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An edge-of-your-seat action thriller unlike anything seen in recent memory, Michael Bay’s Ambulance is the most intense, unparalleled moviegoing experience I have ever had, elevated by the phenomenal performances by Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Eiza González. 

When Will (Abdul-Mateen II) turns to his brother (Gyllenhaal) for monetary assistance to aid in securing treatment for his ill wife, both men end up in the middle of a massive bank heist gone wrong, turning to a nearby ambulance for escape where an EMT (González) is attempting to save a cop’s life. Michael Bay is known for bombastic displays of ridiculousness with action levels tuned to the max and explosions delivered chance he can get. Ambulance has all of that, but it’s set upon the foundation of a riveting plot that allows the three main actors to shine. Gyllenhaal and Abdul-Mateen II are exceptional together, each bringing their characters to life with emotionally riveting performances. They meet their match both story-wise and in terms of presence with González who serves as the true hero of the film. Her raw intensity and ability to command each and every scene she is in truly stands out as one of the better performances of recent releases.

The film itself never takes its foot off of the brake from the outset, delivering an unrivaled experience that you cannot turn away from. As much as Bay’s signature is all over this, it’s restrained in the practicality of what is shown on screen. The camerawork may leave some dizzy as Bay clearly has turned his attention to using drones and other aerial means for his shots (it’s like riding Soarin’ at Disney World), but it works to continuously propel the story forward. Even plot turns that may lean into the more absurd are forgiven thanks to the overall experience of viewing Ambulance; this is what theaters are meant for. You’re made to care about these characters all for different reasons and a tear may or may not be shed.

It cannot be understated just how much of a runaway train this film is; Ambulance keeps the audience on high alert until the very last moments. Expert acting and storytelling combine for one of the best action films in years and Michael Bay’s best film since The Rock. DO NOT MISS THIS!

Ambulance hits theaters this Friday.

Rating: 5/5

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