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Each week, Darren from @darrenmoviereviews will be recapping the most recent episode(s) of Moon Knight and the show’s overall connection to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Apologies for the delay in this week’s recap.

What secrets is Marc hiding from Steven? All is revealed on the latest episode of Moon Knight!

Following in suit of WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Moon Knight delivers its best episode of the season in the penultimate episode. But not only that, it is one of the best episodes of any Disney+ Marvel show to date along with “Previously On” from WandaVision and “For All Time. Always” from Loki. Why may you ask? Well, this episode of Moon Knight is emotionally devastating as we finally learn what caused Steven’s dissociative personality disorder, so have your tissues handy if you are prone to crying. Also, Oscar Isaac is absolutely phenomenal in this episode that should catapult him into the Emmy race for Best Actor later this year. His dual performance of Steven and Marc is unmatched, digging deep into both characters and finding their truths as to how they became the characters we were introduced to in the first two episodes of the show. It’s the type of performance that makes your jaw drop at the pure talent being displayed by Isaac. While the Marvel films have struggled breaking into the awards races, the Disney+ shows seem to have no problem after both WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier gathered multiple nominations for last years’ awards season, with WandaVision winning three Emmys. And Moon Knight seems to be following in their footsteps with Isaac’s performance and the writing for this episode.

As amazing as this episode was and while it answered so many of the questions that have been posed over the course of the first four episodes, there is still a lot to wrap up in the final episode. I don’t see how everything is going to be wrapped up nicely, but I’m ever hopeful that the show will stick the landing. Marvel has never missed their mark before, even with sky high expectations with films like Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: No Way Home, so I’m waiting to be proven wrong later this week with an outstanding finale. I truly don’t think everything will be answered with the finale, and I do expect a post credit scene announcing a season 2 similar to Loki, as Kevin Feige has been clear all along that this was Moon Knight’s introduction to the MCU, so this is clearly not the end of the story for our newest hero.

And into spoiler territory we go. If you have not seen this week’s episode of Moon Knight, stop reading now. If you have, keep on reading to find out what we learnt in this week’s episode…

After glimpses of running water in a dark cave, a woman, and Taweret, Marc is back in Dr. Harrow’s office. Harrow tells Marc that the struggling mind will do anything to protect itself from traumatic memories. Including creating alternate versions of life to explain and provide meaning for the trauma, including creating an animal character. However, Marc gets agitated questioning whether all of this is real, and is sedated by the hospital orderlies.

Once sedated, Marc is transported back to the hallways of the hospital with Steven as Taweret enters through the doors. Steven recognizes her as the goddess of fertility rejuvenation, as Taweret explains they are dead and that she is here to help guide their souls in the afterlife. She tells them that the afterlife’s true construct is too much for the human mind to comprehend, which is why it appears different to everyone. Though she does admit that she has never seen it as a mental hospital before. Opening one of the hospital doors, Marc and Steven find themselves on a deck of a ship traveling over the sand dunes on its way to the Field of Reeds. Taweret pulls out Marc and Steven’s hearts and places them on the Scales of Justice to be balanced against the Feather of Truth. She explains that if their hearts balance with the Feather of Truth, they will be granted a place in the Field of Reeds. But if they don’t, their souls will be tossed overboard into the sand dunes and will be forever frozen in the sand. However, the scale keeps trying to balance, indicating that there is something incomplete about their hearts. Taweret tells them that they need to share a truth with each other to complete their souls so that the Scales of Justice can balance before they reach the Field of Reeds.

Returning to the hallways of the mental hospital, Marc and Steven discover each doorway has a memory with a truth they need to confront to balance their hearts. While one door shows Marc in black, they pick another door. It’s a cafeteria room of the hospital, full of dead individuals: Marc’s victims. As Marc confesses to Steven that he killed all of these people, the movements of the Scales of Truth begin to slow showing them that they are closer to being balanced. However, a young boy appears. Steven asks if this is another one of Marc’s victims, but Marc urges Steven to not follow the boy as he runs away. But Steven does, entering one of his memories.

We are transported back to Steven’s childhood. The young boy is his younger brother, which Steven forgot about. Steven and his younger brother run off into the woods, talking about the adventures of Dr. Grant as they seek out a local cave. As they enter the cave, it begins raining. However, the boys get lost inside the cave and the water begins to flood the cave. Steven tries yelling at the boys to get out, but they cannot hear him and his younger brother dies. The scene cuts to a wake for his brother, with their mother clearly not coping well with the loss of her son. As a young Steven comes down, his mother begins screaming at him that this is all his fault, causing him to run back upstairs. Marc tries to warn Steven about following his younger self, but he does and ends up in another memory. It’s Steven’s birthday and his dad tries to get his mother to come join them to blow out the candles on the cake, but she refuses as she blames Steven for his brother’s death.

This memory fades into another, with Steven’s mother drunk at the dinner table saying to Steven that he would do something like killing his brother. Young Steven runs upstairs, and as Steven follows Marc prevents him from seeing what’s upstairs, tackling him into another memory. This time we are clearly in Egypt and bodies are scattered around the sand dunes. It’s the night that Layla’s father died, and we see Marc wounded and dragging himself into Konshu’s temple. There, Konshu recruits Marc to become his Moon Knight and tasks him with killing those who Konshu determines are not worthy. After showing this to Steven, the scales continue to slow but are still not balanced as we see Marc transform into the Moon Knight suit for the first time.

Leaving that memory, Steven and Marc return to the deck of the ship. Taweret tells them that an abnormally high amount of unbalanced souls are being condemned to the sands before their time. Marc says this is Harrow’s doing, and even though they ask Taweret to send them back, she says she cannot. After some convincing, Taweret agrees to help them and changes the ship’s course to the Gates of Osiris, telling them that if they can balance the scales by the time they reach the gates she can help save them.  

Back inside the hallways of the mental hospital, Steven says that he needs to see what’s in the bedroom that Marc is hiding from him. Marc says they do not need to go back there and that he will tell Steven everything instead, but Steven says they have to or else Harrow will succeed and everyone on Earth will be doomed. Marc begins screaming that Steven cannot make him, and we cut back to Marc in Dr. Harrow’s office.

Dr. Harrow apologizes for sedating him, but tells him that reliving such traumatic memories is hard work. He congratulates Marc on his work, re-assessing these moments that make Marc Marc. But he asks Marc if he thinks he created Steven to hide from the awful things he did in his mind, or did Marc create Steven to punish the world for what his mother did to him. Dr. Harrow says the only way to know is to open up to Steven, that there can be no progress without understanding. 

AGAIN. Major spoilers ahead if you have not seen the latest episode of Moon Knight yet…!

We’re in the bedroom Marc has been hiding from Steven. Steven says this is his room, but he doesn’t remember this. Young Steven is hiding in the corner, telling himself that nothing is wrong as his mother bangs on the door ordering the door to be opened. But she is referring to him as Marc. Then silence, the young boy begins talking in a British accent and begins cleaning his room for his mother. His mother is still banging on the door, ordering Marc to open it. Steven then notices a poster on the wall for a movie, which has the tagline “When danger is near, Steven Grant has no fear…’. And Steven learns the truth: Marc made Steven up to protect himself from the traumatic memories of his mother’s abuse, as she breaks into the room and begins beating Steven. Marc tells Steven he cannot see that, because that is the point of Steven: Steven got to live a happy, simple, normal life to hide Marc away from his traumatic childhood. Marc was the original, not Steven. And the next tuth is dropped, that Steven was allowed to believe that his mother was still alive. Steven begins panicking, and we are back in Dr. Harrow’s office. But it’s not Marc there, but Steven.

Dr. Harrow recognizes Steven, and says it’s nice to see him again. He tells Steven that he is his doctor and that he is here to help him, and that he was worried he would not see Steven again. Dr. Harrow says it’s his fault that he asked Marc to open up to Steven. Steven says that Marc lied to him, which Dr. Harrow says that this is progress because Steven was not able to acknowledge Marc when Steven brought himself to the mental hospital after his mother died. Steven gets agitated, saying his mother is still alive. Dr. Harrow apologizes, picks up the phone and calls Steven’s mother. Steven tells him not to brother his mother, and while Dr. Harrow begins talking to his mother and offers the phone to Steven, Steven admits that she is dead. 

We then travel back to the memory of Marc on the street. He is outside his father’s house, not able to go in for his mother’s shiva. Marc walks away crying and falls down on his knees. As he breaks down, Steven takes over and doesn’t recognize where he is. He picks himself up and phones his mother. He tells her he is lost again. Marc tells Steven that this was two months ago, and was the moment that their lives started bleeding into each other. Steven tells Marc that his brother’s death wasn’t his fault and that all the horrible things his mother said to him weren’t true. Marc is still grappling with the guilt he feels, but Steven says that it wasn’t his fault. However, they both feel the ship stop.

They both run out onto the ship deck, the Gates of Osiris in front of them. But the scales haven’t balanced, and their souls must be claimed. Sand monsters climb onto the deck of the ship to drag Marc and Steven down into the sand dunes. Marc orders Steven to hide and begins fighting the monsters, but is grabbed and dragged to the edge of the ship. As they begin to throw him overboard, Steven turns the ship causing the monsters to lose their grip on Marc. The monster still manages to knock Marc out and begin dragging him to the other edge. To save Marc, Steven attacks the monsters and destroys them. But another one appears at the edge and begins to pull Marc over, but Steven throws himself at the monster and falls into the sand dunes. 

Lying on the sand, Steven chases after the ship but begins sinking into the sands. As he calls out for Marc, Steven turns into sand and is frozen in the dunes. At this moment, the Scales of Truth balance and Marc is transported to the Field of Reeds. The field is glowing in sunlight, as Marc finds peace as the episode ends.

This episode not only provided lots of answers about Marc and Steven, and where the multiple personalities arose from, but also beautiful and emotional exploration of mental health. This is truly Marvel storytelling at its best, proving why fans keep coming back for each additional film or television series, as there are very few other franchises out there handling storytelling like Marvel on such a large scale. But the question still remains about Dr. Harrow: is he a construct of Marc/Steven’s mind, or are those scenes actually happening? I’m leaning towards it being a construct of his mind, but we will get more clarification in the finale this week.

As for connections to the larger MCU, we got a big reference this week. It was Taweret referring to other afterlifes, specifically the Ancestral Plane. If you don’t remember the Ancestral Plane, we have seen it before in Black Panther when both T’Challa and Killmonger have conversations with their fathers. It’s not a huge setup for anything larger in the MCU, but just a nice nod to the larger world at play and all the different mythologies we have explored so far within the MCU.

Will Marc be able to stop Harrow? Is there a third personality within Marc that we have not met yet? And will Marc be reunited with Steven?Check back next week for my recap of the Moon Knight finale to find out if we learn the answers to any of these questions and what path Moon Knight is being set up for in the future of the MCU!

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