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A rambunctious shot of adrenaline and joy after some darker MCU turns, Thor: Love and Thunder proves that Taika Waititi fully understands how deliver the character, fully embracing the source material while putting his own smile-inducing spin on the franchise.

When Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) begins slaying each and every God on a tour of revenge, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) teams with King Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), Korg (Waititi), and the new wielder of Mjölnir Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) to take him down. It is clear from the beginning that Waititi is capitalizing on the success of Thor: Rangarok and following a similar structure, albeit one peppered in with the terrifying presence of Bale’s Gorr. The comedic nature of he previous Thor film is heightened in Love and Thunder, a balance of silliness and hilarity that never once allowed me to stop smiling. Hemsworth continues to elevate his game as the titular superhero, this time focusing inward on a journey that sees him exploring where he’s been and where he is going. Thompson is once again fantastic as the new King of Asgard, given quite a lot to work with here that should please fans of her badass delivery of the character. But it is Portman’s Foster that really shines, returning tot he role after sitting Rangarok out and truly bringing heart to the film, not to mention her own style of action that compliments the grandiose scenes quite well.

This is the type of Marvel/MCU movie that I always want to see, a flawlessly fun ride that brings in a deeply flawed villain to take known characters (here Thor) to new developmental places we haven’t seen before. Add in visually stunning set pieces and graphics, mixed with a banging soundtrack, and you have another sure hit for Marvel. Waititi has a knack for balancing it all, hitting the right paces at the right times and carving out his own little niche as a filmmaker. Sure, some of saiid comedy may fall on the backs of… checks notes… screaming goats, but they’ll win you over by the end. It all boils up to a truly beautiful climax, the evolution of a subplot that will bring out a new side of Thor. 

Thor: Love and Thunder is a an absolute blast from start to finish, one of my favorite MCU films to date. 

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on Friday.

Rating: 5/5

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