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Review: Land Of Gold (Tribeca 2022)

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Nardeep Khurmi’s Land of Gold is a deeply emotional, unpredictable ride boosted by an incredibly poignant script and standout performances by Khurmi and young actress Caroline Valencia.

Kiran (Khurmi), a Punjabi-American, is on the verge of becoming a father, wrestling with the fears and anxieties of that endeavor as he takes a last-minute trucking job for money. He discovers a young Mexican-American stowaway named Elaina (Valencia) and soon is challenged in all of the ways a father figure would be while connecting with Elaina over shared experiences and discussions. Land of Gold is not afraid to go there, tackling issues of family and societal prejudices through the experiences of the main characters. Just when you think the film is a straightforward road trip outing, Khurmi’s realistic script challenges you and ratchets up the intensity. While Khurmi is fantastic, Valencia is an absolute marvel on screen, a stunningly on-point performance that requires the young actress to carry and explore topics of great weight. It is all presented through sharp cinematography and direction that continuously pulls the audience in through quiet moments and raw access. 

Land of Gold is one of the best of Tribeca’s offerings in 2022 and Khurmi is a filmmaker to watch.

Rating: 5/5

Seen at the 2022 Tribeca Festival

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