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Weekend box office predictions are provided by Daniel Garris, courtesy of BoxOfficeReport.com.

Weekend Box Office Predictions:

Upon arriving in theatres this weekend, Sony’s Morbius will look to take first place at the box office. The latest installment of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe was directed by Daniel Espinosa and stars Jared Leto as the title character. Morbius will be playing in a wide 4,268 locations this weekend, including IMAX screens and will have Thursday preview shows beginning at 4PM. In the lead-up to the film’s eventual release, Morbius had been delayed a number of times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a decent amount of anticipation for Morbius, but at the same time that anticipation isn’t on the same level as that of most other comic book adaptations, including Sony’s Venom films. On top of Morbius being a relatively lesser known character to begin with, the film’s poor critical reviews won’t do Morbius any favors this weekend either (though the Venom films proved to be critic-proof at the box office). With that said, Morbius will have some built-in advantages this weekend, including a high number of average showtimes per location and opening weekend demand being further increased by moviegoers who will want to catch the film before Paramount’s anticipated Sonic the Hedgehog 2 opens in theatres next weekend. Morbius could get off to a nice start on Friday (including Thursday previews), before potentially starting to lose momentum as soon as Saturday. BoxOfficeReport is predicting that Morbius will debut with $38.5 million this weekend (for a per-location average of $9,021).

Paramount’s The Lost City is coming off of a healthy first place performance which saw the adventure comedy debut with $30.45 million. In addition to being important as an original film, the opening weekend performance of The Lost City was also noteworthy due in part to being driven by adult females (a demo that has been relatively more hesitant to return to theatres since re-opening). The Lost City has gone over well with critics and also looks to be going over well with audiences after receiving a solid B+ rating on CinemaScore. Also playing in the film’s favor going forward is that Sandra Bullock has a long history of films holding up well at the box office and co-star Channing Tatum recently saw Dog experience strong holding power beyond opening weekend. The Lost City will also be helped out this weekend by holding onto a high percentage of its average showtimes per location from last weekend and by serving as the top alternative choice for moviegoers not interested in Morbius this weekend. With all of the positives the film has going for it, The Lost City could decline just 41 percent this weekend for a second place take of $18.0 million.

After placing in second last weekend with $20.47 million, Warner’s The Batman is set to claim third place this weekend. Thus far The Batman has experienced very steady weekend percentage declines, including 44 percent last weekend and 45 percent the previous weekend. While The Batman will have to deal with new direct competition this weekend from Morbius (which will also result in The Batman losing the remainder of its IMAX screens), at the same time The Batman will be holding onto a higher percentage of its average showtimes per location this weekend than it has each of the previous two frames. The poor critical reception to Morbius could also limit the box office impact that film has on The Batman this weekend. A 41 percent decline would transfer into a $12.0 million for The Batman this weekend, which would also likely move the film just past the $350 million domestic mark on Sunday.

As for some of this weekend’s other holdovers, Sony’s Uncharted could decline 38 percent to take fourth with $3.1 million, Sarigama Cinemas’ release of RRR – Rise Roar Revolt could fall a very sharp 77 percent to land in fifth with $2.2 million and Crunchyroll and Funimation’s Jujutsu Kaisen 0 could decrease a sharp 59 percent to follow in sixth place with $1.9 million.

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