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Awards analysis is provided by Sean from @MathTeacherMovies.

Every few years an action movie comes along with stunts so impressive the topic comes up of whether or not there should be a category for stunts and while the last thing the Oscars need is another category, there definitely should be an Oscar for best stunts.

Every year there are action movies with an impressive crew of stunt men and women that do things that the actors can’t do and only the characters can. They are frequently impressive as they put their safety on the line and make the magic of cinema a reality. 

Jackie Chan received an honorary Oscar for his work with stunts but never a competitive Oscar and a movie like Mad Max Fury Road could have easily run away with an award like this as the stunts in the movie truly stood out. There are numerous other films and people that deserve this type of award. 

This category easily justifies itself in that it can’t really be covered under the umbrella of any other category. It’s quite the opposite of visual effects and it can’t be considered for any other technical category. 

The one problem with this category is that there are several stunt men and women and it’s almost impossible to award all of them and therefore the award would have to go to the lead stunt coordinator, which isn’t a bad thing but it means not everyone can be honored properly. 

This is also an opportunity to give more popular movies Oscars, such as action movies and other blockbusters, as those movies are usually more often than not overlooked come Oscar time. 

The point of the Academy Awards is to honor every aspect of the movie and the different categories due cover almost every corner of the movie but a stunt category would be beneficial to covering a long forgotten corner. 

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