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Review: Peace In The Valley (Tribeca 2022)

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Brit Shaw captures the festering grief put upon survivors of gun violence in Peace in the Valley, a film that contributes to the growing catalog of art addressing the seemingly never ending threat while holding back a bit too much to make much of a lasting impact.

Tyler Riggs’ drama follows Shaw as a mother of young Jesse (William Samiri) as they both wrestle with the tragic loss of their husband/father (played by Michael Abbott Jr.) after a shooting at a local market. Peace in the Valley is a notable exploration of the emotional trauma experienced in the aftermath of tragedies, though it becomes bogged down in story elements that detract from the overall intention of the film. The emergence of Shaw’s character’s brother-in-law, twin to her late husband, creates an intriguing dynamic on one hand while also coming across as an unnecessary romantic subplot. Shaw, Abbott Jr., and Samiri are all solid throughout, but the film doesn’t do enough to distinguish itself from others focused on the same topic (hello Mass).

Rating: 2/5

Seen at the 2022 Tribeca Festival

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