Awards Watch With Math Teacher Movies – June 6th, 2022: Does Top Gun: Maverick Have A Shot At Best Picture?

Awards analysis is provided by Sean from @MathTeacherMovies.

This happens every year. A big budget action film gets huge Box Office numbers and is adored by critics and audiences alike and while it’s being plugged into the culture zeitgeist the question is always asked: Will it be nominated for Best Picture? And frequently the answer ends up being “No” However, it’s always fun to ask the question and therefore here it goes: “Will Top Gun: Maverick be nominated for Best Picture?” and while the answer will most likely be “No” it’s still worth investigating. 

Summer Blockbuster films, even ones of great quality often do not receive attention from the Academy and this is due to quite a bit of film snobbery on account of the distinguished body and yet at the same time it is a body getting younger and more diverse in its members therefore blockbusters could appear more frequently. 

Another aspect going against Top Gun Maverick is being released in May where the majority of awards heavy hitters are released towards the end of the year. However, Paramount doesn’t have many other awards contenders that they need to campaign with the exception of Babylon which will probably sell itself. Therefore Paramount can reignite the campaign for this film come awards season. 

The film is difficult to ignore, it is loved by audiences, critics, and festival participants and many of those might also cross over into the Academy with enough momentum to grab a nomination. The movie also includes a meta analysis of the aging Hollywood movie star and many people especially the older members of the Academy might relate to that and therefore want to honor. 

There is always the argument that nominating a Blockbuster could save the Oscars by making them more popular but this always seems to be proven false with movies like Dune or Mad Max: Fury Road being nominated and the general public still being uninterested in the ceremony. However, there is always the wonder of what could have been if Spider-Man: No Way Home grabbed a nomination last year. 

With the constant threat of streaming, the Academy frequently fetishizes the actual theater experiences and Top Gun Maverick is the exact example of that a movie that refused to be streamed during the pandemic and demands to be seen in theaters. 

At the very least, the movie will receive many technical award nominations including Best Sound, Best Editing, and Best Original Song and if enough awards are offered a Best Picture could also be tacked on.  

Therefore, although the odds are not great for Top Gun Maverick to be nominated Best Picture it is not entirely impossible and could be a fun result.

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