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Sharp animation and layered characters boost The Sea Beast, an original and adventurous offering from Netflix that has a strong lesson baked within.

Monster hunters Captain Crow (Jared Harris) and Jacob Holland (Karl Urban) are hot on the trail of the most infamous sea beast, the Red Bluster, when young stowaway Maisie Brumble (Zaris-Angel Hator) changes their plans (and Jacob’s perspective) forever.  Chris Williams from hits Big Hero 6 and Moana helms this action-packed tale, one that is bright and charming both visually and spiritually. Urban is quite good as the lead voice artist while Hator is quite the contender opposite him as the young heroine. A highlight of The Sea Beast is the various creature creations, each unique and fun in their own right. What’s different about this film is the somewhat complex, but smartly delivered story that should satisfy both children and adults. The characters each have their own history that drives their actions within the film in believable, identifiable ways that never once seem convenient or wedged in.

At the core of the story is a theme of questioning what we’ve been told and practicing from a place of compassion first. There are core life lessons to be drawn, but also parallels to everything from politics to religion. It’s quite the heavy message for such a light film, and it’s delivered beautifully. It’s quite a surprisingly well-crafted film that may sometimes feel a bit sluggish, but overcomes those moments with exciting scenes in a world that you’ll want to revisit. It’s high quality animation, and it’s not from Disney or Illumination! Heyyyy originality!

The Sea Beast hits Netflix Friday. 

Rating: 4/5

Photo from Netflix

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