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Each week, Liz from pop.goesthemovie will be recapping the latest happenings in the Big Brother house!

Welcome to BIG BROTHER! Season 24 premieres tonight and this season crept up on me. Usually, a week prior I’ve already studied the cast and have picked my favorite. But this year, the cast wasn’t announced until the day before. Which gave me very little time to prepare and get to know them and also very little time to try and pick my favorites. Which I try not to do, but who am I kidding? I totally pick my favorites just from their quick bios and intro videos. And, by the end of the season, I always end up eating crow!

But this year, since we were given very little prep time by CBS, I’ve decided to not pick my favorites until a week into the show. This year, 16 new houseguests will be entering Big Brother (BB), including an attorney, a Vegas performer, an interior designer, and a personal chef, to name a few. A last-minute replacement was also made.  The chemical processing engineer was replaced by a new houseguest (HG), another attorney (see more info below). I’ve been watching this show long enough (since Season 1 back in 1997) to know that most of these ‘careers’ just mean the casting director found the HGs on social media or at a bar/club and asked them to be on the show.

The house tour photos and videos are always my favorite part of the season. Seriously, my dream job would be a set decorator for Big Brother! This season’s theme is Palm Springs, mid-century, inspired motel known as the “BB Motel”. Which is my favorite design ever! The interior includes Eero Saarinen inspired tulip chairs around the BB table and breakfast bar. Lots of cacti and succulents à la Palm Springs desert landscape. And plenty of Googie inspired architecture and themes (think The Jetsons, Space age and the Atomic Age).  The bedrooms have a very Palm Springs meets The Jetsons type of a vibe. And the HOH room has an open bathroom concept this year. There’s some type of screen dividing the restroom from the room, but it’s pretty see-through, so definitely no privacy! I’m diggin’ the entire look of this “BB Motel”.

Big Brother’s motto is “Expect the unexpected” and CBS is promising never-before-seen challenges. And according to CBS, the 16 HGs are in for the summer of their lives at “BB Fest.” They’re also promising a new twist and the chance for viewers to impact the show on premiere night, that will send the HGs scrambling. Which is NOT my favorite. Honestly, I’d love it if CBS would just let the players play and leave us out of it! But whatever. They never learn that all this does nothing! And including viewers just makes things more messy and less fun to watch. But here’s hoping it won’t be a bad move on their part.

Big Brother airs tonight, July 6 at 8-9:30pm EST. And will again have three weekly episodes. Beginning Sunday, July 10, the series will air Sundays and Wednesdays from 8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT and live on Thursdays from 9:00-10:00 PM, ET/delayed PT. Thursday will once again be featuring the live eviction show hosted by Julie Chen Moonves.

On a sidenote: Immediately following “Big Brother’s” premiere event will be the 90-minute premiere of “The Challenge: USA”, which will have most of the team members of The Cookout and a few other HGs from last year’s BB23. So I’ll definitely be tuning in!

So without further ado, here are the new cast of Big Brother 24. But with no predictions, as I haven’t seen any of their videos, just bios alone!

ALYSSA SNIDER, 24, Hometown/Current City: Bear, Delaware; Occupation: Marketing rep (aka, found her on social media)

AMEERAH JONES (pronounced Ah-mirr-ah), 31, Hometown/Current City: Westminster, Maryland, Occupation: Content designer

BRITTANY HOOPES, 32, Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia, Current City: Austin, Texas, Occupation: Hypnotherapist

DANIEL DURSTON, 35, Hometown: Ontario, Canada, Current City: Las Vegas, Nevada, Occupation: Vegas performer

INDY SANTOS, 31, Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil, Current City: Los Angeles, California, Occupation: Corporate flight attendant

JASMINE DAVIS, 29, Hometown: Terry, Mississippi, Current City: Atlanta, Georgia, Occupation: Entrepreneur

JOE “POOCH” PUCCIARELLI (pronounced Pooch-ah-rel-ee), 24, Hometown: Staten Island, N.Y., Current City: Boca Raton, Florida, Occupation: Assistant football coach

KYLE CAPENER (pronounced Cape-ner), 29, Hometown/Current City: Bountiful, Utah, Occupation: Unemployed

MATT “TURNER” TURNER, 23, Hometown: North Attleborough, Massachusetts, Current City: New Bedford, Massachusetts, Occupation: Thrift store owner

MICHAEL BRUNER, 28, Hometown: Saint Michael, Minnesota, Current City: Rochester, Minnesota, Occupation: Attorney

MONTE TAYLOR, 27, Hometown/Current City: Bear, Delaware, Occupation: Personal trainer

NICOLE LAYOG (pronounced Lay-ogg), 41, Hometown/Current City: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Occupation: Private chef

PALOMA AGUILAR, 22, Hometown/Current City: San Marcos, California, Occupation: Interior designer

TAYLOR HALE, 27, Hometown/Current City: West Bloomfield, Michigan, Occupation: Personal stylist

TERRANCE HIGGINS, 47, Hometown/Current City: Chicago, Illinois, Occupation: Bus operator

Last minute replacement:
JOESPH ABDIN, 24, Current City: Lake Worth, FL, Occupation: Attorney

Replaced and will no longer be part of the show: MARVIN ACHI (pronounced Ah-chee), Age: 28, Hometown: Rivers State, Nigeria, Current City: Houston, Texas, Occupation: Chemical processing engineer

Although CBS gave no reason for the replacement, looks like Marvin was also a part of America’s Got Talent and the two shows apparently have agreements that restrict them from appearing on competing shows during their time on a current season. Darn! Marvin was looking to be one of my favorites. SEE! I always pick the players who get evicted first. He didn’t even get to compete. Ha!

Stay tuned every week, as I bring you a recap of the eviction show, and short rundowns of Sunday and Wednesday’s show. 

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