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Awards analysis is provided by Sean from @MathTeacherMovies.

It is always tricky to award a television comedy, could it be the show that is the funniest? The show that is the best of quality? The show that isn’t exactly funny but still has an upbeat tone? There needs to be a particular balance between all of those and many of these prospects have just that. 

Best Comedy Series

The common theme that will be seen throughout many of these categories will be Ted Lasso versus Hacks and those are the top two that will be competing for the Best Series win. Hacks is difficult to determine how it will be received as it comes out this week and Ted Lasso was given mixed reception from fans. However neither seem to be removed from the prospective top spots. However, Barry has been in hiding for quite some time and has been a frequent nominee and depending on how this season goes, it can be considered a spoiler for those top two shows.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is also returning from quite the hiatus and has already tasted victory all the way back in its premiere season, and while this will probably be on the list of nominations, its frequent pattern may be growing stale and the chances of a win are limited. Atlanta, on the other hand, is becoming far too original and risky much to its detriment which might just upset other people. 

Two brand new shows are almost guaranteed to receive nominations this year. Only Murders in the Building blew a hole in the culture and transfixed so many. Meanwhile Abbot Elementary is beloved by many and is a cable television show and honors for those are few and far between these days. Reservation Dogs is another show that premiered this year but never completely scratched the surface of the pop culture zeitgeist. Two other comedy series that were new this year are very unlikely to be nominated but still could garner a certain amount of attention and those are the very clever but underseen The Afterparty and the not terribly funny but quite pleasant Julia.

There are also a slew of comedy shows that have been very popular with the Emmys in the past and have only been circulating the slightest bit of buzz this year. What We Do in the Shadows, The Great, Pen15, The Flight Attendant, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Insecure have all received numerous nominations in the past but have not been getting as much attention this year. However, don’t be surprised to see any of these in line for the top prize. 

Best Actor in a Comedy Series

The Best Actor category will involve the nominations of several past winners including the leader Jason Sudekis for Ted Lasso, Bill Hader for Barry, and Donal Glover for Atlanta. Winning two years in a row can be tricky and therefore Sudekis may have trouble. Meanwhile Hader and Glover will be honored for not just their performance but their responsibility in creating such wonderful shows.

Steve Martin and Martin Short are involved in the premiere season of Only Murders in the Building and were incredible together and on their won. Their legacy will also be a huge factor in them most likely receiving nominations. Jake Johnson also starred in the first season of the series Minx and while he was always a stand out in New Girl this show helped see him in a different light that was still funny and charming and his chance of a nomination is small but not entirely impossible. 

There are other actors that have been there before and will probably be there again. Anthony Anderson will probably be nominated in honor of the last season of Blackish. Curb Your Enthusiasm still hasn’t lost a step and Larry David might be nominated once again. Don Cheadle inexplicably doesn’t stop getting nominated for Black Monday and might grab another nomination. Finally, Nicholas Hoult is easily the stand out in The Great and is a show that deserves much more attention. 

Best Actress in a Comedy Series 

Jean Smart dominated in Hacks last year and is the favorite to win this year but she hasn’t had to face off with the other stand up queen with Rachel Brosnahan in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel yet with these two previously winning it could mean losing out to others. It will be interesting to see if The Flight Attendant will have the same legs like it did during its first season but Kaley Cuoco is doing a lot with her character and voters will be sure to recognize. Issa Rae brought her show out of obscurity to be a nominee in its past season and that could be the case here including a nomination for her in its final season. 

Quinta Brunson was responsible for the creation of the much beloved Abbott Elementary and her praise is also bleeding into her performance, with all of these other previous nominees she could have a chance to sneak in for the win. Selena Gomez is also a potential nominee for her surprise standout performance in Only Murders in the Building, giving both a great performance and garnering cultural attention. 

Natasha Lyonne received a previous nomination for the first season of Russian Doll and while this season isn’t capturing the same attention Lyonne hasn’t lost a step and is garnering plenty of attention. Tracee Ellis Ross frequently receives nominations for Blackish and with this being its final season it would seem like she would be nominated again. Frequent nominee, Pamela Adlon is also done with her series Better Things and therefore it would not be shocking if she receives a nomination.

It’s a shame that Elle Fanning has not gotten a nomination for her role in The Great but there is a chance she does this year but it’s a slight chance. Meanwhile Sarah Lancashie is also a longshot but would be a welcome nomination for her amazing transformation as Julia Child in Julia. 

Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Brett Goldstein won last year for Ted Lasso, Tony Shaloub has previously won for The Marvelous Mrs. Maiser and Henry Winkler have also previously won for Barry. It is likely that one of these three players will win again but there is a possibility things will open up for other people that haven’t won yet.

Last year there was a great debate on whether or not Bowen Yang or Kenan Thompson would win for SNL, the new guy vs. the legacy and instead neither of them won. While these two will probably be nominated again, SNL never seems to lead with a win. 

This very well might be the year for Brian Tyree Henry in Atlanta who has been nominated before but is given a lot to do in this season and has earned this recognition. Nick Mohammed and Brendan Hunt are other supporting characters in Ted Lasso and have been previously nominated. This season does not seem as likely, although Mohammed went through a lot with his character and there is a chance that could be noticed. Anthony Carrigan and Stephen Root were also supporting characters who were previously nominated in Barry. Carrigan is given quite a lot to work with while at this time Root is put off to the side and might not be as noticed. 

David Hyde Pierce plays the wonderful supportive husband in Julia and delivers far from what his usual performance affectations used to be, however it is great to see him back and Emmy voters will probably think so too. What We Do in the Shadows is quite popular with the Emmys and hopefully this year could hopefully get Harvey Guillen to receive a nomination. It’s difficult to determine if the Academy is ready for someone as sporadic as Ben Schwartz but if they are, his performance in Afterparty would be a noble but very unexpected nomination. 

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Much like the other categories previous winners and nominees are dominating the majority of the buzz with Hannah Waddingham possibly winning again for Ted Lasso or Alex Borstein possibly winning for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

There were also numerous previous nominees that have the chance of winning including Hannah Einbinder from Hacks, Juno Temple from Ted Lasso, or the Saturday Night Live women, Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong, who are frequent standouts on the show. 

With Barry returning, Sarah Goldberg has the chance of garnering another nomination as well as Yvonne Orji who has a slight chance of being nominated again for the final season of Insecure.  

When it comes to the possibility of newer nominees the only women that are likely to get that attention are from Abbott Elementary. Janelle James and Sheryl Lee Ralph have been standouts and could ride in on the popularity of that particular show.  

Even with many veterans in the lead for most buzz, there is still room for quite a bit of surprises and should draw some great interest and maybe an upset or two.

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