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Each week, Darren from @darrenmoviereviews will be recapping the most recent episode(s) of Ms. Marvel and the show’s overall connection to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The mystery deepens on Ms. Marvel as Kamala learns family secrets, while the series’ villain is revealed in this week’s episode.

The first two episodes of Ms. Marvel did a wonderful job introducing the characters and setting the tone for the series. All of this was necessary for this week’s episode to hit the ground running, not only introducing larger elements of the series’ story, but also potential larger ramifications for the larger MCU. If the hints that are dropped in this week’s episode are as Marvel fans expect them to be online, this could be the Disney+ series to have the biggest impact on the MCU after last year’s WandaVision.

Also, with Kamala getting better control over her powers, we get the first true action sequence of the series. It’s a great moment in the episode, where Kamala is fully able to embrace her powers that delivers all the excitement you want from a Marvel action scene, while never losing the signature charm that Iman Vellani brings to the role. Unlike many action sequences in the MCU, it is not loaded with tons of CGI, allowing the hand to hand combat to ground the sequence. Yes, Kamala’s powers are at play which are fully CGI, but the hand to hand combat brings an intensity to the sequence that truly raises the stakes for Kamala’s personal story. 

And into spoiler territory we go. If you have not seen this week’s episode of Ms. Marvel, stop reading now. If you have, keep on reading to find out what we learnt this week…

The episode opens with a flashback to British Occupied India in 1942. We see Kamran’s mother digging in a tomb, uncovering the bangle that activated Kamala’s powers around a blue severed arm. Another woman enters the tomb, which is revealed to be Kamala’s great grandmother Aisha, saying that there is a second bangle that they will need. But they cannot find it, as the tomb is attacked by the British, slowly starting to crumble. Aisha puts on the bangle, which begins glowing and awakens powers within her. However, Aisha and Kamran’s mother split up so that the British do not get a hold of the bangle.

We then cut back to the present, to Kamala, Kamran’s mother Najma, Kamran, and the other individuals from the tomb back in 1942. Najma explains to Kamala that she knew her great grandmother, that they were all from a different dimension. She tells Kamala that they were banished to Kamala’s dimension, seeking a way to return to their dimension, but they were separated from Aisha during the Partition. As any good mother would do, she outs Kamran’s feelings for Kamala and takes her into the other room to continue their discussion. Najma tells Kamala that they did not know Aisha had a family until Kamala put on the bangle, and they sensed the Noor (the light energy) flowing from the bracelet. She explains that they are all djinn (though known in their home dimension as Clandestines), but are unable to tap into the Noor as they were not born in this dimension, but that Kamala can as she was born here. The Noor from the bangle helped them locate Kamala, knowing that she had inherited greatness from Aisha. Hearing this, Kamala offers the bangle to Najma, but Najma declines. She says it was Aisha’s wish for them all to return home, and that now Kamala must help them fulfill Aisha’s wish.

Back at Kamala’s house, Bruno is waiting for her, wondering where she went after the events at the mosque. Kamala tells Bruno that she is a djinn and that Kamran’s mother has asked her to help them return to their dimension, and that she will need Bruno’s help to do so. Bruno says he will help, but that he needs more information before he can. Kamala then asks him if he knows anything about interdimensional travel? He says it reminds him of a paper he once read, and shows Kamala that her rescue at the mosque is trending online.

The next day, Agent Deever of the Department of Damage Control arrives at Kamala’s mosque, trying to find out information about Night Light as they believe Night Light is operating out of the mosque. However, as she has no warrant, Nakia and the imam tell her that she has no grounds to search the mosque and tell her to come back with one if she wants to look around.

Nakia then goes to Kamala’s house to tell her about the Department of Damage Control coming to the mosque, and that she has been elected to the mosque board. However, she shares with Kamala that Night Light being Pakistani has put a target on the mosque without care for what she is doing. This takes Kamala back, as she only ever saw herself as helping individuals, without thinking about the potential target it would put on her family and community. But she eventually snaps out of it, congratulating Nakia on being elected to the mosque board.

Kamala is now at the Mehndi for her brother’s wedding. All of the aunties are gossiping, and the topic eventually turns to Night Light. Kamala asks them about their opinions on Night Light, and her mother says that Night Light is just causing trouble and Night Light’s mother should be ashamed of her. Her father interrupts the conversation, letting Kamala know that Bruno dropped off something for her and apologizes for not being able to attend the Mehndi. Kamala moves outside to the porch, about to open Bruno’s package when the imam comes out to talk to her. She asks him if he agrees with what everyone is saying about Night Light. Kamala tells him that she thought it was cool that they had a superhero fighting for their community, but that she never thought that a superhero would make things worse for their community. Hypothetically speaking, Kamala asks the imam how Night Light would prove herself as a hero and that she is good. The imam says that good is not a thing a person is, but is a thing you do, before departing Kamala’s house. After he leaves, Kamala opens Bruno’s box, revealing a new mask that Bruno has made for her.

Later that evening, Bruno is working at the market, researching djinns and interdimensional travel. Kamala’s father comes in, and sees what Bruno is reading. He then begins translating some pages to Bruno on djinns. The pages say that djinn are supernatural beings of Islamic folklore, sometimes referred to as demons. The pages that Bruno has specifically talk about a group of djinn exiled from their home world and forced to live in their world, and their search for a key to unlock an ancient barrier that would allow them to return home. But to unlock the barrier, they will require a primordial power.

After finishing work, Bruno goes to Kamala’s to tell her what he has discovered. While his first attempt to explain his conclusion on interdimensional travel is purely scientific, he re-explains it to Kamala, telling her that she will need an energy as powerful as the sun to send the djinn back to their dimension. But that such power comes with a huge margin of error, which is why he thinks Kamala needs to learn more about what she needs to do, as if something goes wrong, it could be catastrophic. Kamala is determined that she needs to help the djinn, because it would be something good for her to do. During the conversation, Bruno drops his acceptance to CalTech and says that he needs to go, but before he can he wants to help Kamala so she doesn’t hurt herself. However, he tells her that he just does not see a safe way to help the djinn at this time.

Kamala next talks to her mother, who begins to tell Kamala of the struggle her and Kamala’s father faced when they first moved to America. While they thought it would be a dream come true, that instead it was challenging for many reasons. But, she tells Kamala how important the mosque and its community was for the two of them making a true home in America. While her mother knows that Kamala is dealing with her own challenge, she tells her that she does not have to do it alone. Kamala then texts Kamran, telling him that she needs more time to figure out how to send him and his family back to their dimension. Kamran reponsds, telling her not to worry and to focus on her brother’s wedding.

It’s now the wedding day. Aamir and Tyesha say I do, and the reception features a full on flash mob featuring Kamala, the aunties and even Bruno. But while the reception is happening, Najma finds Kamran’s phone and sees the texts he sent to Kamala. She asks him why he hid this from her, acknowledging that their return home is dangerous. Kamran is surprised his mother knew this and still asked Kamala to do this anyway. Furious with Kamran, Najma declares that she is done asking for Kamala’s help, as villainous music begins to play.

Back at the reception, the Bon Jovi cover band begins their set. Bruno asks Kamala to dance to a slow song, but Kamran bursts into the reception. He steals Kamala from the dance floor to warn her that she and her entire family are in danger as his mother and the rest of the djinn are out to get her, and they won’t hesitate to kill them all. Bruno tries to interject to get rid of Karman, but Najma and the djinn crash the reception. Seeing them, Kamala pulls the fire alarm to get everyone out safely and runs into the kitchen. Kamran begs his mother to not hurt Kamala, but she tells him to get out of her way. 

The djinn follow Kamala into the kitchen, as a fight breaks out between them, set to Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer”. The fight momentarily pauses as Kamala begins hiding in the kitchen. Najma talks to Kamala, telling her that they will stop if she helps them get home. Kamala uses her power to attack, giving away her location and the fight continues, moving into the ballroom.

Outside the venue, the wedding guests are trying to figure out what happened. One of the guests claims they saw Kamala pull the fire alarm, but she is called out by one of the aunties for being so blind that the DMV took away her driver’s licence. However, Kamala’s parents are concerned by hearing this, and quickly ask Bruno for answers as he exits the building. Witnessing everything that is happening, Nakia heads into the building to seek out Kamala.

The fight continues in the ballroom, and Bruno enters and begins throwing wedding presents at the djinn to distract them. Shortly after Bruno arrives, Kamran enters the room and begins fighting his family to help Kamala and Bruno. Kamala gets to Bruno and begins escorting him out of the ballroom as Kamran is thrown off a balcony by one of the djinn. The djinn follow Kamala and Bruno into the hallway, eventually surrounding them. Kamala asks Najma why she is doing this, and Najma asks Kamala why she would protect those who betrayed her. At this moment, the bangle displays a vision of a train. However, as the vision ends, the Department of Damage Control arrives and detain the djinn, giving Kamala and Bruno a chance to escape. They exit the building through a loading bay, but Nakia is there and witnesses everything. She is upset that Kamala never told her that she was Night Light, and Kamala tries to apologize, but has to run. She promises to explain everything to Nakia later, leaving Nakia and Bruno there as she rushes home to check on her family.

At home, Kamala’s parents are thankful to see her safe, but ask if she pulled the fire alarm and what happened. Kamala says she can’t tell them what happened, and her parents walk away, disappointed in her. Kamala goes upstairs to her room, and her phone begins ringing. It is her Nani. She tells Kamala that she and her mother need to come to Karachi to see her. Kamala says that she must be confused, but Nani asks Kamala if she saw the train? Kamala is taken back, and asks her grandmother how she knows about the vision of the train she saw. Nani says she saw it too, and that is why Kamala and Kamala’s mother need to come to Karachi. Ending the episode…

As predicted after the premiere, it appears that Kamala’s bangle is connected to Shang-Chi’s ten rings. The opening scene with the bangle being unearthed, the floor of the temple features the symbol of the Ten Rings. But more interestingly, the arm that the bangle is found on appears to be Kree. This could go to both the origins of both the Ten Rings and the bangle, indicating that they are both of alien origin. This would play into the mid-credit scene of Shang-Chi, where Wong and Captain Marvel talk about the Ten Rings setting off a beacon when Shang-Chi put them on for the first time. This would jive with what Najma told Kamala about the first time she put on the bangle. However, this still leaves a bigger question: what are the bangle and the Ten Rings calling out to?

WIth the reveal that Kamran’s mother being the villain of the series, it does raise the question of their true identity. They could be djinn as she told Kamala, but in mythology djinn are masters of illusions, sometimes even referred to as tricksters. So it could be possible that they are not actually djinn, but something else. They could be Inhumans, which would tie into Kamran’s character in the comics. There is also the reference to them being called Clandestines in their dimension. This is a reference to Clan Destine from the comics. Without doing a deep dive into those characters, they have medieval roots and connections to the X-Men. While I don’t think Clan Destine will appear in Ms. Marvel, as that would be a massive introduction and I don’t think there is time for that in the next three episodes. But, it could be a tease to their future appearance in the MCU with an X-Men film in the works or with Blade and the Ebony Blade teased in Eternals.

What does Nani have to tell Kamala and Kamala’s mother? What will the Department of Damage Control do to the djinn? And what is the origin of Kamala’s bangle? Check back next week for the next Ms. Marvel recap to find out if we learn any of these answers as the wondrous origin story of Kamala Khan continues!

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