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Each week, Darren from @darrenmoviereviews has been recapping the most recent episode(s) of Moon Knight and the show’s overall connection to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s time for Amit to rise! Harrow’s plan comes to fruition on the season finale of Moon Knight, as Marc tries to return to the land of the living.

The finale episode of Moon Knight follows the trend set by previous Disney+ Marvel series’ finales with an action packed spectacle. While I knew this episode would in no way top or match the spectacular episode we got last week, as that is one of the finest episodes of MCU television to date, the finale dropped the ball on the wonderful character development we got last week. The entire finale feels rushed, with the story at the beginning and end of the episode serving the purpose of setting up the big fight sequence and closing off the drama from the fight sequence respectively. With a run time of under forty minutes, the episode would have benefited from an extra ten minutes to continue the character development that was the focus of last week’s episode, as it felt like Marc and Steven were shoved to the side for the action in the finale. It just continues the rollercoaster of writing of this series: it has featured some of the best writing we have seen in an MCU project, but also some of the most generic writing that makes for mixed results. As for the action in the finale, it is great. It’s big, filled with solid CGI, and it creates an exciting sequence for the majority of the episode that is a lot of fun to watch. And as he was throughout the entire series, Oscar Isaac is phenomenal with his performance as Marc and Steven. He is the highlight of the entire series and makes the show what it is. The MCU is lucky to have Isaac and I hope that they continue to write a good character driven story for him throughout the rest of the MCU as we see more of Moon Knight in other entries.

And into spoiler territory we go. If you have not seen the season finale of Moon Knight, stop reading now. If you have, keep on reading to find out what we learnt on the season finale…

The episode opens on Marc’s dead body in the inner tomb. Harrow searches him and retrieves the statute containing Amit. While doing so, Harrow apologizes to Marc for it ending this way, but that sometimes they need the cold light of death to see reality. Hidden in the inner tomb is Layla, watching Harrow, distraught over Marc’s murder. With the statue in hand, Harrow asks his men who wants to heal the world with him, as they all bow down to him. With Amit’s Gift in hand, Amit’s Gift begins glowing as Harrow raises it and the staff transforms, before Harrow and his men exit the inner tomb. 

With Harrow and his men gone, Layla goes to Marc’s body as it slips into the water surrounding the sarcophagus. She tries to wake him up, ever hopeful he’s still alive. But after he does not react, she begins crying over his body. However, the scarab begins floating and acts as a compass again, pointing Layla in the direction of Harrow and the statue containing Amit.

Out in the desert, Harrow’s cars are speeding towards Cairo. Along the way, they hit a police roadblock. The cars stop and Harrow exits the car, but uses Amit’s Gift to judge all the police officers. As a result, all but one of the officers’ souls are found guilty and sent to the afterlife. As Harrow’s men begin clearing the bodies, Layla is revealed to be in disguise as one of Harrow’s men. Using the dead bodies as her avatars, Taweret begins speaking to Layla, trying to stop her from attacking Harrow. Taweret tells Layla that Harrow is too powerful to stop on her own, and that if she can help return Marc from the afterlife, she will need Layla’s help to free Konshu so Harrow can be stopped. She informs Layla that the statue containing Konshu is in the great pyramid and needs to be smashed to free Konshu. Taweret offers to Layla that she can take over Layla’s body and use Layla as an avatar to aid her in freeing Konshu, but Layla tells Taweret she can do this on her own. 

Harrow and his men arrive at the Great Pyramid, and immediately break into the main chamber. The other Egyptian Gods’ avatars are there, quickly realizing too late that Harrow is there to release Amit from her prison. Seeing the other avatars, Harrow tells them that their death is not necessary, but ultimately begins killing the avatars as they are opposed to Harrow resurrecting Amit. At the same time, Layla snuck in with Harrow’s men and sneaks off into the temple to find Konshu. She quickly locates Konshu’s statue, smashes it and releases him.

Back in the main chamber, Harrow breaks the statue containing Amit and releases her. In her god form, Amit is a giant crocodile, and all of Harrow and his men bow before her. Amit asks who is responsible for freeing her, and immediately identifies Harrow. In judging Harrow, she sees that his scales are unbalanced, and while Harrow says that he accepts this judgement and being sent to the afterlife, Amit says it is his future service to her that is unbalancing his scales. Amit continues, saying that Harrow is the avatar she needs, promising Harrow peace if he will serve her. Harrow easily accepts this offer and becomes Amit’s newest avatar.

The second he is released, Konshu tries to locate Marc’s body but cannot detect him. Immediately, Konshu knows that Marc died fighting but sensing Amit and knowing the war is still ragging, he asks Layla to become his next avatar. Layla refuses, telling Konshu she will take her chances with Harrow because of the way he turned Marc’s life upside down. Konshu tells Layla that Marc was a mess because he was worrying about her, but she says she doesn’t trust him but is willing to work together with him to defeat Harrow. Agreeing, Konshu tells Layla that they need to rebind Amit to an avatar to stop her. Then, Konshu teleports to the main chamber where Amit is, confronting her. He tells Amit that he cannot allow her to judge all the souls in the world. Harrow orders his men to find who released Konshu, as Konshu questions Amit as to the cost of her mission: an empty world? However, Harrow reminds Amit that Konshu only wants to keep her bound. But the talking doesn’t last long and Konshu and Amit begin fighting.

While this is all happening, Marc is still in the Field of Reeds in the afterlife. He remains there with Taweret. She tells him that he has finally found the peace he has always wanted and never had, but that Steven is gone for good now. Hearing this, Marc tells Taweret that he needs to go back and save Steven. Taweret tells Marc that the afterlife doesn’t work like that, and that he doesn’t need Steven anymore. But Marc says he cannot leave Steven behind, and runs out of the Field of Reeds. Marc finds himself back in the sand dunes in the afterlife, quickly finding Steven’s frozen body outside the Gates of Osiris. Marc tells Steven that Steven saved him and he would not have survived without Steven. Marc tells Steven he tried to protect him, but failed, and begins crying as he turns to sand himself. He continues professing his admiration and love for Steven, but fully turns to sand. However, the Gates of Osiris open and a light radiates from within the gates, unfreezing both Marc and Steven. Marc and Steven instantly embrace, but a sand wave begins hurtling towards them forcing them to run towards the Gates of Osiris. Taweret comes to the rescue in her ship, blocking the sand wave and giving time to Marc and Steven to make it through the Gates of Osiris.

As Marc passes through the Gates of Osiris, Konshu immediately senses this and teleports to the desert outside of Amit’s tomb. Within the inner tomb, Marc awakens and the bullets begin falling out of his chest. Konshu speaks to him, and Marc accepts the life granted to him and the Moon Knight suit takes over his body. Outside the tomb, Marc finds Konshu in the desert. Konshu tells Marc that he is not strong enough to stop Amit by himself and needs Marc’s help. Steven/Mr. Knight takes over, and asks how all three of them will work together in the same body. Frustrated, Konshu tells Steven that this is not really the time to negotiate with the world at stake, but Konshu promises to release Marc and Steven from his servitude after they defeat Amit. Konshu then uses his powers to change the night sky and transport them back to the Great Pyramid. 

Back inside the Great Pyramid, Layla is in the main chamber trying to save one of the avatars from Harrow’s men. Before he dies, the avatar tells Layla that the main chamber is the most powerful place within the pyramid and where they must imprison Amit in her mortal form. At this moment, Layla calls out to Taweret, asking if she’s there. Taweret takes over the dead avatar’s body, but Harrow notices this and begins destroying the inner passages of the pyramid. Layla and Taweret begin running to escape the destruction, and Layla offers herself up temporarily as an avatar to Taweret. With excited glee, Taweret takes over Layla’s body and tells Layla that her father would be proud of her becoming Taweret’s avatar. Layla asks Taweret if she knows her father, and Taweret says she met him when she took him to the Field of Reeds.

Outside the pyramid, Harrow is at the peak and begins judging the people of Cairo with Amit’s Gift. Moon Knight has now arrived at the pyramid, and begins running up the side. Harrow sees him and runs down the pyramid, the two of them meeting halfway and begin fighting. However, the souls that Harrow judged begin feeding Amit, causing her to grow in size so that she is larger than the pyramid. Konshu attacks Amit and they begin fighting outside the pyramid at the same time as Moon Knight and Harrow.

Back inside the pyramid, Layla breaks out of the rubble, donning her new armour which includes wings, making her official debut as the Scarlet Scarab!

Moon Knight and Harrow take flight during their flight, and eventually crash land in a square in Cairo. Layla flies into the square and attacks Harrow, saving Moon Knight from Harrow. Layla and Marc hug, and Steven takes over and tells her she looks amazing and that he is excited to show her their new skill sets. Together, Steven as Mr. Knight and Layla begin attacking Harrow’s men, with Steven and Marc interchanging throughout as they get closer and closer to Harrow. Harrow uses Amit’s Gift to trap some of the local women in a van, but Layla saves them from being killed by Harrow. As this fight occurs, we cut back to Amit and Konshu who asks Konshu why he keeps fighting knowing that he will fail. Konshu tells her because fighting is the right thing to do.

Once Marc fights through Harrow’s men and reaches Harrow, Harrow begins taunting Marc, telling him that if Amit had been free, she would have judged Marc and saved his brother from dying. Harrow uses his power to attack Marc and Layla, knocking them both to the ground. Harrow uses Amit’s Gift to suck energy from Marc, and Marc blacks out. Marc wakes up minutes later, with Harrow’s motionless body lying on the ground. Marc questions Steven to see if that was him who took over, but Steven says it wasn’t him. Layla asks Marc what the heck just happened, but neither Marc and Steven know what happened.

Back at the Great Pyramid, Amit and Knoshu’s battle rages on. Amit begins dragging Konshu’s body. Seeing this from the square, Layla tells Marc that he needs to get to Harrow and that she knows how to defeat Amit. 

Layla and Marc return to the main chamber within the Great Pyramid with Harrow’s body. Layla and Marc grab hands, as Taweret begins reciting a spell through Layla. The spell begins binding Amit to Harrow’s body, ending the fight between Konshu and Amit as Amit is bound to Harrow. Konshu appears within the chamber and tells Marc that Marc has to kill Harrow to stop Amit forever. Marc pulls his circular knife, but hesitates as he is about to plunge it into Harrow. Layla calls out to Marc, telling him he has a choice. Konshu concurs, telling Marc that his choice is vengeance and that he cannot risk letting Amit free again. But Marc tells Konshu to kill Amit himself and tells Konshu to release him and Steven. Konshu agrees and releases Marc and Steven with a blinding light. 

We are back in Dr. Harrow’s office. Steven asks Dr. Harrow if this is what reality looks like, with Dr. Harrow responding that imagination can be very real. Steven then asks Dr. Harrow if he believes if Konshu and Amit are real? Dr. Harrow responds no, and then Marc takes over and asks what happens if they disagree over something, if they believe two different things. Dr. Harrow tells Marc that if that happens, the work here continues. But as Dr. Harrow is walking around the office, he begins leaving bloody footprints behind. Marc and Steven both notice, and Dr. Harrow asks them why he is bleeding? Steven tells Dr. Harrow that he doesn’t know as much as he thinks he does, that it is tempting to accept the diagnosis but that he would rather go back and save the world. 

Marc then wakes up in his bed, confirming that the mental hospital was a construct of his mind. He then asks if Steven is there, and Steven says he can’t believe it worked and that they are free. Marc gets out of bed, but he gets tripped by the restraints and falls on his face. Ending the episode.

But this is Marvel, so naturally we get a mid-credit scene. We are in a mental hospital, where Harrow is a patient. An unseen man is removing Harrow from the hospital, and as they leave you glimpse dead bodies and blood strewn throughout the hospital. The man places Harrow in the back of a limousine. Inside the limousine is Konshu. Harrow tells Konshu that Konshu can’t hurt him. Konshu tells Harrow that Marc believed that Layla was meant to be his next avatar, but that Marc truly has no idea how troubled he actually is. The window to the driver’s cab lowers, revealing Marc. Konshu introduces him as Jake Lockley, the third personality of Marc that has been teased throughout the series. Jake pulls a gun, shoots and kills Harrow. Cut to black.

As I had been predicting throughout the series, Jake Lockley finally made his appearance, teasing that Konshu is far from being done with Marc. We have no indication of where the story is going next, or in what format, but we know from Kevin Feige that this is only the introduction of Moon Knight to the MCU. Given the mid-credit scene, most likely his story will continue with a second season or an individual film (neither of which have been confirmed at this point), as Jake needs to be explored and how he fits in with Marc and Steven, and this just does not feel like a story that can be addressed within another character’s film or series. In terms of a MCU series, Moon Knight was a lot of fun but I found the writing inconsistent which makes it one of my least favourite Marvel series to date unfortunately. But in terms of the character, I think Moon Knight is a fascinating character and with Oscar Isaac in the role, I cannot wait to see what is next in store for him within the MCU.

Thank you for checking in every week for the past six weeks for my recaps of Moon Knight. The Marvel excitement continues tonight as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness opens in theatres, and with Ms. Marvel premiering in June on Disney+. So make sure to come back and check out my Ms. Marvel recaps in June, and enjoy Doctor Strange everyone! 

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