemovie is be recapping the latest happenings in the Big Brother house!


Previously on Biiiiig Brotherrrrrrr….Monte won HOH and put up Festie Besties Indy and Alyssa, with his true targets being Nicole or Daniel. Either Festie Besties Nicole and Taylor would have to go on the block, or Daniel and Kyle, in order to get out either of his targets. Fighting for their lives, Kyle and Daniel won the Power of Veto (PoV/Veto) during the “Trippy Watch Party” Veto competition (possibly the dumbest competition on Big Brother ever!). Where one bestie answered questions regarding a story seen by the other bestie after eating “psychedelic slop”. And the story played out in the form of a cartoon. After winning the PoV, Kyle was torn. On one hand, he wanted to use the veto on his showmance Alyssa, but he also didn’t want to go against his THE LEFTOVERS alliance.  Because earlier, Michael and Brittany convinced THE LEFTOVERS that it was best to leave the current nominees on the block to protect them the following week, as they were the only Festie Besties not shielded by a pawn. So right before the veto ceremony, Monte told Daniel and Nicole that the veto should not be used because the votes to save Nicole may not be there. THE ROGUE RATS, Daniel and Nicole, believed that Monte was lying to them, so Daniel went against Monte’s advice and used the Veto on Alyssa and Indy, much to the delight of Kyle, who wasn’t sure how he’d keep Alyssa, without tipping off THE LEFTOVERS. True to his word, Monte put the Festie Besties Taylor and Nicole on the block. But Nicole and Daniel were excited about the possibility of Taylor finally going home, thinking they had the votes for Nicole to stay. Unfortunately for them, they weren’t aware of THE LEFTOVERS alliance and had no idea that Kyle would not be voting out Taylor.  Taylor wasn’t happy having to go up on the block once again. So, who ended up getting evicted? And what happened during the week after? Keep reading to find out…

GOODBYE. #ButFirst…Nicole and Daniel were busy trying to gain votes for her to stay. And although the GIRLS GIRLS alliance (Jasmine, Alyssa, Indy) promised Nicole their votes, Monte spread the word that the entire house would be voting out Nicole. And to not be on the opposite side of the vote, the three decided that they could not give Nicole their vote. So on Day 30, Nicole was evicted from the BB Motel 9-1, with Daniel being the sole vote for her to stay. And since Nicole was evicted, Taylor needed to choose a new Festie Bestie and decided to join Alyssa and Indy, since neither was in THE LEFTOVERS alliance. (Had Daniel and Nicole listened to Monte and kept the noms the same, Alyssa would’ve been the one evicted from the BB Motel and Nicole would’ve never seen the block and voted out of the game).

DANIEL BLOWS HIS TOP. Following Nicole’s eviction, Daniel was very emotional and let those emotions get the better of him as he yelled at all the Houseguests (HGs) and warned them to play for themselves because they couldn’t split the cash prize. Daniel then went after Monte and in front of the whole house and accused him of being the mastermind and manipulator who got Nicole evicted. Daniel further went on to say that either Michael or Monte would make it to Final Two. Monte was not happy with Daniel at this point. Monte pointed out that it was Daniel’s fault that Nicole was gone, but Daniel wasn’t listening. He was fuming!

A NEW HOH. It was time for the next HOH competition. In the “Big Brother Dog Park” HOH competition, each player had to cross a series of balance beams through an obstacle course, where they had to make it to the platform in the least amount of time. Daniel was the first to go and scored 16.49 seconds without falling. Michael followed Daniel, and since he and Brittany were the only LEFTOVERS members without a Festie Bestie outside of the alliance as protection, Michael knew he had to win the HOH. He took the most difficult path to the finish and successfully completed the course in 11.79 seconds. Since Michael was in the lead, the remaining LEFTOVERS were happy to give him the HOH, so he and Brittney, were protected, but that still didn’t stop Taylor, Kyle and Turner from trying to win. And while attempting to win, Turner took a hard fall on the balance beams (later, Turner was seeing with bandages covering his leg.. he really hurt himself). Despite the effort, no one in the house was able to beat Michael’s time and so he was crowned the new HOH. Making Brittany safe for the week since she was his Festie Bestie.

ON THE BLOCK! To cover their tracks and hide their alliance, THE LEFTOVERS came up with a plan for Michael to nominate Festie Besties, Joseph, Monte, and Terrance on the block with a backdoor plan of Daniel. After a lot of back and forth, on Day 31, Michael stuck to the plan and nominated the trio on the block. If for some reason, Daniel won Veto and was safe for the week, Terrance would be the one to go home. However, Brittany and Michael privately discussed that if Daniel won Veto, and Monte, Joseph and Terrance were still on the block, taking out Monte wouldn’t be a bad thing. They talked about how Joseph and Monte are huge threats and would be hard to get out towards the end. So depending on who won veto….Michael and Brittany had a lot to think about.

MUFFIN GATE. Jasmine, who literally has nothing to do in the BB Motel, except for faking a sprained ankle, put aside two muffins she planned on eating at a later time. However, someone ate her muffin top. Dun Dun Dunnnn…. So Jasmine went on a “secret” mission that wasn’t very secret, as everyone knew she was trying to figure out who ate her muffin top. Her Festie Bestie Turner was actually the HG who ate her muffin top, however, he lied and told her it wasn’t him. Even when Terrance told Jasmine that it was Turner, he lied straight to her face when she interrogated him. And he plans on never telling her. Turner is pretty sick of Jasmine…so he can’t wait for the Festie Bestie twist to be over.

DANIEL’S DELUSIONS. Daniel was feeling confident that he could win Veto and keep noms the same, so he wouldn’t be the back door plan. He got Terrance onto that plan and for some reason, Terrance thought that if he wins veto and doesn’t use it, that they could vote to evict Monte. (I don’t understand how they don’t get that they don’t have the numbers. They thought they could save Nicole and that didn’t work, why Terrance and Daniel think they could get rid of Monte is besides me). However, Daniel convinced him to throw the veto, and then have Michael keep the noms the same and they’d go after Monte. Not realizing that if the three were left on the block… Terrance would be the one going home.

TIME FOR THE VETO COMPETITION. The HGs playing for the veto were Festie Besties, Michael and Brittany, the Festie Besties on the block, Monte, Joseph and Terrance, as well as the Festie Besties who were picked from the bag… Turner and Jasmine. Festie Besties, Daniel and Kyle were not chosen, so the backdoor Daniel plan was in full effect. The “OTEV” Veto competition was back! This time, OTEV was a country cockroach that spewed saucy sewage on the players (gross). In each round, the players would search the backyard for answers to questions about competitions that they previously played. Each answer was written on a ‘sauce’ and hidden in pools of ‘sewage’ throughout the backyard. The last person to bring their ‘sauce’ to OTEV would be eliminated. And the last person standing after each elimination round, would win Veto. Jasmine’s ankle seemed to not be hurting suddenly, because she competed in the challenge and was one of the first to finish in round one. In the first round, Brittany was the last to finish (of course), eliminating her from the comp. Jasmine was eliminated in round two and Turner in round three, leaving Michael and the three nominees left to compete. Terrance was determined to take Monte and Joseph out from the competition so he could throw it to Michael. Having done so, when it was down to Michael and Terrance, Terrance whispered to Michael… “I need you to win” and said he’d talk to him later about why. Terrance threw the comp and let Michael return first to add another Veto win under his belt.

A PLAN IS HATCHED. Daniel and Terrance came up with a plan to get Monte out instead of Michael backdooring Daniel. They started their campaign by Terrance selling Jasmine on the idea. Jasmine was on board.  Jasmine then took the idea to Alyssa and Indy, both of whom agreed with the plan. They all decided to go to Michael, one by one, to ‘suggest’ that he leave noms the same and they’d vote out Monte, since he was the strongest player in the game. They hoped that as a superfan, Michael would know it was time to make the big move against Monte.  Terrance approached Michael and Brittany first, pointing out that Monte is too big of a threat to keep around and how they might not get another chance to take him out. Following Terrance’s plea, Jasmine, Indy, Alyssa and Daniel, one by one approached Michael with the idea.

VETO CEREMONY.  At first Michael contemplated following through with the plan to evict Monte. But, the fact that all of them suddenly had the same idea felt like a collaborative effort and so Michael questioned whether this plan would actually benefit him. Michael and Brittany told Turner about all the conversations, and Michael was convinced that taking Monte out would benefit too many people he wasn’t working with! Knowing he wasn’t going to make the move to get rid of Monte, Michael told him all the names of the people trying to get him out. At the Veto meeting, Michael used the Veto to remove the Festie Bestie trio (much to Terrance’s chagrin) and nominated Festie Besties Kyle and Daniel as replacement noms. Michael told the HGs that he put Daniel on the block because “it’s what’s good for the house” and that Daniel should probably apologize (just like Daniel told Taylor in his HOH nomination speech during the first week of Big Brother). Terrance and Daniel took it as a sign that Michael was ‘afraid’ to make the big move and they both predicted that Michael would regret not taking the shot (sure he would! Daniel was a bigger threat to Michael’s game as he consistently said he’d nominate Michael on the block if he had a chance. Right now, Monte is on Michael’s side…so why would he target an alliance member who has value? Terrance and Danile are SO delusional and just so bad at this game).

A SECOND PLAN IS HATCHED. With Daniel on the block and knowing that he was the target, he and Terrance decided to try and flip the vote and get out his Festie Bestie Kyle instead. In the Diary Room (DR), Daniel told us that Michael is just going with the herd for not keeping noms the same and targeting Monte. Daniel said he was going to channel his inner Dan Gheesling (Ha! Daniel is anything but Dan. The fact that Daniel keeps thinking he’s on Gheesling’s level and that he keeps saying he has to ‘teach’ the HGs how to play the game is a joke!). To his credit, Daniel finally figured out that Kyle has been playing with the other side of the house. I mean, it was obvious…but he had no clue.  Meanwhile, Jasmine was concerned that Michael, Monte, and Brittany were in an alliance. (Seriously… what game has she been playing? Oh yeah… MuffinGate is more important to her than the actual game of Big Brother!) Daniel then tried to garner enough votes to stay in the game. He had Terrance, Jasmine, and Indy and would need just two more, and for some reason he thought he could get Joseph (who’s in THE LEFTOVERS), and Alyssa. Who is literally Kyle’s showmance!

THE DELUSIONS OF THESE TWO IS LAUGHABLE. First up, Daniel approached Alyssa and acted as if he was being a friend. He exposed THE LEFTOVERS (he doesn’t know their alliance name), and told Alyssa that Kyle was aligned with them. In DR Alyssa questioned whether Kyle had real feelings for her. He also let Alyssa know that Kyle was never planning on saving her, that it was Daniel who wanted to take Indy and Alyssa off the block the previous week. This did not sit well with Alyssa. Next, Daniel sat down with Jasmine and Joseph hoping that Joseph would listen to reason.  Daniel mentioned how they would constantly have to battle it out with Monte and Michael in competitions, and also that Kyle and Alyssa were in a showmance. Joseph was shocked, but not about what they were telling him, but at how much information they were spilling. In DR, Joseph considered voting with them to mask his alliance, knowing Daniel would still have enough votes to be evicted. (This is playing with fire, Joseph).

LIVE EVICTION (Aug 11). Julie announced that it was time for the live vote and eviction. #BUTFIRST… each player on the block had one more chance to plea to the HGs. Daniel went first and asked everyone to evict him and said he would rather be evicted and be outside with Paloma and Nicole than live inside the house with these bozos (wait until he gets out and he finds out the truth about Paloma). He then threw Michael under the bus and told the HGs to wake up and see that Michael has won five competitions and people are foolish if they don’t take him out soon. He proceeded to tell the HGs that they can vote to save him and change the game or vote to evict him and make this season boring. (I mean at least he went down in a blaze of glory). Next, Kyle makes his plea speech, but it was so forgettable… pretty sure no one was even paying attention. It was time for the HGs to vote…and with a vote of 8-1 Daniel was evicted from the BB Motel. Terrance was the only vote to keep Daniel. With that, Daniel beelined it to the door, only hugging Terrance goodbye.

THE TWIST IS OVER! After Julie interviewed Daniel, she called the HGs to the living room and told them that the Festie Bestie twist was over. And that all the remaining HGs made it to jury! Seriously, Jasmine and Indy seemed more excited to have made it to jury than actually want to win the game. It was now time for the epic battle of endurance. In the “Conspiracy Fest” wall competition, the players had to hold on to the wall for dear life and be the last person standing. As the outgoing HOH, Michael was not allowed to play (he seemed bummed about this). His fate lay in Taylor and Brittany’s hands (yikes). After the commercial break, Julie let the viewers know that a new twist was coming. Next Thursday, the house will be split into two groups. The two groups will not interact, and two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out all week long. Which will conclude in a double eviction like never before. (Wowza! That’s never been done before. So we’ll see how it goes).

FINAL THOUGHTS. As the show was about to end, Jasmine, who was still pretending to have a sprained ankle, jumped off the wall. Clearly, she doesn’t feel threatened in the house, or she doesn’t care and just wants to make it to jury. She and Indy are ready to go to the jury house to do nothing. Which is basically what they’ve been doing the entire game! I say get them out during the double eviction and let the rest of the HGs play it out!

So who won the epic battle of endurance? And will they use their power to get one of the major players on the block? Stay tuned next week for my quick breakdown and recap followed by my full live eviction recap. 

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