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Big Brother 24 Recap – Second Eviction

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Each week, Liz from pop.goesthemovie is be recapping the latest happenings in the Big Brother house!


Previously on Biiiiig Brotherrrrrrr….Michael won Power of Veto (PoV / Veto), and decided to NOT use it on Taylor, so Jasmine kept nominations the same. Taylor and Pooch were still on the block. And the plan was still on to blindside Pooch.

#ButFirst… everyone who knew about the “blindside Pooch” plan had to keep it a secret. And apparently it was working because following the Veto meeting, Pooch remained thrilled that he was still on the block (what a dork! He was so full of himself thinking there was no way he’d get eliminated). He one hundred percent believed his alliance; OASIS would keep him safe. In DR, Pooch gave a shoutout to all the petty girls for going after Taylor for no reason (FACTS!). Meanwhile, Taylor was acting like she was the one going home.

NO ONE LISTENS TO JOSEPH. Joseph tried to tell Pooch that he had a gut feeling that the girls might flip the script and Pooch would get voted out, but Pooch laughed it off, going as far as making fun of Joseph. Joseph told Kyle and Monte about his gut feeling that the girls would send Pooch home. But Monte and Kyle already know that Pooch was getting voted out, because they were part of the PO’S PACK alliance, who were planning on voting out Pooch. In DR, Monte said he was having second thoughts, and Kyle also felt bad that Joseph was out of the loop on Pooch’s blindside. Because Alyssa was crushing on Kyle, she made the mistake of telling him about the GIRLS GIRLS alliance. (So far, none of the girls have kept their alliance very secret… They never do!).

GIRLS GIRLS STARTING TO IMPLODE. Even though the GIRLS GIRLS alliance was starting to warm up to Taylor (Or are they just using her?), they were still secretly targeting her, but felt like Pooch was the bigger threat. Feeling comfortable with the women, Taylor pledged to target a man if she won Head of Household (HOH), and unfortunately, she told Ameerah that she would take out Monte if she had a chance. Ameerah being the snake that she is, quickly spilled the beans to Monte. Not realizing that might’ve been a huge mistake. Until Monte responded by telling Ameerah he was voting to evict Taylor instead of Pooch. In DR Ameerah realized she made a mistake and regreted it (Because she just has to badmouth Taylor at every corner…she didn’t even think of the repercussions). Monte attempted to plead his case to Nicole and Ameerah why they had to evict Taylor, but Nicole got annoyed, and felt a men’s alliance forming (too late…it already did). Nicole talked to Alyssa and Indy about their GIRLS GIRLS alliance saying that it was one of the strongest female alliances in BB history and that they would never break. Not realizing that Alyssa and Brittany had already told some of the guys about their alliance. Ha

AND THE EVICTED HOUSEGUEST IS… It was time for the first vote and eviction of the summer (since Paloma walked, this was actually the first time the HGs were voting and someone got evicted). Right away, it was easy to tell that Pooch would be the one evicted because he was not wearing his sports clothes and Taylor was. By a vote of 12-0 Pooch was evicted from the BB Motel. (Geez guys… not even his friends gave him a sympathy vote! How pathetic!). Although he did look a bit surprised, he totally knew he was getting the boot. Especially since Michael told Turner a few hours prior to the eviction ceremony! (Awe, no more Turner and Pooch jokes).

A NEW TWIST. Julie called all the HGs to the living room and announced a new twist. Each player would now have a ‘Festie Bestie”. Meaning they were playing the game in teams from now on (or until the twist ended). And whoever won HOH, meant their Festie Best would also be safe for the week. And instead of nominating two individuals, the HOH would have to nominate a set of Festie Besties. And on eviction night, the besties on the block would be broken up and one would be sent home. But Julie said she would reveal what would happen to the remaining bestie at Thursday’s, July 28th, live eviction ceremony.

HOH COMPETITION. It was time to play the next HOH competition. As the outgoing HOH, Jasmine was not eligible to play. In the “Get Lit” competition, players had to hold down a button on their giant lighters hanging above their heads, as music began to play. When the music stopped, the players had to immediately sit down on the seat behind them, which would activate a sensor. The last houseguest to sit down would be eliminated (like a fancy game of musical chairs). BUT, when the player got eliminated, they had to decide to choose a bestie to sit by or take a seat at an open table. As the first eliminated player, they could choose to become Jasmine’s Festie Bestie or sit at a table by themselves. The last person standing would be named HOH and become the Festie Bestie of the last person without a partner. As the competition started, it was no surprise that Terrance was the first HG to be eliminated. He chose not to team up with Jasmine (who’s ankle was still sprained) and sat at an empty table. Next, Brittany was eliminated (and looked utterly depressed about it) and she too sat at an empty table.  Joseph was the next one eliminated. He also took an empty seat. Michael did not want to win this competition, so he threw it. He decided to become Festie Besties with Brittany, because since he was in PO’S PACK, he knew he had the numbers to stay, if they were both on the block. And moving forward, it seemed like the plan for all the PO’S PACK members was to choose a non-PO’S PACK alliance member. That way they had the numbers to keep them in the game.

HOH CONTINUES ON. Taylor let go of her lighter next and was not very happy about it. (I couldn’t tell if she really did let go of that button, but she looked really surprised and I honestly didn’t see her do it. But, whatever). Taylor took an empty table. Monte was next to be eliminated and he chose to sit by Joseph.  Nicole was next to be eliminated and she chose Taylor as her Festie Bestie. Indy was eliminated and chose an empty table. There was only one empty table left, so Daniel didn’t want to have to choose his Festie Bestie, so he threw the comp and sat at the empty table. Kyle was eliminated next, and he chose to sit by Daniel. Only Alyssa, Ameerah and Turner remained. Alyssa wanted to win, but she didn’t sit fast enough and was eliminated. She chose Indy as her Festie Bestie (big mistake!). The next round would determine the winner. Ameerah lost, and Turner was crowned the HOH. Ameerah chose to sit next to Terrance, leaving Turner with Jasmine and her scooter. But that also meant Jasmine had safety for the week. (Great… more of her fake “Better than Butterbeans’ Southern accent).

TURNER. THE NEW HOH. Turner told DR that he though Nicole and Ameerah were running the house and he’s not wrong about that. They’re two of the most powerful players in the game. (And also, two of the pettiest against, Taylor).  Meanwhile, Brittany didn’t understand why Michael chose her as a bestie. Because even though they are truly BFF’s in the house, she thinks he made a mistake by picking her. But Michael ain’t no dummy and confirmed that he chose Brittany because he would stay in the house over her. And he’s right about that! (Per usual… Brittany has no clue what is going on in the BB Motel. She certainly has diarrhea of the mouth though.) Taylor was super bummed that she lost that HOH. She figured since she lost, she’d be seeing the block again. Nicole didn’t seem too worried, as she figured Taylor would be her shield. And she figured correctly. PO’S PACK seemed to be strong and vowed to use their current partners as shields to stay in the game.

HAVE NOTS. Turner told the HGs that Jasmine would be electing the Have Nots since she was his Festie Bestie. No one volunteered and since Alyssa and Indy were the only ones who hadn’t been Have Nots, Jasmine chose them. Alyssa was cool about it. But not Indy. She made a huge deal and was visually upset. She told the HGs to leave her alone while she got being upset out of her system. Her reaction irked the other HGs and they weren’t cool with her. Which made Alyssa worry that Indy’s reaction would would put a target on their backs.  (Usually “Have Nots” segments don’t make it to the CBS episodes, however, when they showed the whole Have Nots ceremony…I knew something was up).

NICOLE’S PLAN. In DR, Nicole…being the ‘superfan’ that she says she is…realized that there might be a secret advantage given to the Festie Bestie’s partner that gets eliminated. Since Julie didn’t really say what would happen to the partner of the evicted HG, she figured they’d get an advantage. Nicole pitched a plan to her PO’S PACK alliance, that Michael and Brittany would go up on the block as pawns, but Turner could use the Veto on them, and Taylor and Nicole would be put up as the replacements. In turn Taylor would get evicted…giving Nicole whatever power she thought would be given. (Sure Nicole. Anything you say.). Meanwhile, Turner chatted with Kyle, Joseph and Daniel in the HOH room. Joseph threw out Michael’s name as a possible nom for eviction because he’s won every Veto comp. They also threw around Taylor and Nicole’s name. Then it was Nicole and Taylor’s turn to talk to the HOH. Things seemed to go well, and Taylor thanked Turner for giving her a vote to stay (still don’t get why he chose to vote Pooch out? Sympathy vote, much?). Brittany took her turn up to the HOH room and she made Turner uncomfortable. She’s really bad at this game. Her social game is non-existent. She’s SO lucky she has Michael as her Festie Bestie. Who went to talk to Turner next. Turner confided in Michael and told him that nobody trusts Brittany and that she’s a target. In DR, Michael said he doesn’t trust Turner. In the end, Turner nominates Michael and Brittany on the block. But confirms that they are not his true target.

So who is Turner’s true target?… Stay tuned as we find out if Michael and Brittany win Veto (SPOILER ALERT…they do) and who Turner puts up as the replacement nominee (It’s not who you think it’ll be).

LIVE FEEDS. On Saturday’s Live Feeds a huge fight occurred between Danile, Nicole and Taylor. Which will supposedly be aired on tonight’s show (Wednesday, July 27). Stay tuned for my recap of the meltdown. The live feeds were off when the huge fight occurred, but leading up to it, Nicole was crying because the DR gave her a head’s up that she’s being seen as a villain for how she’s treating Taylor. And Daniel and Nicole for like ten minutes claimed that Taylor is the bad person and they are the good guys. Sigh. 

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