Interview- ‘The Drop’ Writer/Director Sarah Adina Smith & Star Jermaine Fowler

In The Drop, Lex and Mani seem like a happily married couple, running a bakery together and actively trying to have a baby. Their trip to a friend’s destination wedding at a tropical island seems like a great opportunity to keep trying to conceive, all while reconnecting with their successful group of friends. The good vibes are quickly cut short, however, when, upon their arrival at the tropical destination, Lex tries to hold the baby of her friend who’s getting married, and drops the baby in full view of her friends. This distressing event immediately puts a damper on the nuptial celebrations. Recriminations, passive-aggressive behavior and uncomfortable tension permeates this convening of friends and threatens to further disrupt Lex’s and Mani’s future. The Drop premiered at this year’s Tribeca Festival. (Synopsis from Tribeca)

Joe sits down with writer/director Sarah Adina Smith and actor Jermaine Fowler below.

Photo from Tribeca

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