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Each week, Liz from pop.goesthemovie is be recapping the latest happenings in the Big Brother house!


A new season of Big Brother has begun, and host Julie Chen has promised a season of twists that will send the Houseguests (HGs) scrambling (although we are promised this every year). Instead of seeing all the HGs, or even half the HGs, enter the house, we were introduced to four HGs at a time. They were instructed to choose a ticket inside the house which they would need for their first Head of Household (HOH) competition called BB FEST. The first four HGs to enter the BB Motel were: Jasmine Davis from Georgia. She’s a self-proclaimed country girl, who now lives in the big city (I like her, which means she’s probably going out sooner rather than later! Ha). Kyle Capener grew up Mormon, and still lives with his parents and is also TikTok famous, which wasn’t mentioned. Instead, he said he’s unemployed. (I predict he’s going to be around a long time). Paloma Agular is an interior designer who just got her real estate license. According to her she’s good at making people trust her. Well already I don’t trust her but I’m sure she’ll be able to sway the house her way when needed. Monte Taylor is a personal fitness coach from Delaware who considers himself the perfect combination of brawn and brains (All I got from him is that he does really bad celebrity impressions).

The four entered the house and quickly met each other as they scrambled to find the ticket stations for the “BB FEST”. They headed to the backyard where Julie explained that there were three festival stands in the backyard. In order to find out where they’d be competing, they first had to scan their ticket.  Paloma scanned hers first and got The Porta Potty station.  Jasmine also got the Porta Potty station. Monte and Kyle also the Porta Potty station!  Seriously… what are the odds?!? (Well, if you’re a conspiracy nut like me… you know these were already predetermined and nothing was ‘by chance’)

The next four HGs entered the BB Motel. Alyssa Snider, from Florida, works for a swimwear brand and a cosmetic surgery office as a marketing rep (AKA.. her real job is trying to get famous). She’s a supposed introvert and poet and insists she’s more than a pretty face. Like she literally said she was pretty. And that she’s not afraid to make big moves if she’s HOH (that’s if she can even win comps).  Daniel Durston is a musician from Vegas who can adapt to any person or surroundings. He claims to be a superfan who stays up watching live feeds but will keep his superfan status on the downlow (Superfans never do well in the house, we’ll see how it goes for him). Taylor Hale is a personal stylist and a former Miss Michigan USA. Apparently, she’s able to sell anything, like an $18K suit. Which honestly didn’t sound THAT expensive to me from how she described it. Taylor is there to win and apparently nothing can stop her from getting what she wants (her intro alone made me dislike her). Michael Bruner is a criminal defense attorney from Minnesota. He knows he looks young, but he’s a certified genius since he’s a member of Mensa. Michael has watched Big Brother since he was eight years old and has created his own ‘BB Bible’.

After the introductions, the second group headed out to the backyard as they grabbed their tickets to “BB FEST”. One thing I noticed is that Michael let everyone enter the house first. Being a superfan, he knows about the BB curse (never be the first one to enter the house). And it didn’t look like the HGs were aware that they were not the first ones in the house. One by one, they entered their tickets into the pretend scanner and Michael headed to the Merch Stand, Alyssa also got the Merch Stand, Taylor headed to the Piercing Tent and Daniel joined the others at the Merch Stand. (I don’t think this ‘scanner’ is totally random at all. Even before one of them ‘entered’ the ticket, it seemed that Julie knew which section the HG was given. If they had opened an envelope or chosen out of a bag, that would’ve seemed less manipulated. This was totally BB choosing who gets what and where).

The next group of four entered the BB Motel. Nicole Layog is a private chef on yachts. Prior to her becoming a chef, she was a police officer for 10 years. (Nicole is one of the older HGs, if I were her, I’d keep my age under wraps.)  Matthew Turner (aka Turner), is an artist who makes rugs and owns a thrift store. Before becoming a store owner, Turner lived the ‘vanlife’ and posted the entire experience on social media. (He reminds me of McCrae from S15).  Joseph Abdin (who was a last-minute replacement) is an attorney and personal trainer who is obsessed with working out and says there is no one like him. (umm…except for Xavier from last season).  Brittany Hoopes is a hypnotherapist and competitive belly dancer. She has watched Big Brother since season one and even has a notebook full of things to remember. She is keeping her profession under wraps, and the fact that she’s a fan of the show. (I am already liking her and have a feeling that she’s going to be one of the first ones out of the house). The third group headed to the backyard and entered their tickets into the pretend ticket stand. Nicole got the last space for the Porta Potties. Brittany was assigned the Piercing Tent, and Turner and Joseph also got the Piercing Tent.

The last and final group were introduced. Terrance Higgins is from Chicago and operates a bus. He says being a bus driver is like being a bartender, where everyone opens up to him.  Terrance has a wife and older kids and is the oldest HGs in the house. At night he’s a DJ, which is what he’d like to be doing as a profession. (I predict he will first on the block and sent home packing). Indy Santos is from Brazil and moved to America eleven years ago. She’s a private jet flight attendant, and supposedly addicted to Big Brother. She believes her social skills will keep her in the house. And that she’s very funny, at least in Portuguese she is. (I already feel like she’s going to be feisty and start drama in the house).  Joseph “Pooch” Picciarelli is an assistant coach at a college in Florida. He thinks people will judge him because he looks so young, but there’s a lot more to him. (Pooch is such a cutie. He might just be the heartthrob of the house).  Ameerah Jones is a content developer who works from home and loves to travel.  She hopes she won’t be seen as super strategic and is open to a showmance. (How very cocky of her to think someone wants a showmance from her…she seems so full of herself and already annoys me. I feel like she’s going to be a wet blanket and not do much in the house but mope. You cannot expect a person who loves to travel and do stuff to stay cooped up in a house for that long. I predict that she’s going to be such a dud!).

The last group headed to the backyard and ‘scanned’ their “BB FEST” tickets. Terrance got the Piercing Tent. Indy headed to the Merch Stand, Pooch pulled The Backstage Boss pass. Which Julie said she would explain what that meant later. Instead he had to head upstairs and sit on the golden ‘throne’. Ameerah was given the Merch Stand. Everyone had their spots and the competition was ready to start. Each section of “BB FEST” would play out one at a time. The winner of each competition would move on to the main stage where they would compete to become the first HOH.  

The first competition (“POTTY TALK”) started with the Porta Potties. In each round, the HGs listened to a recording of a group of festival goers outside the porta potties. Each conversation contained the words, “one”, “two”, or “three”. The players then had to identify which word was said the most times. The first person to answer incorrectly would be eliminated. If everyone got it right, the person to lock in their answer last would be eliminated. In the first round, Paloma answered last, so she was eliminated. But she wasn’t just out, she was sprayed with blue tint. Hopefully that stuff comes off, because she had on a white skort and by the end, her skort was blue! The next to get eliminated was Jasmine. The cute to her outfit she wore for her TV debut was ruined! Nicole was next to be eliminated. Followed by Kyle. Monte was the winner of the “POTTY TALK” competition and would move on to compete for HOH. The next competition was literally the stupidest competition I’ve seen on BB yet! In “PIERCING PANIC” the players had to attach ten pieces of jewelry on their face, as seen on their instructions. The first person to get all ten pieces on their face and ring their buzzer won. Turner won this dumb competition, joining Monte to compete for HOH. The last competition was held at the Merch Stand. Literally! The players had to hang on to their ‘t-shirts’ as they dangled them in the air, in the “HANGING TOUGH” competition. The last player to fall would be the winner. They each started dropping like flies and Daniel was the last one hanging on. He would be joining Monte and Turner to compete for the first HOH of the season.

In the first HOH competition (“DRUMMING FOR POWER”), the three contestants had to unpack their case and assemble a drum set puzzle. The first person to finish their puzzle and hit the button would be the HOH. Daniel came out strong and completely destroyed his competition, winning the first HOH of the season!  After the competition, Julie gathered the HGs as she explained what Pooch’s role as The Backstage Boss was. Pooch would be backstage all week, which meant he would not take part in any competitions or vote at the live eviction. He was also safe from eviction and eligible to compete in the next HOH. However, Julie warned the HGs to “expect the unexpected”! Pooch was given the power to choose three houseguests to send backstage. Like Pooch, they would not be taking part in any competitions, but unlike Pooch, they were not safe and one of them could be evicted.

Pooch was shown quick videos of his fellow HGs to decide who he’d nominate to join him Backstage. To get the target off his back, Pooch chose to go with the three contestants who got out first in each of their competitions. Which wasn’t a bad strategy. Paloma was out first in the Porta Potty comp. Alyssa dropped first in the Merch Stand comp. And since there wasn’t a person who was out first in the Piercing Tent comp, Brittany stood out to Pooch, so he chose her (SEE, I knew she would be a target day one!).  So even though neither of them could be nominated for eviction, this didn’t mean they weren’t guaranteed to go home. Whatever that means! So even though they can’t be nominated for eviction, there’s no guarantee they won’t go home.

#ButFirst, before the show ended, Julie let the viewers know that America had the power to impact the game by giving Paloma, Alyssa or Brittany safety on eviction night. And with that, BB24 Season Premiere was over!

Who will be the first two nominated on the block and will the Backstage Pass nominees be safe next week? Stay tuned to find out. And come back every Saturday for the Live Eviction episode recap. And early Wednesdays for an outline and quick recap of the week’s show.

I’ll also be watching Live Feeds and might include some of my thoughts from that. See you next week!

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