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Candid, hilarious, and incredibly insightful, Alex Liu methodically breaks down the walls around our nation’s inability to talk about sex through interviews with professionals and his own family that, although sometimes awkward, are well overdue.

Most young Americans are not taught about sex and intimacy aside from the so-called dangers that are thrust upon us in grade school. This leaves many, including Alex, to explore for ourselves under the cone of fear and shame. In A Sexplanation, Liu dives into the the topics that have been so taboo to ultimately lead to a call for comprehensive sex education. The documentary is as informative as it is fun thanks to Liu’s willingness to step out of his comfort zone and ask the necessary questions… or masturbate FOR SCIENCE. Think Jordan Klepper from The Daily Show investigating sexual freedom. His nervous laughter, which he cites early in the film, pops up throughout and serves as a comfort for viewers who may be feeling the same. Add in the in-your-face visuals that vacillate between subtle and not-so-subtle inclusion and you have a documentary that says “hey, we’re all in the same boat… let’s talk about it.”

Liu investigates topics such as why we feel shame for being inherent sexual beings, how something that feels so good can be so bad, and whether porn (and associated fantasies) are detrimental to us and make us freaks. Even reading this review, I am sure some are taken aback, but that is exactly the point: we have been conditioned to hide from a conversation that has been happens throughout the world on a regular basis. In the end, informed discussion and learning leads to better understanding of ourselves, our sexual drive and our gender identities, and ultimately may lead us to feeling not so different after all.

A Sexplanation is simply fantastic, a top-of-the-line documentary from Liu that expands viewers’ thinking all while delivering some hearty laughs.

A Sexplanation is now available on VOD.

Rating: 5/5

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