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Review: Blessed Boys (Tribeca 2022)

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A potentially erotic exploration of forbidden, unexpected love falls victim to the more fantastical elements of its plot, leading to a deeply frustrating ending that is more questionable than satisfying in Blessed Boys.

Two Naples-born young adults (Mario and Lino) grow closer as Lino’s sister convinces locals that she is a living Saint capable of miracles and Mario’s feelings begin to develop into more. There is a raw quality to Blessed Boys that instantly will excite viewers looking for a new LGBTQIA romance with conversations between the friends bookmarked by wild nights out and familial drama. However, the plot line involving Lino’s sister quickly develops into more of a focus for the film, taking away from Mario’s moments of questioning his affections and instead sidetracking the entire reality of the potential romance for… I’m not quite sure what. 

Spoilers aside, the story will not end up where you think it will, a deeply unsatisfying conclusion to a film that seems to drag you along with an unspoken promise of where it’s going. Perhaps that’s the point, that reality is different than expectations and not always what we want, but a good film that does not make.

Rating: 2/5

Seen at the 2022 Tribeca Festival

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