Interview- ‘Iron Family’ Stars Jazmine Faries & Chad Faries, Director Patrick Longstreth

Jazmine Faries, a 32-year old woman with Down syndrome, is obsessed with soap operas, Barbie dolls, and Matthew McConaughey. For the past 5 summers, her family has performed her original stageplays for a small audience in their town of Iron River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. In this sixth season, we follow the creative process of writing, rehearsing, and performing the play. Family bonds between her brother, Chad, and her mother, Kate, are strengthened and put to the test by the mishaps and chaos of coordinating a production with limited resources. Along the way we see Jazmine‚Äôs personal struggle for independence, her yearning for a romantic partner, and how a single spark of creativity can spread joy throughout a community.

Joe sits down with Jasmine, her brother Chad, and director Patrick Longstreth below.

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