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A Sexplanation is just your typical queer, Asian American, comedic sex education documentary about the universal search for love, connection, and family acceptance. To right the wrongs of his all-American sex education, 36-year-old health reporter Alex Liu goes on a quest to uncover naked truths and hard facts—no matter how awkward it gets. From neuroscience labs to church pews, A Sexplanation features provocative conversations with psychologists, sex researchers—and even a Jesuit priest. With humor and grit, Alex takes audiences on a playful, heartfelt journey from a shame-filled past to a happier, healthier, sexier future.

Joe sits down with Alex to chat about the film, lessons learned, our own individual experiences, and how society is progressing on the topic. Check it out below!

A Sexplanation is now available on VOD. Watch the trailer here.

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