Interview- ‘All Man: The International Male Story’ Filmmakers Bryan Darling, Jesse Reed, And Peter Jones

From the outside, the International Male catalog, with its frilly pirate shirts and revealing underwear in eye-singeing patterns, could seem humorously garish. But to the “magalog’s” target audience of closeted gay teenagers and flamboyant club-goers, International Male was a secret handshake that gave them permission to be their fabulous selves. Narrated by Matt Bomer and featuring an all-star cast of celebrity stylists, fashion influencers, and comedic actors, All Man: The International Male Story celebrates International Male in an appropriately colorful ‘80s throwback style. The film had its world premiere at 2022’s Tribeca Festival. (Synopsis from Tribeca)

Joe sits down with co-directors Bryan Darling and Jesse Reed, as well as screenwriter/producer Peter Jones below.

Photo from Tribeca

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