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Big Brother 24 Quick Recap – WEEK TWO/THREE – NEW HOH / VETO / NOMINEES

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Each week, Liz from pop.goesthemovie is be recapping the latest happenings in the Big Brother house!


(The live Big Brother show was moved from Thursday to Sunday, July 24….so this quick recap was postponed until today)

Previously on Biiiiig Brotherrrrrrr…. Because Paloma walked off the show for mental health reasons (and not because of Taylor, apparently), there was no eviction. So a new Head of Household (HOH) had to be named. In the head-to-head HOH competition, “BYE-BYE BACKSTAGE”,  players competed in an obstacle course match up against each other. Michael, Taylor, Joseph, Ameerah,, Kyle, Monte and Jasmine all won their rounds. However, Jasmine hurt herself toward the end of Thursday’s live eviction show. Because the show ran out of time, the HOH competition would continue on Sunday’s show. Who won HOH? And who did they nominate on the block? And was the Power of Veto used to save a nomine from the block? Keep reading to find out…

SUNDAY’S SHOW. With Jasmine hurt (she sprained her ankle during the obstacle portion of the HOH comp), it wasn’t clear if she would be able to play the second part of the HOH competition. But since it was a pie eating contest, Jasmine was able to complete. At the end of a long pie eating battle, Jasmine was the first to buzz in with the correct answer and  was declared the new HOH! (BOOOOOO. Because this means we, the audience, will be subjected to Jasmine’s fake ass accent in the Diary Room (DR) throughout the entire week).

It was time for the nomination ceremony and Jasmine chose to put Taylor (no surprise) and Pooch on the block. Taylor was her initial target, however, the Girls Girls alliance figured it would be better for Pooch to go home since he was a stronger competitor. Plus, Pooch volunteered himself up on the block as a ‘pawn’. (first rule of Big Brother… NEVER volunteer to go on the block as a pawn.) Both Pooch and Taylor thought they were the pawns, but Jasmine had no preference who she wanted to go home first.  

WEDNESDAY’S SHOW. Pooch was 100% convinced he was the pawn. And thought that it was his idea to be on the block. However, the Girls Girls alliance (+ Nicole) wanted Pooch gone. It was time to pick players for the Veto competition! Only six HGs participated; The HOH (Jasmine), the two nominees (Pooch and Taylor) and three players drawn at random. Jasmine drew Ameerah name. Taylor drew Michael (which she was ecstatic about because they’re a F2). And Pooch drew Terrance.

Jasmine chose not to compete during the Power of Veto (PoV) competition because of her sprained ankle. For the POV comp, “MERMAID FEST”, the players wore mermaid tails that restricted their legs.  They had to maneuver their bodies over small ramps while pushing along a ball (the “pearl”) with only the crowns of their heads. At the end of the ramp, the players had to push their pearl into three different holes at the end of the ramp. Michael and Taylor were tied to win. However, Taylor missed her winning shot, and since Michael was afraid that Pooch would win the Veto competition, because he had all his “pearl” stacked at the end ready to roll them into the holes, Michael took his shot and won the PoV for the second time. Which was good news for Taylor, but  not really because Michael chose NOT to use the Veto on Taylor and Jasmine’s nominations stayed the same.

Due to the “Assault on The Capitol Trial” being shown, Thursday’s live eviction episode was moved to a two-hour episode on Sunday.

Stay tuned on Tuesday to find out which of the two “pawns” was the second Houseguest evicted from the BB Motel?  Who won HOH? And who did they nominate for eviction? Stay tuned to find out! There’s also a new BB Twist! Which again promises to shake up the house (SPOILER ALERT, it doesn’t).

If you can’t wait until Tuesday, READ THE SPOILERS BELOW.

SPOILER ALERT: By a vote of 12-0, Pooch was the second person evicted from the BB Motel. He was so sure his Oasis alliance had his back, and there was no way he would get evicted over Taylor. Pooch was wrong. Unfortunately, Turner won HOH. And since Jasmine was his partner in the new “Festie Bestie” Twist, she was also safe. Turner nominated Michael and Brittany since they were Festie Besties. But both won Veto. Who will be nominated next? 

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