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Big Brother 24 Recap – First Live Eviction Show

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Each week, Liz from pop.goesthemovie is be recapping the latest happenings in the Big Brother house!


Previously on Biiiiig Brotherrrrrrr….Paloma spread lies to all the HGs about Taylor and spearheaded a campaign and created a mob mentality against Taylor in order to get her out of the BB Motel…for no reason at all, other than the fact that Taylor was a beauty queen and getting lots of attention. Daniel fell for the lies and nominated Taylor and Michael for eviction. And in his speech, he told Taylor she rubbed people the wrong way and that she needed to apologize to some people in the house (again, for doing nothing).  Michael saved himself at the veto comp (BB JOUST) and Daniel was forced to pick a new nominee. Of course, he picked the “old guy” Terrance (who is not that old). But with The Backstage Twist in effect, it wasn’t clear if Terrance or Taylor would be the first to get evicted or if Paloma, Alyssa, and Brittany could end up on the block going home. So, who was evicted from the BB Motel? Keep reading to find out!

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Julie began the live eviction show by saying that “Expect the unexpected” has never rung truer than tonight. And that an unexpected turn of events had changed BB’s Backstage Twist.  #ButFirst… following Daniel’s cryptic nomination speech, Taylor broke down and said it was worse to be called out the way she was, than to be nominated. Paloma quickly ran over to Taylor and consoled her. Yes, Paloma, who started all the hate against Taylor in the first place, literally went up to Taylor and hugged her like they were besties.

EVIL INCARNATE. Paloma then asked if she could talk to Taylor alone. She proceeded to tell Taylor that she had her back. And that she felt so bad for her and that even when Taylor was at home watching them play, know that she was considered family.  Paloma was also bawling. (This was one of the toughest scenes for me to watch, as I couldn’t believe how sincere Paloma seemed. It was scary how easily she lied to Taylor and made her think she was on her side. Paloma doesn’t even deserve an Oscar® for that… it was pure evil). In the Diary Room (DR), Taylor was happy that Paloma stood by her side, but questioned her sincerity, since Paloma was already talking as if Taylor would be evicted (Yeah Taylor, keep those Spidey senses tingling!). Taylor knew she was a target and had to figure out a way to save herself.

FISHING OUT THE TRUTH. Taylor tried to find out how she became a target , and who made her that target. She first went to Ameerah and Brittany. Ameerah didn’t waste any time and asked Taylor if she was coming for Monte? Taylor denied it! Because she wasn’t going after Monte (at that time). It was then that Taylor realized this was a bigger issue than she had imagined. She then spoke to Monte to try and get the story straight.  Monte thought that Taylor told him that Paloma was going after him and the guys. And Taylor said that wasn’t what she had told him. She told him that the girls think there’s a guy’s alliance (trying to warn the dumb ass), and that perhaps he should talk to Paloma (since she’s the biggest talker), and see what’s up. That’s it! But when Monte went to Paloma to ask her about this… HE changed it to “Taylor said you’re coming after me and the guys”. And that’s when little Paloma spearheaded her “get Taylor out” campaign. Despite knowing the truth, Monte remained on Paloma’s side because she was ‘his girl’. (Whatever, Monte! Wait until you watch the feeds and see that ‘your girl’ was a big fat liar!). Later on, Taylor went to Paloma to clarify the issue and Paloma said she didn’t even want to listen to her. And then Paloma asked if she was being rude, which Taylor responded as YES! And Paloma said that she’d just rather go to sleep. (Wow. I was completely shocked and irked by this girl)

CREATING NEW ALLIANCES. Despite being in the “Girls, Girls” alliance with most of the girls in the house (see *Alliances So Far below) and an F2 (Final Two) with Paloma, Alyssa figured she needed strong guys to help further her game, so she approached Monte, Kyle and Pooch to join her, Paloma and they needed another strong girl and chose Ameerah. They believed that they were a strong group…however, during a bathroom convo, Paloma, Monte and Kyle decided they couldn’t trust Pooch, because he talks too much, so instead Paloma asked Michael to be in their “Mamba” alliance and Monte said they were ghosting Pooch. Michael said he couldn’t fully trust this alliance as he was the last person to be asked to join, but as a Superfan, he had to say yes, because you never say no to an alliance offer.

BRITTANY AND THE BACKSTAGE TWIST FIASCO. With the Backstage Twist looming, Brittany panicked and thought it was a good idea to seek safety from Pooch, in case he had something to do with the twist, since he was The Backstage Boss. So instead of coming up with a better plan, Brittany throws the “Girls, Girls” alliance under the bus and tells him that Ameerah has been throwing his name around as a threat. And that he needs to go soon. She tried to give him this nugget of info to show Pooch that she could be a good source of information moving forward, so it would benefit him, in the event that he’d have to choose someone to go on the block. Or whatever she thought would happen with the Backstage Twist. Unbeknown to Brittany, Pooch was tight with Ameerah since they were in the “Mamba” alliance together (as far as Pooch thinks he’s in the alliance), and he quickly ran to Ameerah to tell her what Brittany had said. Which in turn exposed Brittany to Ameerah…making her a target. (Brittany was one of the HGs in the “Girls Girls” alliance who kept saying they have to stick together and not go around flip-flopping, and she’s one of the first to throw her alliance member under the bus. BAD PLAY BRITTANY! Bad play!). Meanwhile, Ameerah and Jasmine attempted to get Brittany to throw names out as targets. They wanted to see if she was lying to them. Brittany could feel that Ameerah and Jasmine knew something was going on, and she realized Pooch had told Ameerah everything Brittany said. And Ameerah confirmed Brittany’s suspicions when Ameerah said there was a rumor going around that she wanted Pooch gone. At this point Brittany knew she messed up, and swore to Ameerah and Jasmine that she never told Pooch anything (pure lies). But it was clear that Ameerah did not believe her, and in the DR, she said she could no longer trust Brittany.

 PALOMA. Apparently, Paloma was having issues in the BB Motel. She started to unravel and confessed she hadn’t been eating or sleeping. Everyone began to worry about her mental health. Her anxiety couldn’t be controlled and ultimately, Paloma headed to the DR and never came back. Later, Daniel as the HOH, delivered the news to the rest of the HGs, that Paloma had left the game. And oh my gosh, everyone took it so hard. They bawled like if someone had died. Even Taylor. Little do they know that this girl caused so much havoc in the house…and it had only been a week.

BACKSTAGE TWIST FLOPS. Julie revealed to the audience that Brittany had won America’s vote to be saved from the Backstage Twist. But she didn’t tell the HGs. And since Paloma left the game, the Backstage Twist would no longer happen and go as planned. Julie explained to the HGs that originally there would be a battle between one of the Backstage Pass holders (Paloma or Alyssa, since Brittany was safe), and the Nominee that the HGs voted for (most likely Taylor). They were to battle one another and the loser of the battle would be evicted. But since Paloma left, the battle was called off because Alyssa had no one to compete against. And since there was no winner of that battle, then Taylor or Terrance wouldn’t have been able to battle the winner…so basically NO ONE WAS EVICTED! Everyone in danger of going home was safe and the game would continue with the next HOH competition.The HGs were elated. 

JASMINE AND THE HOH COMP. The HGs headed to the backyard to play a new HOH comp! In the “BYE BYE BACKSTAGE” HOH comp, the HGs faced off two at a time, starting ‘backstage’ as they raced across an obstacle course, where they crossed floating steps, and a huge ‘guitar’ that spun in circles, and finally scaled a rock wall to get to the ‘main stage’. The winner of each pairing was eligible to compete in the main HOH comp. Daniel drew Pooch and Michael’s names as the first pair to compete in the comp. Michael flew past the obstacle course, advancing to the next round,  leaving Pooch in the dust. Taylor beat Alyssa (after almost falling while scaling the wall), and Joseph beat Indy. Ameerah beat Brittany and next to go was Jasmine and Terrance. At the rock wall, Jasmine’s foot touched the ground…but apparently, BB didn’t catch it. OR, they did catch it but said it didn’t touch the ground. (I rewound the recording, and although it was tough to see if her foot touched the ground because it was off screen, the confetti bounced like her foot had touched the ground. Julie announced that Jasmine was moving on, and then said “Actually, hold on”… almost as if she was going to say, “Actually, hold on, Jasmine your foot did touch the ground, you’ve been disqualified”, However, Jasmine jumped off the ‘main stage’ and twisted her ankle while doing so. They quickly cut to commercial, as the guys went to help out Jasmine. After the commercial break, Julie announced that they had confirmation that she won, because they had checked the tape (whatever!)… and as Jasmine lay on the ground  with her leg up and on ice, the competition continued on. Kyle beat Turner, while Monte beat Nicole. And with hardly any time left, Julie ended the show saying the HOH competition would finish on Sunday and we’d learn who was the new HOH and a new twist (no pun intended) would be introduced.

So who won HOH? And who will they nominate on the block? And will this new twist affect the nominations? Stay tuned next Thursday for my quick recap and then the following Saturday for my Live Eviction recap.

This is Liz from nowhere near the BB Motel, saying “be nice to one another, unless they’re the evil incarnate, then you don’t have to be so nice”.

WEEK ONE: First HG out of the BB Motel? – Paloma (walked)

ALL THE ALLIANCES CREATED SO FAR: (Disclaimer: ** these alliances have disbanded already. Ha)

Some of these portmanteau’s are SO unoriginal. Seriously?

·        The Rogue Rats – Daniel and Nicole

·        **PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) or the Scorpio Sisters – Alyssa and Paloma

·        The Girls Girls – All the females, Jasmine, Ameerah, Paloma, Alyssa, Brittany, and Indy, except for Taylor and Nicole (cracking) *Changed to Six in the City, now that Paloma is gone.

·        Mamba (Name is being worked on) – Paloma, Alyssa, Ameerah, Monte, Kyle and Michael (no word what happens now that Paloma is gone)

·        The Oasis (Name being worked on) – Pooch, Turner, Kyle, Monte, Daniel, and Joseph

·        Burner (F2) – Brittany and Turner (F2 might be fake as Turner is with Pooch)

·        Brichael – Brittany and Michael

·        Blue Eyed Bash Boys – Pooch and Kyle (Although Kyle wants Pooch out)

·        Konte – Kyle and Monte

·        Tooch – Turner and Pooch (which would’ve been a better name!)

·        *No Name Four – Tooch and PSL

·        Kychael – Michael and Kyle 

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